Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey Family!

This week was a really good one!  Sounds like you had so much fun in St. George!  Lucky!  I wish I could have been there.  Thanksgiving was great for me!  We had our first meal at noon at Bishop Irvin’s house.  We had the Adams over and another lady that bishop invited.  Right after we got done at bishops we headed over to Pahoa to Elder Limbs auntie’s house to have another dinner that’s where the picture you got was from.  Then after that we went to The Nervisa’s a really cool family in Kaumana ward.  By this time I was struggling bad, I couldn’t even finish my plate like my throat would reject the food that was in my mouth so I had to drink water with every bite so I could just get it down.  
This is me after three Thanksgiving Dinner.  I'm stuffed to the rafters!
They have rice at thanksgiving but they also had regular thanksgiving food also like mashed potatoes and all that stuff.  So at the Nervisas they have a RM that just got married and the girl he got married to has a twin sister, and Here everyone when they greet each other they give aloha kisses.  That when you go up and give a kiss on the cheek.  So she went around the table and did it to everyone including me haha it was super awkward, because she was super cute and missionaries aren’t really supposed to do that but if I said no to her in front of all her family and stuff they would have got offended.  Thanksgiving was awesome though.

So we had another baptism on Saturday.  Suli Fa'anunu.  He was only 9 years old and he didn’t get baptized when he was 8 so it counts as a convert baptism.  It was really cool!  I have some pictures that Ill send to you. 
The Fa'anunu family - Suli is the one dressed up
 I didn’t have anything to do with the baptism, but that’s all right we taught him the lessons.  So we found out that Jennifer is smoking again.  We were helping a member move apartments and we looked outside and Jennifer was standing outside and smoking a cig...  We confronted her about it and she totally denied it and stuff.  She was saying that it was a flavored cig that’s helps her quit her addiction.  She is such a liar.  I told her to please be truthful with us because its kind of hard to believe her right now.  She was like I can prove it to you and look it up on the Internet.  So we said ok.  Well She didn’t find anything about it on the internet.  Of course because there is no such thing!!  Ugh.  For everyone out there:  if you tell the truth the first time then it definitely saves you a bunch of trouble just saying. 

Here’s a funny story for you - so last night we were coming home from our mission leaders house and we are coming up to our pad and we see a flashlight going on in our house and then two guys dressed in black with a sack run out of the house.  We look inside and turn on the light and the couch is all messed up and the chairs were knocked over and things were messed up but nothing was stolen.  I knew it was the Keaukaha elder because I recognized the laundry bag that they were carrying.  It was E. Willyerd’s bag.  Elder Limb got kind of put off by the joke but everything ended up ok.  It was funny.  I love those Elders!
A perfect day in Hawaii - the tightest place on earth! 
Anyway, I went to the mall to get you all some stuff and I got you all something don’t worry.  I was going to get you all two things but I didn’t have enough money to get Mom or dad shirts just Sam and Ben.  Everything is so expensive here like the cheapest long-sleeved white shirt was 25 bucks.  So sorry...  I found out how to make the rice.  You have to have a rice cooker and you get the rice in the big bags at Safeway and for every cup of rice you add one cup of water.  That’s how you make good rice.  Well I got to go so hope everything is going great, it seems like it is.  Love you all!
Elder Gardner 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Special Thanksgiving Letter

This is a thoughtful email that we received from one of the families Beau had one of his THREE Thanksgiving dinner with:

Hello Bro. and Sis. Gardner--

Today Elder Gardner, his companion Elder Limb (who is my grand nephew), and the two elders from the Pahoa Ward where we live here in Hawaii were all guests at our house for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a delightful gathering.  I thought perhaps you would like to see a photo of the four.   They make quite an impressive group!  This was the second T-day dinner for the four of them and Elders Gardner and Limb had another dinner scheduled for later in the evening!

The missionaries who come to serve in the Hilo area--and everywhere for that matter--are very special people.  We appreciate their willingness to serve and the willingness of their families to share them with us for 2 years.  As a group of young men, they love to have fun and they also love to share their testimonies.  Blessings to you and yours at this holiday season!

Aloha,  Cyndie and Woody Seiersen

What a great looking bunch of missionaries!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ohh Bah...

Hey family!

Well thanks again for all the pictures and all the updates and stuff.  It’s great to hear that everything is solid back home.  I miss St. George so much I wish I could come with but I’m stuck here on the tightest place on earth eating three Hawaiian dinners on Thursday.  We don’t go out to proselyte on Thanksgiving so its pretty much another p-day but not for us just dinners all day.   It’s crazy I’m almost done with my second transfer and my training.  Just think in 2 more transfers I will have been out for half a year already!  Time flies for sure.  I kind of hope I stay here in Hilo because I want to stay with Elder Lyons but I wouldn’t mind going somewhere else also.  It rains too much here!  I never see the sun, which means I cant wear my raybans... 
Elder Lyons with his sexy Disco shirt...

Elder Lyons straight up G
 So this week was super solid actually.  We found three new investigators!  The first one is a friend of Jennifer - the girl we baptized.  She is really nice but kind of has some depression problems.  She is living in some kind of home.  Our lesson with her was awesome though.  We'll see how things turn out with that.  The second investigator was a lady that has been coming to church with a family in our ward.  Her daughter is dating a boy that is in that family.  So we taught her the first lesson during gospel principles class.  She is way golden.  She really wants to be a part of this church.  She really likes how this church is super family oriented and she said she has been searching her life for the right religion.  One problem thought she lives in Pahoa, which isn’t our area so we can’t baptize her, but we can teach her.  The third investigator is a kid named Eric.  His girlfriend is a member in Ainaola ward but he lives in Kaumana.  He really wants to get baptized so were going to meet with him this week and hopefully set up a baptismal date!  Its weird how you get on these hot and cold cycles with missionary work.  You either have a bunch of people all at once or you have nothing at all. 

Funny story.  We were tracting the other day and were walking up this street and some guy started yelling out the window at us saying "Jesus Christ is the only begotten son, Jesus Christ and Satan were never brothers!"  "I know what your religion teaches stop teaching false doctrine to my neighbors!  You guys are fools!!!"  I just yelled back "Later man!  Your weird!"  haha some people I swear.  The very next house we went to we walk up to the driveway and this fat houli guy comes up to me and gets right up in my face and said "Didn’t you read the newspaper 40 years ago?  God is dead!"  I wanted to say "I wasn’t even Alive 40 years ago brah!?"  but I held my tongue.  Instead I asked him if we could help him and he said "absolutely not!"  haha those are just some funny situations that I run into every day. 

Well that’s about all that happened this week.  It was a good one though.  Let me know how St. George goes and I'll let you know how my thanksgivings go. 

Love you all
Elder Gardner

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainy Days

Well another day in paradise!  I'm just glad it’s sunny today!  It has been raining non-stop since last Monday and today is the first day that the sun has been out since then.
An awesome rainbow after one of the many rains
Glad to hear everything is going great with soccer, basketball, jojo, braces, Nebraska, Mesa, and Emmi and Hal.  For real I miss you guys so much.  I miss taking trips down to Mesa - those were the best.  I also miss staying up with you dad and watching YouTube videos, and I miss cruising around with mom going to stores and stuff, and taking Sam and Ben to practice.  It’s all right though being out here is awesome and I meet so many awesome families that are super loving. 

I gave a talk yesterday in Kilauea Ward.  It went pretty well I thought.  It was on faith and obedience.  Seriously, like speaking in public is not even an issue really for me anymore.  I have to give another talk in Kaumana Ward this Sunday with a returned missionary.  The work is still going good but it is a little dry.  This week we had 18 lessons, which is really good, and we visited 8 part-member / less active families that we had never seen before.  We can’t find any new investigators though.  That’s what we are struggling with.  The wards don’t help out at all with referrals.  Super laid back.  If we do find anything its all from our own efforts.  
I'm struggling trying to find new investigators - you can see it in my face...
We are trying this new thing that our Ward Mission Leader set up with Preach My Gospel.  We want to have the families in the ward get familiar with the lessons in Preach My Gospel and then ultimately they will study the lessons and teach us and do some role play so they won’t be scared to do the same with their neighbors or whoever they run into.    We have a baptism scheduled for Nov. 26th to a kid who is part of a active members home but just never got baptized when he was 8 so were teaching him right now.  So it still counts as one.  They are really stressing the 15 names thing in ward council.  Dad, did you ever do the 15 names?  If so how did you regulate that to the different auxiliaries to make sure they would do it because, they never do it here.  Hilo is just a dry area I’m pretty sure.  Oahu always has stuff happening there especially west side of Oahu like Waiani, Makakilo, and Millilani.  Hopefully I go over there soon.  I hear that if you have a Polynesian comp. then you baptize so many people because they are just baptizing machines. 
Elder Burbidge (my Zone Leader) and I after tracting in a torrential downpour!
 I’m getting more and more comfortable with everything.  It just makes me feel better to know that I’m in Hawaii.  I sort of have a feeling that I might be training next transfer - haha that will be really crazy.  Well ‘m glad to hear everything is going good!  I love you all.

Elder Gardner

Monday, November 7, 2011

Total Mission Work

Aloha family!

Thanks for all the emails and pictures they were totally awesome!  I love seeing how everyone is doing, and it seems that everyone is doing absolutely great.  Blue Ridge soccer ya?  Wow that’s seriously incredible.  No. 1 in the nation!  Those are my boys!  That’s so tight.  That’s crazy to think that I was the team to start that.  I must be legendary man!  Jojo is gargantuan, jeeze she looks like a normal English bulldog, not a puppy anymore.  I miss her haha.  Ted still looks the same.   Those are some sweet pics at Lake Powell!  I like that a lot I miss the red rock there.  So basketball has already started - that was fast!  I also happen to be on a basketball team for the Hilo missionaries at 6:00 in the morning at the stake center, yeah no big deal.  haha just kidding but I really do play basketball every morning. 

Well this has kind of been a downer week I’m not going to lie.  It’s been raining so much!  It rained Monday-Wednesday non-stop it was ridiculous!  There was like flash flood warnings and stuff.  I dislike working in the rain it makes the days worse.  Transfers were also this week we got a new elder in our pad that replaced Elder Mecham in Keaukaha area.  His name is Elder Lyons from St. George.  He’s a pretty awesome guy.  He’s a really nice guy and he’s pretty funny.  He tells us all the stories he had in Waiani the ghetto part of Oahu - its interesting.  
Just chillin' on the uke with Elder Boyle
I can’t believe next month is December!  I get to call you next month!  Tight! 

I have some pretty interesting stories this week.  The first is we were tracting and we were coming up to our last house of the night.  It gets dark here at 6:30 and Hawaiians like to go to bed early so we can’t really do anything when it gets dark except see members and stuff.  Anyway, last house and we go up to the door and we didn’t even knock or anything and some lady opens the door.  She must have been waiting for us or see us on the street coming up to her house.  Right off the bat she started saying that she is only interested in her religion and talked about studying the Bible in Hebrew or something.  We started talking about Christ’s earthly ministry and the apostasy, and she was totally trying to bash with us.  We would talk about the priesthood and she would start to raise her voice and get all mad and disagree.  She seriously started to disprove the Book of Mormon and then she basically disproved herself.  We were there for like 30 minutes and just going back and forth it was not good.  So we just were like hey we got to go and just left.  So I had my first experience with bashing.  I didn’t like it at all!

So guess who’s in my zone now??? Elder Mortensen!!!  Yeah how crazy is that?  Elder Dahl is training him in Waikahe.  So I get to see him ever Monday and Tuesday.  I’m so glad he's here that makes me so stoked! 
I'm really starting to become one of the islanders!  Sheesh!  Look at me! 
The work here is going pretty slow right now...  I wish it would pick up but I guess Hilo isn’t a high baptizing area.  Oh well I’m sure I will go somewhere where it is eventually.  So we have 3 thanksgiving meals scheduled on Thanksgiving Day... I’m scared for that day.  One at 1:00, 3:00, and 6:00... I’m going to throw up for sure!

Well, I hope everything is still great over in Lakeside,  I miss it there and I miss you guys too.  I can’t wait till I’m able to call you in December.  Love you all the most!  So you get my emails at 5:00?  I send emails at noon!  haha crazy time difference ya?
Elder Gardner