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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, October 31, 2011

2 months out!

Thanks for all your emails I love hearing all the new stuff that is going on back home like sports, Maverick, the rooms and Jojo.  I never hear anything about Ted...  Man, time has flown by.  As of today, I have been out on my mission for 2 months!  Transfers were technically yesterday but the meeting for transfers isn’t until Wednesday.  I’m staying with Elder Limb again because all new missionaries go through a 12-week training thing so I still have a transfer left with him.  Elder Mecham is leaving which is sad because he was a great guy and he taught me so much and our exchanges were always so fun.  Hopefully, the new Elder that comes to our pad will be pretty tight.  I would love to stay here in Hilo, its simply amazing, but I would really love to serve in Laie.

So guess what I’m going to dress up as for Halloween?  That’s right a missionary!  haha  Well its pretty cool since today is p-dizzle, we get the whole day off because they don’t want us going out at night because that probably wouldn’t work out very well. 

This morning we went fishing with Will (Keaukaha investigator) at Coconut Island.  Fishing is way fun here!  I always catch fish every time I go.  Today I probably caught the biggest fish I’ve caught in my life.  It was a surgeonfish.  It is a very tropical looking fish with a light blue body and yellow fins.  Pretty neat huh? 
Getting better...me with my HUGE surgeonfish
Sea Turtle
Later today we will probably go to Kaumana caves.  I stopped by BJ Penn’s gym today because I wanted to buy some merch, but it was very expensive...  I guess he lost his fight a couple days ago. 

That’s awesome to hear all of you are staying busy with everything especially the house.  I can’t wait to see some pictures of everything!  I’m staying pretty dang busy myself.  Don’t worry about the food.  Even though Hawaiians might not know how to eat well, they have the best food.  They always tell me that they want to fatten me up! haha.  I love the Wards here!  I’m getting used to everyone and I just love everyone!  
Hernandez family (Awesome family in Kaumana Ward)
We are kind of struggling with new investigators though... It’s hard to find them here.   I love the wards to death but they are so laid back its ridiculous.  We don’t get any referrals from the ward or anything.  It’s all from our own efforts, so we usually do a lot of tracting.  Oh well, its good for me to get out and open my mouth to strangers and teach the message about the restored gospel. 

Thank you so much for praying for Troy Keolanui and his son!  They are doing awesome!  We had dinner with the family last week and we showed them the restoration video.  I think he really liked it!  We are going go do service at his farm this week and he said we would talk about it again when we come to help out.  I get along really well with that family because they are a soccer family and he has a soccer field that he made at his farm that is awesome and sometimes UH Hilo plays their games there. 

We have stake conference next week so that will be good.  The Sunday after that I speak in Kilauea Ward.  The work is going great though - it’s awesome!  I love meeting new people.  I can tell you that I definitely will not be shy when I come back home. 

As for creepy things... not really, just run into a lot of homeless people and stuff.  There are a ton of roaches here too!  I hate them so much.  The weather is still perfect here!  I still wake up to a perfect sunrise every morning, unless it’s a rainy day.  
Sunrise in Hilo, Hawaii
I don’t really like rainy days it makes me feel down.  I don’t know why?  Sunny days here are the best, especially when we’re out tracting and I look out and see the beautiful blue ocean stretching endlessly out towards the horizon.  It’s incredible!  Those moments, I just breathe in deep and think to myself "Ahh, my mission is the best!" 
Cool Hawaiin tree - I don't know what it is called.
Well thanks for everything you guys do!  You mean the world to me!  Maybe you should send me some pictures because I always send you pictures. haha. 
Love you all!
Elder Gardner

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