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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka

I cant believe its almost Christmas!  Time flies for real.  Nice job with the basketball games and tryouts bruthas!  That’s tight!  Glad to know that everything is good and that everyone is safe, and also that everything is going good financially.  I hope you sent my package usps because if you didn’t then they won’t send it to my island... I’m trying to find some other stuff to send you.  Many members have given me things and I just plan on sending it back to you.  So this Sunday I have two sacraments to go to.  I'll get home from church around 11 and then I'll head over to bishop’s around 12 so I can call you around 1 o clock Hawaiian time.  Can’t wait!

So my new comp. is awesome!  His name is Elder Ahotau.  He’s from Tonga.  He’s soo funny!  Man I’m so glad I have someone cool.  I really enjoyed Elder Limb and I can’t believe I’m already done with him. It’s kind of hard to understand Elder Ahotau with his accent and all, but I don’t care he's awesome.  
Me and Elder Ahotau
So about that news article haha that’s so funny!  One night Elder Ahotau and I were street contacting on Bayfront and this reporter came up to us and asked us some questions about the weather and stuff.  I didn’t think he would actually put it in the newpaper!  Dang I’m so cool, I’m in the paper.  There is this other elder in my zone that looks exactly like David Archuletta it’s crazy haha.  So Eric’s baptism went very well.  Choke people were there to support him!  Unfortunately his parents weren’t there...  It was still good though.
With Eric at his baptism
So we got a referral from the office and we called the lady and we set up an appointment to come visit her.  So I’m hoping that she will become and investigator!  We’re also working with this man named Tim.  We’re doing some service for him and hopefully we'll end up teaching him the lessons. 

Elder Ahotau and I were tracting the other day and we ran into this older lady and she was out doing work in her yard.  Her yard was a jungle!  So we asked if we could come do service for her and she said yes.  So were hoping that she will also turn into an investigator.  Funny story.  So, Bro. Okura (Kilauea Ward) brought a guy that he ran into the store the other day to church.  This man was Chinese and barely spoke English.  So, after sacrament meeting, Elder Ahotau and brother Cheng ( 2nd counselor in Kilauea Ward) went and taught him the first lesson.  I had to go to ward council for Kaumana ward.  So while we were in Kaumana ward sacrament meeting that Chinese man came in the middle of the meeting and came and sat with us.  It was super embarrassing and awkward because we were sitting next to the Haslams (ward mission leader in Kaumana) and he kept playing and touching their little kids like nonstop through the meeting.  Ahh I was so embarrassed!  The good thing about that guy was that he agreed to let us come back and teach him.  So things are looking really good right now with potential investigators.  Hopefully it can stay this way!  It seems as though things have really started happening with Elder Ahotau here!
The Straight Family
The Jarrett Family 
I’m super Excited for Christmas!  I got a letter from the stake presidency, which was really nice.  I'll be able to tell you many more stories and experiences on the phone so get ready with you questions that you will ask me.  Love you all and hope you have a wonderful White Christmas!  Mele Kalikimaka
Elder Gardner 
Making some Kalua Pig

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