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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainy Days

Well another day in paradise!  I'm just glad it’s sunny today!  It has been raining non-stop since last Monday and today is the first day that the sun has been out since then.
An awesome rainbow after one of the many rains
Glad to hear everything is going great with soccer, basketball, jojo, braces, Nebraska, Mesa, and Emmi and Hal.  For real I miss you guys so much.  I miss taking trips down to Mesa - those were the best.  I also miss staying up with you dad and watching YouTube videos, and I miss cruising around with mom going to stores and stuff, and taking Sam and Ben to practice.  It’s all right though being out here is awesome and I meet so many awesome families that are super loving. 

I gave a talk yesterday in Kilauea Ward.  It went pretty well I thought.  It was on faith and obedience.  Seriously, like speaking in public is not even an issue really for me anymore.  I have to give another talk in Kaumana Ward this Sunday with a returned missionary.  The work is still going good but it is a little dry.  This week we had 18 lessons, which is really good, and we visited 8 part-member / less active families that we had never seen before.  We can’t find any new investigators though.  That’s what we are struggling with.  The wards don’t help out at all with referrals.  Super laid back.  If we do find anything its all from our own efforts.  
I'm struggling trying to find new investigators - you can see it in my face...
We are trying this new thing that our Ward Mission Leader set up with Preach My Gospel.  We want to have the families in the ward get familiar with the lessons in Preach My Gospel and then ultimately they will study the lessons and teach us and do some role play so they won’t be scared to do the same with their neighbors or whoever they run into.    We have a baptism scheduled for Nov. 26th to a kid who is part of a active members home but just never got baptized when he was 8 so were teaching him right now.  So it still counts as one.  They are really stressing the 15 names thing in ward council.  Dad, did you ever do the 15 names?  If so how did you regulate that to the different auxiliaries to make sure they would do it because, they never do it here.  Hilo is just a dry area I’m pretty sure.  Oahu always has stuff happening there especially west side of Oahu like Waiani, Makakilo, and Millilani.  Hopefully I go over there soon.  I hear that if you have a Polynesian comp. then you baptize so many people because they are just baptizing machines. 
Elder Burbidge (my Zone Leader) and I after tracting in a torrential downpour!
 I’m getting more and more comfortable with everything.  It just makes me feel better to know that I’m in Hawaii.  I sort of have a feeling that I might be training next transfer - haha that will be really crazy.  Well ‘m glad to hear everything is going good!  I love you all.

Elder Gardner

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