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Monday, October 24, 2011

First Baptisms

I know dad that you don’t like it when people do that but I’m totally going to do that when I give my homecoming talk because I hear that every single Sunday.  This has been an incredible week!  So much stuff has happened its awesome.  I’m definitely staying busy a lot.  Hawaii is seriously like a different country, like I don’t even feel like I’m part of the US while I’m here because it’s so different.  Seriously, everything is different except that you still drive on the right side of the road and people talk English - somewhat.  It’s also very poor.  I was surprised to find out how poor it was here.  I always thought I would be around nice houses and everything but the majority is very low income housing and apartments.  Of course you still have nice neighborhoods and stuff, but not as many as you would think.

The members take very good care of us here.  I eat a lot of food! Yesterday I had A'ama crab for the first time... it wasn’t bad at all!  I eat a lot of meat and rice pretty much every meal. 
Yeah right...They expect me to eat this? 
Ah Yeah... No, I'm not throwing it up, just savoring the taste!
Well the baptisms went great!  Jennifer’s was very good.  Her mom and sister came and she even invited a friend.  It was crazy trying to get everything set up.  I was all stressed trying to get everything done on time and get the font filled up and stuff.  It went very well though.  It was great to see how happy she was after. It was the greatest experience to see someone you come to love get baptized.  That’s what makes all those crappy times worth it.  Elder Limb baptized her and then I baptized Kyliee Pa who was a child record baptism right after Jennifer’s.  That was awesome also even though it wasn’t a convert baptism.  I was touched that she wanted me to baptize her.  Right after the baptism of Kyliee, bishop confirmed her.  There was also another child record baptism and the missionaries weren’t there to baptize her so they asked me to do it.  So, I got to do another baptism that day for a little kid!  His name was like 10 names long I can’t even remember it!  That was seriously the best day ever!  Three baptisms! Solid!  The confirmation went very well also!  I was scared but I got through it!  First one down!
First Baptism - Jennifer.  Elder Limb baptized, I confirmed. 
Kyliee Pa
Funny story, haha, so Elder Limb and I were having a terrible day on Thursday I think, and all of our lessons fell through and none of the less active members were home and it was just a crap day.  So later that night we were going to a potential investigator that said we could come back, so we went back and they told us that they weren’t interested... of course.  Right across the street from that house there was a less active part member family that lived there.  We decided to go over and visit them when we got up to the house we saw that their door was open, so Elder Limb yelled "Hello" and all the sudden this white Satan dog came running out of the house and jumped up and bit Elder Limb right in a very tender spot... Oh man, he was yelling and stuff and they came out and got the dog.  It was a mess.  Elder Limb was in tears and I told them that we needed to leave.  They felt really bad and so did I, but I couldn’t help myself from laughing a little because you only see that kind of stuff in movies!  It was a classic missionary moment!  So after we thought the day couldn’t get any worse we were about to give up and go home but we decided to stop by the Kuikahi's the house were I gave that little girl a blessing.  We just wanted to see how they were doing and we didn’t have a lesson planned or anything.  We ended up talking with the non-member dad and he brought up the church while we were talking to him out of nowhere.  He really respects our religion and likes us but he had some questions and concerns.  We ended up pretty much giving the restoration lesson and he really liked what we had to say!  Him and his son are our two new investigators from that visit and they are really solid!  I think that we can baptize them in November!  If you could, can you pray for the Kuikahi family? (Troy and his 9 year old son) to give them the desire to pray and to get a witness that this church is true and that Joseph Smith is really a prophet.  Thanks!  Strength in numbers

Bad story...  So at church a new investigator came and was in the gospel doctrine class.  She was with Sis. Trainer her friend, and after the class we stayed after with her and Sis. Trainer to talk.  She said she really liked the lesson and thought it made sense and she really likes our church.  Elder Limb testified also that families really can be together forever through the gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement, and that you can experience happiness in this life from living this gospel.  Well, Sis. Trainer butted in and said "No, not necessarily", "I’ve never been happy in my life being part of this church, you can never see true happiness until you see God".  "I do know this church is true but it doesn’t make me happy.  Knowing it’s true is better than experiencing happiness".   These aren’t her exact quotes but it was pretty dang close.  I wanted to really strangle her!!  You don’t say that to anyone, especially an investigator!  Silly members!

Well, today I went to A’kaka falls.  It’s awesome, Ill send some pictures.  
A'kaka Falls 
That's actually a coconut, but it could be a CD cover or a wallpaper...
I haven’t heard anything about an earthquake or felt it.  I’m totally sheltered from the world I have no idea what’s going on with the world, haha.  Oh well.  Love you all so much!

Elder Gardner

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