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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fefe Hake

Mou Fefe hake?

Good to hear things are good over in Arizona.  All of you seem very busy and cold at the same time.  You guys definitely go down to Mesa a lot more then when I was there haha.  I still haven't gotten my package... maybe this week?  Mom, right after you called the office I called the office and gave them a referral.  Sister Smiley told me that you had called like 10 min. earlier haha.  That was funny.  As for money.  I think I have enough on my card so I’m doing fine.  If you want to send me a gift card send me a Macy’s gift card because they have good shirts, t shirts, pants, and ties there.  What kind of white long sleeve shirt do you want?  Quicksilver, surfing, or just Hawaii one?  The only kind that I’ve seen here is a white Quicksilver Eddie Aikau shirt, its really cool I have one but black and its short sleeve.  Just let me know.
A puffer fish we found on Coconut Island
This week was kind of a bum week.  Nothing really happened and many of our appointments fell through.  Our numbers were also pretty bad this week.  It seems like when you have a good week a lame week usually follows.  I sometimes get tired of tracting.  Sometimes I feel like I’m not going to be able to survive if I have to tract another street!!  Sometimes it feels like it’s not really effective.  
Street contacting.  These cool murals are all over the place. 
Street contacting #2
Training is also going pretty well.  I love my companion and he’s super funny.  I’m grateful to have Elder Ahotau.  Sometimes when I have bum weeks things are just really hard.  I would welcome a transfer somewhere else when the time comes.  I love Hilo but I think that I will be ready to go somewhere else like Oahu or something.  I still have one more transfer here.  Transfers are on the 25th and Elder Lyons will probably be leaving.  
Tall tees and shorts Elder Lyons and I got at Champs
Sometimes I feel really lazy and I really have to push myself to go out and work... Is that normal?  Hopefully this week will be good.  Even though I’m living in paradise, I’m definitely not living a paradise life. haha. 

This week we have interviews with president Dalton.  I’m hoping they will go good.  Ill let you know how they go. 
Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Gardner

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