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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally in Hawaii

Oh how I’ve missed everyone!  I'm finally here in Hawaii and it’s everything I expected times 10!  It truly is incredible!  The plane ride was a long one but good because I got to sit next to all my friends and guys from my district.  
Hawaii, as seen from the plane coming in...
One last photo of both districts at the MTC going to Hawaii...

When we got to Hawaii, we stayed at the mission home in Honolulu, which is a really nice house.  We then had some meetings and everything.  The Assistants were talking to us and giving us some advice, it was awesome!  The next day we went to the tabernacle and we had some more training and we went out and street contacted for the first time.  It was sweet!
Me with one of the AP's... awesome! 
Alright for my first area... I’m on the big island in the Hilo Zone.  We have two areas and two wards to cover: Kiluea and Kaumana.  I love it here so much, it’s absolutely beautiful!  My companion’s name is Elder Limb.  He is a great guy.  He’s from Randolph, UT and he’s hard worker.  He has a speech problem.  He was born with cerebral palsy, but he’s fine now.  It will be good and I’m very excited!   
Here I am... Finally here, how do I look? 
My humble abode...

Hilo is an incredible place!  The wards we are over are very small!  I was surprised to see how small they were when I got here.   Like 30 members showed up to the Kiluea Ward on Sunday and about 60 to the Kaumana Ward.  There is a huge difference between the two wards, it’s like night and day.  The Kiluea Ward is all older people and the bishop isn’t very supportive, and the Kaumana Ward has more youth and the bishop is extremely supportive.  I found out that Bishop Irvin from Kaumana Ward lived in St. George the same time we did and that his wife was an assistant in my 3rd grade class!  Small world huh? 

The work here is pretty slow - slower than I expected.  President Dalton really wants us to hit hard on the PMLA (part member less actives) and to work with them and get referrals from them.  We have one baptism date for October, but the girl won’t stop smoking!  That’s our only date so far.  We are supposed to have three baptisms in the month of October for our companionship.  Quick story - we got a referral from the other Elders living at our pad ( Elder Mecham and Elder Willyerd), so we went to her apartment and she was so excited to see us!  She was saying how she’s been waiting forever for missionaries to come knock at her door and that she doesn’t believe in any other religion, only the Mormons.  So we talked with her and taught her the first lesson and at the end committed her to baptism and she said yes!!  She just wants to know a little more and she will be baptized!  I’m so stoked!!  Even though you have so much work to do something like that makes it all worth it! 

The Hawaiian people are very nice.  Instead of waving you just give the hang loose sign, its sick!! I love it.  I also hear choke pigeon ya.   Choke means "a lot" in pigeon, and they say "ya" at the end of everything ya.  I’m still trying to get used to everything like all the training and the study times and the paperwork, it’s a lot of work.  I usually go tracting for about hour to an hour and a half each day.  We haven’t had any luck tracting yet.  We tracted Bj Penn’s house, it was awesome! 
A cool old BIG tree... 
Everyone else from my MTC district is on Oahu, and the only other person that came with me to the big island is Elder Boyle, the guy that I was talking to on Facebook before I came out.  I bought a ukulele today, it’s way tight and I’m gonna get good!  I’m getting better and better at learning how to pronounce Hawaiian words because every single street name is Hawaiian and some of them are very difficult to say.  I get fed very well and the food is delicious!  They eat a lot of rice here, which is alright because the rice here is way better than rice over on the mainland. 

Well I love you all so much!  Can’t wait to hear from you!  I guess it costs money to do dear elder now so I don’t really care how you write, it’s just really hard to email everyone in one day so writing is really nice.  If you send a package make sure you send it usps.  If anyone sends letters, send it to the mission home then they forward it to me.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Wish I could say a lot more but I always forget what to say when I’m at the computer.  Let me know how everything is and send me some pictures of jojo! Love you!
Elder Gardner

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