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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mona Kea

Aloha Family!

Jeeze you guys have the craziest weeks it seems like!  You’re always doing some awesome stuff!  That’s so crazy about the snowstorm and that you had to stay in Globe.  Hey at least you got to watch the BYU game... I didn’t.  I forget what texting and facebook is like, it’s crazy.  I can’t even really imagine it.  Dad, glad to hear that your surgeries are going well too!  Super busy is always the best, because when you lay in your bed at night you feel so accomplished.  So everyone is using iPads in my family now... that’s cool just get one when I leave!  Where’s the loyalty man?  Well I also got a new camera today, it was on sale at Wal-Mart.  I decided that some of the pictures I take I want them to be really good and I’m pretty sure the infrared sensor on the red camera was going out.  So I got a new canon camera, 16mega pixels and 5x optical zoom!  Its tight - only 100 bucks. 

So this morning I went to Mona Kea!  It was the coolest thing ever!  I have some awesome pics that I’ll send you. 
Me and Elder Lyons on Mona Kea

Elder Limb, Brother Bazilla and me on Mona Kea

Mona Loa
 I was seriously on top of the world!  That is where the whole world has their telescopes and stuff.  It’s super cold up there and hard to breathe but I got to touch some snow up there.  It wasn’t that great... haha.. I don’t miss snow at all!  
There really is snow in Hawaii!  Check it out...
I guess one of the mirrors they use in the big telescopes that is only like 5 feet costs millions and millions of dollars, and there are quite a few up there.  This past week was a good week though.  Our numbers were kind of lame but Tuesday we had 3 lessons, Wednesday we were on exchanges and E. Willyerd and I went and did service for a potential investigator, we decided to walk to his house it was fun.  That took all afternoon pretty much.  Thursday we had week plan but did it in the afternoon because E. Limb had DLTM.  E. Limb has only been out a year, but he will probably leave for transfers.  I could still leave but I have a feeling that I'm going to train - haha.  Friday we had zone conference in Waimea, which is on Kona side with the Kona elders.  You should look up pictures of Waimea on the Internet, it’s an awesome little place!  Zone conference was Awesome!  I learned so much from the training and everything President Dalton had to say.  We got this new study packet called Mana, which means, “divine power” in Hawaiian.  It’s such an awesome thing to have.  It will really help me study more in the morning and help me gain a greater knowledge and testimony of the gospel.  It has us reading a ton of stuff.  The BOM, D&C, New testament, part of the Old testament, POGP, Jesus the Christ, Our Search for Happiness, True to the Faith and Our Heritage.  I’m super stoked about it because I love personal study, that is one of my favorite parts of the day for sure!  
A perfect Hawaiian sunrise
We also watched a movie at zone conference!  We watched 17 Miracles.  This is one incredible movie if you haven’t watched it yet I highly recommend it, it’s definitely a tear jerker haha.  It was a good week nonetheless.  We are still working with Eric and we have a baptism date for the 17th.  We are kind of having trouble with new investigators but its kind of always like that.  Oh well that’s missionary work for ya. 

So the boys will like this.  At zone conference I met a missionary, Elder Unga.  Yes Harvey Unga’s brother.  He is just about to be done with his mission, and go home and play football for Utah.  He’s way cool!  About the haircuts, I cut my own hair.  I 1/2 and cut it all one length.  Its easier that way.  If you want to make good Hawaiian rice you have to have a rice cooker.  The rule of thumb is one cup of water for every cup of rice.  Don’t use the uncle bens kind of rice though its rubbish.  If you could also send me a Mormon Messages DVD in the package that would be awesome!  Those are really helpful for lessons and stuff. 

Well that’s about it for this week.  A very good week for me!  Next time I write you I should know if I stay or not or if I will train.  Hope everything goes great for you this week and stay warm because you know I will!  haha  Love you all the most for real ba!  I love the pics to!  Especially the one where they are fighting and Jojo’s tongue is hanging out - haha must be and awesome camera.

Love Elder Gardner
My backyard...  Nice!

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