Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fe Mimi

A double rainbow (no crying please...) but isn't that bottom rainbow the most intense you've ever seen? 
How’s it?  Good to hear about all you games and stuff.  Good luck with snowflake!  I’m very anxious to see the house and all the changes you have been making to the rooms and stuff.  I try to picture it in my head but I can’t imagine it haha.  Yes, it is very weird when someone calls me by my first name.  I wonder how I'll get used to it back home.  Just the other day all of us at our pad were calling each other by our first names haha.  It was really funny.  I loved the pics and stuff.  That camera seems super tight!  I miss Lake Powell so much!  It drives me crazy when I look at it.  Even being in Hawaii and seeing all the scenery here, Lake Powell is still one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.  The cookies you sent and the Christmas package came on the same day and yes the cookies were still good :) 
Honolii, popular surfing spot in Hilo
A surfer
 This week was good.  Nothing super interesting happened.  Kilauea is still doing really good.  All the lessons we teach are coming from that area.  We are teaching Theresa, Edwin, Ping, and we just found a new investigator Mike on Friday - I think.  We gave Edwin a Book of Mormon and he was very anxious to get it and read it.  We didn’t teach Theresa this week.  Things aren’t looking to good with her.  Mike is a guy that we tracked into.  We shared the plan of salvation with him and committed him to baptism on the first lesson and he said maybe.  He was really cool even though he had some bad pictures hanging up in his house hahaha.  Ping's date is still set for the 18th, I really hope that it will hold.  He didn’t come to church yesterday...  So we'll see about that whole situation.  Story.  In the same apartment complex we found Mike we were tracting and came to this door that said "Thank you for not smoking"  I knocked on it and the guy answered holding a cig. haha I asked "Man why does you door say thank you for not smoking and your holding a cigarette?"  He was like "Its hard to quit man, I'm trying” Then he went off about Vietnam and how he is still effected by that haha.  I always run into weird things here - especially street contacting.  People are always offering us beer and cava, Homeless people love us and we get cussed out a lot too.  Very interesting people here.  Here’s another story.  So last Tuesday we got a call to go to the hospital to give a blessing.  We always go there since the hospital is in our area.  We meet up with a member there from Waikahe Ward and while we are about to go in to give the blessing I start talking with the man about what he did.  He was an x-ray technician.  We talked about that for like 10 min.  It was really interesting to me.  It seems like a pretty good job as well.  You don’t just have to be in it for x rays either he was talking about ultra sounds, and cat scans.  It was awesome!  What do you think about an x-ray technician?  I gave another blessing last night too.  I've given a lot of blessings and I'm starting to get a lot better at them.  Remember the first on I gave you mom?  That was a long time ago.  

Well, love you all!  I love hearing about all the news and sports updates!  Keep it real!
ofa atu
Elder Gardner

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tight Garbage

what’s good!

I’m glad you got my package!  That was fast!  Yeah I finally got your package.  I loved everything that was in it!  The CD’s were awesome and the DVD also! Everything was perfect.   I’ve gained weight haha.   I weigh 165 lbs. now haha. Hopefully I just stay at this weight and don’t gain anymore.  10 lbs is good enough haha.  Dang Sam your were all up in the refs face or the kids?  That funny at least you won dude.  Yeah I want to see some pictures of Jojo!  
Hawaii - I get to see this stuff everyday!
 This week has been pretty good.  President Dalton’s interview was really good.  He always gives me motivation and makes me feel that everything will be all right.  Sis. Dalton just talked about health with everyone because she doesn’t want anyone to get fat or sick.  I guess over Christmas, two elders went to the hospital because of over eating haha.  Lets get real guys...  

We invited one of our investigators this week to baptism and he accepted!  His baptism is set for Feb. 18.  He's Chinese and he doesn’t speak hardly any English... so its been interesting teaching him.  We have been having a hard time finding and teaching people in Kaumana Ward.  Kilauea has been really good. We have been teaching a lot of people in that ward.  The wards always are up or down.  I just don’t want Kaumana to think that we are lazy you know what I mean?  One night, we were street contacting and we pretty much had a sermon on the street!  We started talking with this older man about religion and then other people started coming up and talking about religion haha - it was funny.  No one was bashing with each other though, but it was different.  
Puffer Fish 
So transfers are Wednesday.  Time flies!!  Everyone that is in our pad now is staying.  So elder Lyons is staying!  I’m glad I’ll be with him for one more transfer.  I can’t believe I only have one more transfer with Elder Ahotau.  I’m almost at my 6 month mark!  Nothing too great has really happened this week but if anything good happens this week I'll let you know for sure!  This morning we went fishing at Coconut Island and I caught 6 fish.  I scaled one of them with my finger and ate some of it right there haha.  It was cool.  I’m so tempted to jump in sometimes haha. 
After the mission, I'm coming back to do some of this! 
I love you all and thanks for all the emails and info.  Keep me updated on work, superbowl, politics, games and everything else.  Thanks again for the package.  Let me know if the kodak cd works.  Laterzzz

Elder Gardner

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fefe Hake

Mou Fefe hake?

Good to hear things are good over in Arizona.  All of you seem very busy and cold at the same time.  You guys definitely go down to Mesa a lot more then when I was there haha.  I still haven't gotten my package... maybe this week?  Mom, right after you called the office I called the office and gave them a referral.  Sister Smiley told me that you had called like 10 min. earlier haha.  That was funny.  As for money.  I think I have enough on my card so I’m doing fine.  If you want to send me a gift card send me a Macy’s gift card because they have good shirts, t shirts, pants, and ties there.  What kind of white long sleeve shirt do you want?  Quicksilver, surfing, or just Hawaii one?  The only kind that I’ve seen here is a white Quicksilver Eddie Aikau shirt, its really cool I have one but black and its short sleeve.  Just let me know.
A puffer fish we found on Coconut Island
This week was kind of a bum week.  Nothing really happened and many of our appointments fell through.  Our numbers were also pretty bad this week.  It seems like when you have a good week a lame week usually follows.  I sometimes get tired of tracting.  Sometimes I feel like I’m not going to be able to survive if I have to tract another street!!  Sometimes it feels like it’s not really effective.  
Street contacting.  These cool murals are all over the place. 
Street contacting #2
Training is also going pretty well.  I love my companion and he’s super funny.  I’m grateful to have Elder Ahotau.  Sometimes when I have bum weeks things are just really hard.  I would welcome a transfer somewhere else when the time comes.  I love Hilo but I think that I will be ready to go somewhere else like Oahu or something.  I still have one more transfer here.  Transfers are on the 25th and Elder Lyons will probably be leaving.  
Tall tees and shorts Elder Lyons and I got at Champs
Sometimes I feel really lazy and I really have to push myself to go out and work... Is that normal?  Hopefully this week will be good.  Even though I’m living in paradise, I’m definitely not living a paradise life. haha. 

This week we have interviews with president Dalton.  I’m hoping they will go good.  Ill let you know how they go. 
Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Gardner

Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Good


I can honestly say that I don’t miss the snow at all.  This morning we went fishing at coconut island, it was 82 degrees and sunny.  They ocean was clear and I could see all of Hilo.  Ahh, its nice.  
Rainbow Falls - nice photo eh?
Elder Ahotau
The guy the we went with (Will) was jumping off the tower that we fish off of into the ocean. I wanted to do that sooo bad!  20 more months.  Man you guys have everything!  Updated computers, printers, I touches, I pads, and now your getting I phones?  Dude, where’s the loyalty on that man?  That’s cool though, I wonder if that stuff will be old news when I get back home?  That’s awesome that Zane is going to propose!  Good for him, and that’s cool Sam that you’re getting your braces off, watch out for the ladies! haha and good luck with your practices and Ft. Lowell Benjee, do work son!  Well, I still haven’t gotten my package... I don’t know if it got lost in the mail or if its still coming by boat?  Idk, I called the office and they said it should be here soon.  

This week was awesome!  One of the best weeks on my mission so far.  So when I was with Elder Limb he said that we weren’t allowed to tract apartments.  So we never did.  Well this week we were having a bet with the zone leader for OYM's (Open Your Mouths) and we decided to track apartments.  It was one of the best things that I’ve done!  We taught lessons to people and set up return appointments, gave out many copies of the Book of Mormon and got phone numbers for people to call back.  It was awesome!  We also had the most "with member" lessons that I’ve had thus far on my mission this week - 5.  We also had the most OYM's that I’ve ever had on my mission this week -122.  It was such a solid week!  We found like 3 new investigators!  I hope that they can stay investigators.  Everything went well.  Troy didn’t come to church because he decided to go fishing... maybe next week.  I really think that he would be a solid convert. 
Elder Ahotau, Elder Lyons, and Elder Gardner 
They have safety checks here in Hawaii for all the cars and trucks.  I had no idea that we had to get our car checked until some guy on the street said that our safety check was two months out of date.  So we rushed over to firestone and it was going to take like 3 hours until they checked it so, we left it there and walked back to our pad.  They called us to tell us that it was done so we walked all they way back to firestone (2 miles) and we didn’t even pass the safety check... Our brakes were all gone pretty much and the windshield wipers didn’t work.  So we have 30 days by law to go get them fixed or we cant drive.  So this week I’m going to have to go take it to get fixed.  It’s a pain!

Everything is really great though.  The weather is perfect, the work is really good, I can’t complain about anything!  Glad to hear that everything is good back in Arizona.  Oh yeah while we were waiting at firestone for a couple min. while they were finishing with the car the Suns and Trailblazers game was on haha.  We also shopped at Target today, which is way better than Walmart.  Idk why we haven’t been shopping at target this whole time.  Well anyways I love you all and have a great week.  Stay warm haha
Love you.
Elder Gardner

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years!

I had a good week, and also a pretty good new year.  I still haven’t got your package... haha you probably sent it by boat so its super slow.  We did a lot of service this week and tried to get a lot of lessons in as well.  It seems like everything is so different back home a lot of things are changing!  I hit my 4-month mark on New Years Eve.  
BJ Penn shirts that the Kuikahis gave us
I remember when I was in Sam’s shoes going to all those dances and getting nervous with all the girls, it wasn’t to long ago.  I don’t know what the deal with Skype, is I guess Colton got to do it to?!  I think it’s just a mission rule that our mission president doesn’t want us to Skype.

So this week, I don’t know if I already told you about Theresa?  Well she is a new investigator that we have and we got a referral from the office to go and see her. She is a nice lady.  We've met with her twice and the second time we met her we taught her about the Restoration.  I committed her to baptism and she said Yes!  But, she said that she needs to know a little more and know for sure.  It was really cool.  We also did some service for Troy Keolanui at his farm.  We helped him put on some flame tape on the speed bumps.  I love helping him at his farm. 
Just working on the farm...
He told us that he wanted to come to church and we didn’t even bring it up!  So he is going to come next week!  We also did some more service for this guy named Tim.  He is a guy that bishop Irvin wanted us to go see.  He is in a wheel chair and we helped him pull some weeds and trim his bushes.  I asked him if we could come by and share a message with him.  He said ok as long as we aren’t in our white shirts and ties, haha.  He also invited us to a college basketball game at UH Hilo.  I really want to go because he is a potential investigator but we can’t really go to games!  This is hard!  What would you do?  I also had to speak in sacrament meeting again for Kaumana.  I always speak in sacrament meeting.  

New Years was fun.  We got invited to the Okuras and many families from the ward came.  We ate dinner and then all the kids lit off fireworks.  Fireworks in Hawaii are legal so it crazy here on New Years.  There are so many fireworks that are getting lit off!  People spent choke money on fireworks.  It was fun.  
Weeeee - This is Fun!!!
It was like 9:30 and the zone leaders were getting really mad because we weren’t home.  Oh well.  That’s about all I have for this week.  I hope that I get your package this week!  
Good luck going back to school and everything.
Love you,
Elder Gardner