Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey Family!

This week was a really good one!  Sounds like you had so much fun in St. George!  Lucky!  I wish I could have been there.  Thanksgiving was great for me!  We had our first meal at noon at Bishop Irvin’s house.  We had the Adams over and another lady that bishop invited.  Right after we got done at bishops we headed over to Pahoa to Elder Limbs auntie’s house to have another dinner that’s where the picture you got was from.  Then after that we went to The Nervisa’s a really cool family in Kaumana ward.  By this time I was struggling bad, I couldn’t even finish my plate like my throat would reject the food that was in my mouth so I had to drink water with every bite so I could just get it down.  
This is me after three Thanksgiving Dinner.  I'm stuffed to the rafters!
They have rice at thanksgiving but they also had regular thanksgiving food also like mashed potatoes and all that stuff.  So at the Nervisas they have a RM that just got married and the girl he got married to has a twin sister, and Here everyone when they greet each other they give aloha kisses.  That when you go up and give a kiss on the cheek.  So she went around the table and did it to everyone including me haha it was super awkward, because she was super cute and missionaries aren’t really supposed to do that but if I said no to her in front of all her family and stuff they would have got offended.  Thanksgiving was awesome though.

So we had another baptism on Saturday.  Suli Fa'anunu.  He was only 9 years old and he didn’t get baptized when he was 8 so it counts as a convert baptism.  It was really cool!  I have some pictures that Ill send to you. 
The Fa'anunu family - Suli is the one dressed up
 I didn’t have anything to do with the baptism, but that’s all right we taught him the lessons.  So we found out that Jennifer is smoking again.  We were helping a member move apartments and we looked outside and Jennifer was standing outside and smoking a cig...  We confronted her about it and she totally denied it and stuff.  She was saying that it was a flavored cig that’s helps her quit her addiction.  She is such a liar.  I told her to please be truthful with us because its kind of hard to believe her right now.  She was like I can prove it to you and look it up on the Internet.  So we said ok.  Well She didn’t find anything about it on the internet.  Of course because there is no such thing!!  Ugh.  For everyone out there:  if you tell the truth the first time then it definitely saves you a bunch of trouble just saying. 

Here’s a funny story for you - so last night we were coming home from our mission leaders house and we are coming up to our pad and we see a flashlight going on in our house and then two guys dressed in black with a sack run out of the house.  We look inside and turn on the light and the couch is all messed up and the chairs were knocked over and things were messed up but nothing was stolen.  I knew it was the Keaukaha elder because I recognized the laundry bag that they were carrying.  It was E. Willyerd’s bag.  Elder Limb got kind of put off by the joke but everything ended up ok.  It was funny.  I love those Elders!
A perfect day in Hawaii - the tightest place on earth! 
Anyway, I went to the mall to get you all some stuff and I got you all something don’t worry.  I was going to get you all two things but I didn’t have enough money to get Mom or dad shirts just Sam and Ben.  Everything is so expensive here like the cheapest long-sleeved white shirt was 25 bucks.  So sorry...  I found out how to make the rice.  You have to have a rice cooker and you get the rice in the big bags at Safeway and for every cup of rice you add one cup of water.  That’s how you make good rice.  Well I got to go so hope everything is going great, it seems like it is.  Love you all!
Elder Gardner 

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