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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 7, 2011

Total Mission Work

Aloha family!

Thanks for all the emails and pictures they were totally awesome!  I love seeing how everyone is doing, and it seems that everyone is doing absolutely great.  Blue Ridge soccer ya?  Wow that’s seriously incredible.  No. 1 in the nation!  Those are my boys!  That’s so tight.  That’s crazy to think that I was the team to start that.  I must be legendary man!  Jojo is gargantuan, jeeze she looks like a normal English bulldog, not a puppy anymore.  I miss her haha.  Ted still looks the same.   Those are some sweet pics at Lake Powell!  I like that a lot I miss the red rock there.  So basketball has already started - that was fast!  I also happen to be on a basketball team for the Hilo missionaries at 6:00 in the morning at the stake center, yeah no big deal.  haha just kidding but I really do play basketball every morning. 

Well this has kind of been a downer week I’m not going to lie.  It’s been raining so much!  It rained Monday-Wednesday non-stop it was ridiculous!  There was like flash flood warnings and stuff.  I dislike working in the rain it makes the days worse.  Transfers were also this week we got a new elder in our pad that replaced Elder Mecham in Keaukaha area.  His name is Elder Lyons from St. George.  He’s a pretty awesome guy.  He’s a really nice guy and he’s pretty funny.  He tells us all the stories he had in Waiani the ghetto part of Oahu - its interesting.  
Just chillin' on the uke with Elder Boyle
I can’t believe next month is December!  I get to call you next month!  Tight! 

I have some pretty interesting stories this week.  The first is we were tracting and we were coming up to our last house of the night.  It gets dark here at 6:30 and Hawaiians like to go to bed early so we can’t really do anything when it gets dark except see members and stuff.  Anyway, last house and we go up to the door and we didn’t even knock or anything and some lady opens the door.  She must have been waiting for us or see us on the street coming up to her house.  Right off the bat she started saying that she is only interested in her religion and talked about studying the Bible in Hebrew or something.  We started talking about Christ’s earthly ministry and the apostasy, and she was totally trying to bash with us.  We would talk about the priesthood and she would start to raise her voice and get all mad and disagree.  She seriously started to disprove the Book of Mormon and then she basically disproved herself.  We were there for like 30 minutes and just going back and forth it was not good.  So we just were like hey we got to go and just left.  So I had my first experience with bashing.  I didn’t like it at all!

So guess who’s in my zone now??? Elder Mortensen!!!  Yeah how crazy is that?  Elder Dahl is training him in Waikahe.  So I get to see him ever Monday and Tuesday.  I’m so glad he's here that makes me so stoked! 
I'm really starting to become one of the islanders!  Sheesh!  Look at me! 
The work here is going pretty slow right now...  I wish it would pick up but I guess Hilo isn’t a high baptizing area.  Oh well I’m sure I will go somewhere where it is eventually.  So we have 3 thanksgiving meals scheduled on Thanksgiving Day... I’m scared for that day.  One at 1:00, 3:00, and 6:00... I’m going to throw up for sure!

Well, I hope everything is still great over in Lakeside,  I miss it there and I miss you guys too.  I can’t wait till I’m able to call you in December.  Love you all the most!  So you get my emails at 5:00?  I send emails at noon!  haha crazy time difference ya?
Elder Gardner

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