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Monday, October 3, 2011

How's It...

How’s it family,
I say how’s it because that’s what you say here to everyone.  You don’t say hey or hi you just say how’s it.  I loved the pictures of jojo she is huge now!  Speaking of dogs the main kind of dogs over here are pitbulls.  Everyone either has a pitbull or has a mutt.  Its weird.  Things are still going solid here I love Hilo.  It’s an awesome place!  It’s really good to hear that my family is doing great!  I love all of you. 

Alright this week has been incredible!  Seriously.  I've been able to see some miracles it’s awesome!  So on Wednesday I went on exchanges.  I went with Elder Mecham and we were in his area Keaukaha.  
Elder Mecham and I in front of the Kona Temple
Everything went perfect that day!  No appointments fell through and right before we went to dinner we parked in a neighborhood and tracked for a little because we had some time.  I usually get about an hour of tracting in every day.  The first house we went to, a lady answered the door and she was like, “did the bishop send you?”  And we were like no we are just in the area and wanted to share a message about the restoration.  She said that she was a part member and that we came at the perfect time because her mom needed a blessing right then.  Elder Mecham and I were stoked!!  I did the anointing and He did the blessing.  Then I gave a blessing on the house because they wanted one.  It was an awesome experience.  The very next day Elder Limb (my comp) and I were going about our day and we had just planned our week that day and we decided that we needed to work smarter, not harder because our areas are pretty big.  So we just got done giving a lesson to the Jemwais a Marshallese family that I absolutely love!  Grandma Jemwai is one of our new investigators but the whole family are members.  We looked in the area book to find a house close by and we both decided on this one less active part member family to go visit.  When we got there we introduced ourselves and again the lady was like “did my mom send you?”  We told her no, that we were in the area and we wanted to visit the ward members and get to know everyone.  She told us that we came at exactly the right time because her daughter needed a blessing because she was really sick.  I was sooo stoked!  This time I gave the blessing.  The mom got very emotional during it.  After the blessing the girl seemed fine and she was running around and everything.  We set up a return appointment for this week and were going to try to get her back to church.  Her boyfriend is not a member and she has a son that is 9, and she said she wants her son to be baptized but it’s his choice.  Its things like this that make me love being on a mission!  Even though I have 2 years and it seems like I’ll never come home haha.  Were still working with Jennifer and her smoking problem.  She hasn't smoked in 4 days!  She really wants to get baptized.  Last Thursday, she smoked and because of that we had to push her baptism date back.  That was seriously one of the hardest things I've had to do was to tell someone that really wants to get baptized that we have to push it back... she was super bummed.  I didn’t like that.  I gave her a blessing though and she said it really helped her a lot. 

It’s incredibly beautiful here!  It rains randomly which is really cool.  The sun will be shining and it will start raining.  It’s very green here also.  

Last Friday, our zone went to Kona to go to the temple.  That was one of the coolest things!  That temple is beautiful - very small though.  Kona is an awesome place!  
Me and my companion Elder Limb in front of the Kona Temple
The food here is amazing as well.  Every single meal I eat, I have rice.  The rice here is really good. Sorry mom, but I’m going to have to say its better than the rice you make... haha.   I’m still trying to get a hold of a scale so I can weigh myself.  Today I went fishing in the ocean.  We went to a place called Coconut Island like 5 min. from our pad.  It’s awesome!  
Coconut Island
I got some pics of it.  I caught like 5 fish!  All were very small though.  
What a catch!  We're eating good tonight!
I want to  send you some Hawaii warriors shirts or something I just got one today its sweet.  Oh, can you send me my oil vile thing I think I left it at home... whoops.  That’s sick that everyone is checking out my blog it make me feel human that people still think about me haha.  I’ve got 2 letters one from a girl from BYUI and I got letters from the Sargents they all sent me letters they did it for FHE that was really cool to get letters from them.  I’m getting along with everyone here my zone is awesome!  I try no to get discouraged thinking that I still have 2 years left.  It’s hard sometimes.  Missions are a lot harder than I ever expected but also very rewarding at the same time.  Oh yeah yesterday we ate dinner with the McBrides in the Kaumana ward.  I was telling them about my life and how I used to live in St. George.  They asked me if I knew a Herb Basso and I was like yeah I do!  That was my dad’s boss!  Their daughter was married to his son for a little while.  Small World huh?

Conference was awesome!  I watched every single session and enjoyed all of them!  Yes I actually enjoyed conference I never thought something like that would come out of my mouth haha I am definitely changing.  I actually paid attention and learned valuable things!  You think I would have learned this concept earlier in my life!  I really enjoyed it though and I’m looking for the next one in 6 months. 

Well I’m really glad to hear everyone is doing great.  Keep updating me with things that are happening in your lives I love you all so much!  Do work!

Elder Gardner 

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