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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ohh Bah...

Hey family!

Well thanks again for all the pictures and all the updates and stuff.  It’s great to hear that everything is solid back home.  I miss St. George so much I wish I could come with but I’m stuck here on the tightest place on earth eating three Hawaiian dinners on Thursday.  We don’t go out to proselyte on Thanksgiving so its pretty much another p-day but not for us just dinners all day.   It’s crazy I’m almost done with my second transfer and my training.  Just think in 2 more transfers I will have been out for half a year already!  Time flies for sure.  I kind of hope I stay here in Hilo because I want to stay with Elder Lyons but I wouldn’t mind going somewhere else also.  It rains too much here!  I never see the sun, which means I cant wear my raybans... 
Elder Lyons with his sexy Disco shirt...

Elder Lyons straight up G
 So this week was super solid actually.  We found three new investigators!  The first one is a friend of Jennifer - the girl we baptized.  She is really nice but kind of has some depression problems.  She is living in some kind of home.  Our lesson with her was awesome though.  We'll see how things turn out with that.  The second investigator was a lady that has been coming to church with a family in our ward.  Her daughter is dating a boy that is in that family.  So we taught her the first lesson during gospel principles class.  She is way golden.  She really wants to be a part of this church.  She really likes how this church is super family oriented and she said she has been searching her life for the right religion.  One problem thought she lives in Pahoa, which isn’t our area so we can’t baptize her, but we can teach her.  The third investigator is a kid named Eric.  His girlfriend is a member in Ainaola ward but he lives in Kaumana.  He really wants to get baptized so were going to meet with him this week and hopefully set up a baptismal date!  Its weird how you get on these hot and cold cycles with missionary work.  You either have a bunch of people all at once or you have nothing at all. 

Funny story.  We were tracting the other day and were walking up this street and some guy started yelling out the window at us saying "Jesus Christ is the only begotten son, Jesus Christ and Satan were never brothers!"  "I know what your religion teaches stop teaching false doctrine to my neighbors!  You guys are fools!!!"  I just yelled back "Later man!  Your weird!"  haha some people I swear.  The very next house we went to we walk up to the driveway and this fat houli guy comes up to me and gets right up in my face and said "Didn’t you read the newspaper 40 years ago?  God is dead!"  I wanted to say "I wasn’t even Alive 40 years ago brah!?"  but I held my tongue.  Instead I asked him if we could help him and he said "absolutely not!"  haha those are just some funny situations that I run into every day. 

Well that’s about all that happened this week.  It was a good one though.  Let me know how St. George goes and I'll let you know how my thanksgivings go. 

Love you all
Elder Gardner

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