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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Assignment

Oh ba you like one soda?

Hey family how’s it?!  Glad to hear everything is going well with you in AZ.  Sam dude I cant believe you broke your nose man that’s crazy!  Going on dates with all your guy friends?  Man, are you even old enough?  Nate can drive?  What’s the deal I thought he was like 14 or something.  That’s good that your updating all the computer stuff.  Macs are bomb for sure; no doubt no doubt in my mind.  I’m so out of the loop with technology I don’t even know what’s new and stuff haha, but I’m in loop with the scriptures more than I ever have before!  This new study program is super awesome for real.  I’m excited to get the package you sent me!  I have another package to send you.  Its macadamia nuts and Hawaiian sea salt with garlic, super good for cooking.  A member in Kaumana Ward gave it to me to give to you.  Its been raining a lot again... I don’t really like that.  I’m getting tired of rain.  The only movies I ever watch are Mr. Kruger’s Christmas, Joy to the World, the Testaments, and Preach my Gospel haha.  Its good to hear that all the surgeries are going well that’s awesome!!  I can’t wait to call on Christmas I’ll probably go to bishop Irvin’s house and call so ill just call after sacrament meeting. 

Well here’s some big news.  So Transfers are on Wednesday.  I found out that I’m staying and Elder Limb is leaving, but I got a call early on Friday night from the mission president and he gave me a new assignment, and that’s to train.  So I will be training and I just barely got done with MY training.  I don’t know if I’m ready for that!  I feel like I don’t even know enough yet.  I’m super nervous about who my companion will be.  I’m praying that he will be good and that ill get along with him and that he'll work hard.  ohhh man this is nuts.  So I will be in Hilo for another 3 months.  My first area will be a 6-month area.  So I will be able to let you know how everything goes next time I write you.  Time seriously flies while you’re out here!  I left in August and is Christmas already!  Crazy ba!  Well that’s the news for transfers.  This past week has been good though.  We taught about 16 lessons l think.  Still no new investigators but Kaumana Ward is really trying to push the 15 names and were really pushing with our ward mission plan so I think things will work out.  Eric’s baptism is scheduled for Dec. 18th.  He wanted to do it on Sunday so his parents could come and they are non-members.  I’ll be able to have pictures of the baptism for you as well next Monday.  Dad how many baptisms did your mission have a month when you served?
The Meyers

The Kuikahis

Grandma Wassman  and Elder Limb

The McBrides
 Ok for the rice, I ask everyone how to make it and they all tell me the same.  You have to have a rice cooker though.  For white rice you use one cup of water for one cup of rice.  Brown rice I think you use 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice.  The rice you buy in the Asian section of the store.  One of the main brands of rice they use here is Hinode.  What makes the rice good is that it’s really sticky and good.  Ok I have something for you to try for dinner.  Make rice and chili, get a plate of rice and pour some chili on top and then put some mayonnaise on top and mix it with the chili and rice.  OH man sooooo good!!!
Sweet dreams of rice and chili...
 Well keep encouraging people to write letters to me.  That really keeps me going because I could be having a bad day and no one will listen to us and everyone is gone, but when I look in the mailbox at 3 pm and there is a letter for me that definitely brightens up my day!  Thanks for all of you who have written me it really means a lot to me and I appreciate it so thank you!!!!

Well I am anxiously awaiting the day that I will be able to call you.  It will be awesome, I will be able to tell you all my stories and stuff.  Keep it up with basketball, work, jojo and everything else!  I love you all and Mele Kalikimaka!

Elder Gardner
The Hawaiian moon

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