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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1 week left in MTC...

Aloha Family!

What a week at the MTC!  So much to tell you cuz so much has been going on!  I can't believe I forgot to tell you that I'm Senior Companion!!! How sweet is that?  So when are you gonna dig deep and find the real rick penning?  haha I find it kinda hard to remember lines and stuff from movies - its weird.  Same with songs like im not gonna lie I kinda miss music, and instead of normal songs getting stuck in my head its always hymns! I can't get hymns out of my head. That's alright though.  So can you beleive it I leave a week from today, a week from today I'll be in Hawaii surfing and snork... oh wait.. haha no I'm soo excited to leave.  I love the MTC but I'm so ready to leave.  Three weeks is perfect, not to short not to long.  
Beau's MTC District

The MUST picture for every MTC missionary
So all my district is going to Hawaii except 3 sisters.  Those 3 sisters are going to Calgary Canada.  The other two Elders I knew before on facebook are in a completly different zone.  There are a total of 12 Elders heading to Hawaii on the 20th.  I know all of them.  It's weird to think that our district is the old district now.
The District out for a Sunday walk...
  Oh, and Trevan comes in tomorrow so hopefully I'll see him.
Sad story so on Saturday my companion (Elder Mortensen) broke his foot playing basketball... so I went into the outside world where there are cars and stuff and a girl actually waved at me!!! Isn't that crazy? haha But anyway, idk if he will be able to go to Hawaii with us on the 20th.  We will find out tomorrow.  I have to go to the Utah Valley hospital with him.  He might have to get surgery... It's really sad cuz he is such a good guy and he wants to work so hard.  But something like this has to happen to him - the Lord must have a plan for him.
Beau with his MTC comp. Elder Mortensen
The food is still good but I've gained about 5 pounds. 
Must be EXTREMELY low fat chocolate milk...
 It's sooo funny because our sense of humor here at the MTC is messing with people.  We like to go up to people and ask them where the mtc pool is or the mtc hot tub the look on their face is so funny!  Sometimes you get those extreme Elders that will say "I cant believe you would say such a thing on dedicated ground".  haha some people I swear.  Another thing we like to do is to ask each other (the people in our district) if they got our text in front of a bunch of people.  It might not seem that funny to you, but it's hilarious to us. 
the District showing a little of their sense of humor
Alright now for the good part.  The best part of the MTC is definantly the TRC and teaching lessons.  TRC is when we go into a different buildings and knock on a door and there is a investigator, pretend investigator of course, but they don't act anything like a Mormon. I'm pretty sure they hire them.  We have three TRC investigators, one of them is named Carlo.  I love Carlo so much.  Our first lesson with him went so well, he was very interested in what we had to say about the church and the Book of Mormon and he wanted to know more.  He told us that his wife and son died and we explained to him about eternal families are possible throught the atonement of Jesus Christ.  He was so excited to hear this.  Yesterday we had a really good lesson, we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ so faith, atonement, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  At the end of the lesson I invited him to be baptized and he accepted!!  Even though its just a pretend investigator it feels so real and the spirit is so strong.  Another cool story is when we were teaching our teacher.  Everyone gets to teach their teacher that pretends to be an investigator, so Elder Mortensen and I had planned on talking about the Plan of Salvation but when we got to the room for some reason I had a feeling that we should read Alma 32 with him so we did and it went so well!  At the end of the lesson Elder Mortensen invited him to be baptized and he accepted!  After the lesson he said that we did such an awesome job.  Nothing is better than the Spirit after you have felt it you hunger for it so much more!  I've been getting really good at teaching people and im sure I'll get a lot better as well.  I've already taught over 20 lessons, its nuts! 

Thanks for all the DearElder.com letters, it makes me feel so good when I get letters I just wanna throw up!  I dont even care who it's from, I just want some haha.  Oh yeah, I've seen Carson here and have talked to him a bunch.
I just sent you some pictures today I couldn't send all of them because they wouldn't all fit in the envelope, but I put some captions on the back of some of them so make sure to read the back.  Well thats about it for this week everything is great here!  The food, the classes, the TRC's, the lessons the devotionals, its all so good and I love it!  Im having a lot of fun and I'm so glad I'm on my mission.  It's seriously the best thing in my life thus far, even though I feel that I'll be eternally tired and at a lack of sleep I guess I will just have to deal with it.  I have my flight itinerary I leave on Tuesday the 20th at 12:00 pm and I land in Hawaii at 2:30.  Well love you all and miss you!  Well, I'll talk to you soon! Love you!
Elder Gardner

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