Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting My Mission Call

The day finally came for me to turn in my mission papers.  I turned them in on the last week of April.  I knew from other people getting their calls that it usually takes anywhere from two to three weeks to receive it.  One of the benefits of my dad being the bishop at the time was that he was able to check the status of my call on the church website.  About a week and a half after I turned in my papers the status of my call said that it had already been sent out of Salt Lake.  I was so stoked!! At this moment when I knew the status of my call time seemed to slow way down.  Days started to drag on and on.  Luckily for me, working at the pool helped a little to keep my mind off of it.  I think the first presidency does this on purpose to try to teach you a lesson on patience because it is really hard to wait for something like a mission call.  
I had probably scanned the entire world map and looked at all the possible places that I could serve.  For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about South America.  I just knew that it was the place that I was supposed to go.  I also thought I was gonna speak spanish which is alright with me because I wouldn't mind learning a second language especially spanish because it could be such a big help.  I was completely shocked when I really found out where I am supposed to serve.
It was Wednesday May, 11 and I was at the pool working.  I kept glancing at the clock about every five minutes thinking that the time would go by faster, but of course it didn't.  I had one of my friends (Reyna) go and check our mailbox to see if it had come, she texted me back saying there is nothing in your mailbox.  I was so disappointed.  I thought to myself, Maybe the mail hasn't come yet.  When I got off work I checked the mail.  It wasn't there!  I got all my hopes up.  I was a little mad because I had a feeling it was gonna be there.  On Thursday May, 12 I was at work again I wasn't really thinking about my call because I was still sad from the other day when it hadn't come.  After work I went and picked up my friend Justin to bring him over to my house to hang out.  While I was driving to pick him up my parents called me.  They were pretty much screaming through the phone saying that my call had come!  I rushed home and got my call out of the mailbox.
Holding the looong awaited call letter...
All the places that I had thought about recently were rushing through my head.  My dad kept saying that I would go to Boise, Idaho, or Billings, Montana.  This was the last thing I wanted to think about because I didn't wanna see that on my mission call.  I had to wait about 4 hours before I could open it because we had to wait for everyone to get off work, and also wait for my sister Emmi and Hal to drive here from Mesa.  This was the longest wait of my life!  Finally the 4 hours ended and it was time to open my call!
I was sitting in the middle of the family room.  Friends, Family and Neighbors all surrounded me.  We had skype going on the computer with my relatives from Utah on the line.  There were also a couple people we had on the phone.  I started to rip open the envelope.  I couldn't stop shaking I was so excited and nervous.  I had the best feeling while I was opening my call, this feeling just filled my whole body.  I took my call out of the envelope and   started reading line by line.  "Dear Elder Gardner,"  My mouth got all dry and I was still shaking.  "You have been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."  Right after this line I saw the place I was called to serve.  So much excitement, shock, and relief passed through me.  "You are assigned to labor in the Hawaii, Honolulu Mission."  Everyone started yelling and cheering, I was the happiest guy on earth!  Its funny because Hawaii never even crossed my mind once as one of the places that I could end up at.
It was like a perfect moment in time.  At that moment it felt like everything wasright in the world and there was joy and peace in my heart.  I knew then that this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing in my life right now.  I will never forget this moment.