Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, February 27, 2012

What a Week!

Wow, this week was crazy!!  A lot of things happened.  First it was good to hear everything is going smoothly.  Especially the nice transition from basketball into baseball.  I continue to look forward for the stats and updates from Sam and Ben in their games.  So yes one more week until transfers.  This Sunday I should know what will happen - if I stay or leave.  I’m almost positive I will leave because 6 months in one area is a long time.  I know that I will miss Hilo a lot!  Hilo is definitely special and I love the feeling or "Aloha" here.  It’s incredible.  Everything is going great right now and it right when I’m about to leave... go figure.
the Madriagas - they are one of my favorite families here.
 So this week... where do I start.  On Tuesday I think we went over to Mike’s house (investigator) and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the blessings he can receive from it and we committed him for the third time to be baptized and this time he said yes!  We set a date with him for the 24th and asked him to come to stake conference but he didn’t want to come to stake conference because he doesn’t like to be around a lot of people, anxiety problems.  So that was really cool.  Wednesday a homeless guy came up to our pad and wasn’t asking for food but he was asking for a pair of glasses?  Incredibly we actually had a pair that someone left so Elder Ahotau gave him the glasses and he was asking him where the guy was from, and he kept saying he was from "Planet Earth" and "America"  haha so the guy started to walk off and Elder Ahotau asked him what his name was and he didn’t answer so Elder Ahotau picked up a pineapple that was outside our pad and threw it at him hahaha that was sooo funny.  Tongans don’t care, they will do what ever they want.  So Thursday we got a call from the zone leaders and told us that there was a girl in our area that wanted to get baptized!  So to explain what happened the zone leaders were tracting and ran into this girl named Roxanne.  That was not her actual house she was just staying there.  She lives with her less active RM boyfriend in our area.  The zone leader gave her their number and the next day she called them saying "I’ve been thinking about things and I really want to get baptized"  So the zone leaders handed her off to us and so we are going to start teaching her!  She seems like she would be really solid!  So here’s the crowning event of the week!  I’m surprised its not on CNN because everyone in Hilo is talking about it haha.  So yesterday was stake conference.  In the morning was investigator class.  We invited one guy to come named Edwin. So in the morning we tried calling him to see if he was going to make it... no answer.  So we decide to go to the class anyways.  Lo and behold Edwin was already sitting in there talking with all the people!  haha I was shocked!  So that class was really good.  Elder Yamashita of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Reynolds and area 70 were at stake conference because we got a new stake presidency.  So the people they called to be in the stake presidency were all bishops that had only been a bishop for 2 years.  Bishop Irvin was called to be the 2nd counselor!  That was another shocker!  I had no Idea that he would be called.  I guess that’s the first time they have ever called three bishops each at 2 years to serve in the stake presidency.  Here's the best part!  When we were sustaining the new stake president one lady stood up in the back and yelled "I object you idiot!"  I’ve never seen anyone oppose anyone so that was really weird to me.  I guess they had a line of people that opposed after the meeting that they had to take care of.... Have you ever been apart of something like that?

I forgot to tell you a couple weeks ago I finished the BOM, and now I’m reading the New Testament!  I’m almost done with Matthew.  I can honestly say that I love the scriptures.  Something is like developing inside me.  I love learning about the Gospel.  I can’t get enough of it!  Every chance I get to study the scriptures or the Ensign I take it.  I just have this desire to know as much as I can.  I really do "Feast" upon the words of Christ.  I feel like Nephi when he said "for I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning." (1 Nephi 19:23)  I truly do love the Gospel and the scriptures. 

Well I love all of you and I’m so thankful for all you do and all your support!  Have a great week!
Elder Gardner

Monday, February 20, 2012


This week was a pretty solid week!  One question - first what’s up with this Jeremy Lin?  Linsanity!  I’m hearing about this guy and how he's taking over the NBA.  Yeah, definitely keep me posted on all the sports with Sam and Ben.  I've been getting a lot of letters so its hard to write everyone back because I stink at writing letters, I never know what to say.  

Mona Kea got a lot of snow!  It looks awesome!  We had a huge rainstorm the other night it was ridiculous!  

So we did some service for Troy this week.  It was really good, we cleaned out some buckets and pressure washed his grill.  I asked him if we could share a message with his family and he said absolutely!  He said we could go to his farm and have dinner with his family and share a message.  I was stoked!  So we’re sharing this message at dinner appointments called the power of one.  You should look it up on YouTube or something.  It’s a LDS youth video its very good.  We showed it to the Carvalhos and they got really excited and said that they were going top have a bbq and invite kids from his son’s basketball team and invite us to talk to them.  I was so happy!  Finally members who are trying to help us out with referrals!  Finally!  We’re working with some less active RM's right now also.  One of them we actually started getting him to come to church!  He’s been coming for 2 weeks now!  The other one we meet with and he said he would come to church but he didn’t...  I made a deal with him though, if we gave him Preach my Gospel he will give us the Prince of Egypt soundtrack haha.  Hey could you send me another journal?   Mine is almost filled out.  This week also had bad parts too.  We met a lady who told us to take her off the membership, and another guy got mad at us for stopping by his house late, and it was only 7:30!?  Oh well.  Funny story:  We were street contacting and we ran into this drunk guy.  He liked Mormons but he was saying to ditch the white shirts and ties and wear aloha shirts haha.  He was also telling us about these snakes from Guam that travel on planes.  He said they go up to the planes and wrap around the tires and when they land they just come off.  He said that they are in Hawaii and they are going to take over the big island?!  Whaaat?  Street contacting is always fun.  I’m also pretty excited for transfers.  I’m kind of hoping I will get transferred to North Shore or something, that would be tight!  Well that’s about it for me this week.  Keep me posted on everything!  Love you

Elder Gardner

Monday, February 13, 2012


What’s good?

Thanks for theValentines package you sent me!  That was awesome getting a package.  Even though Elder Ahotau ate a ton of the candy haha.  I’ve been writing quite a few people.  I’m writing two Sisters from my district in the MTC.  I’m writing Ty Johnson, Carson, Brandi, Lindsay Webb, and Nati (one of Elder Boyles friends).  So yeah, I usually get letters every week.  I just got Reyna’s letter last week.  Its hard to write letters because I stink at writing things and I can only write on p-days so I don’t have that much time.  whatev.  That’s sweet to hear about the baseball and tournaments and stuff.  You will have to keep me updated me on the sports stuff.  
Elder Ahotau and me wearing authentic Hawaiian Leis 
This week was a pretty good week.  We taught a good amount of lessons in Kilauea, but we didn’t have really any lessons in Kaumana.  We also had zone conference this week, which was extremely good.  The training that the Assistants gave was just what I needed.  They talked about being a master planner, using time wisely, commitments, and this new referral program called power of one.  It really gave me the boost that I needed.  As for placing a Book of Mormon, do you have to place it to someone you know? or can it be anyone?  Just go up to them and just start talking with them.  (How are you, what have you done today?).  Then just say something like "well I'm a member from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Have you ever talked to a member from our church before?  Well, I would just like to give you a copy of the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.  It is comparable to the Bible.  That doesn’t mean that it replaces the Bible, it means that they go hand in hand.  They compliment each other.  It is an account of Christ’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas.  You think, God loves his children so much he wouldn’t just want one part of the world to have his gospel right?  You could say something like that.   You'll do fine!  Its easy - D&C 84:85.   We had an awesome lesson with two French ladies from Haiti that we tracked into.  We had to go on exchanges to teach them though.  So Elder Bown came with me to teach them because he speaks French. We also had our Tongan Ward mission leader come.  It was an awesome lesson!  We taught them the restoration and they really liked it.  They speak English pretty well though so I didn’t have any trouble understanding them.  They thought the first vision was awesome.  So I committed them to Baptism and they accepted!  They said they want to find out more before they make a date though.  The only thing that stinks though is that the next lesson we have with them is on the 4th... That’s the last Sunday before I will most likely leave...  but its all good though

Today we went to Kau and Volcano National Park.  It was awesome.  The volcano wasn’t very cool though.  There was no lava and all there was a plume of smoke.  Kau is the most southern part of big island.  It’s still in our zone so we were aloud to go there.  We stopped by the black sand beach and we also went to south point (the most southern part of the U.S.)  I have some awesome pics!  I truly am blessed to serve my mission in the most beautiful place on earth.  I can’t wait till I can show you around when you come.  
Volcano National Park

Black Sand Beach

Elder Bown, me, Elder Lyons

Black Sand Beach

South Point

This is the actual Southern most point...

South Point

Oh Yeah

Thanks for everything and all your support, love, and prayers.  Happy Valentines Day.  

ofa lahi atu
Elder Gardner

Monday, February 6, 2012



Holy Jojo!  I just got the pictures that you sent me of Jojo - Dang she’s huge and she looks old now!  I still have a picture on my memory card when she is a puppy!  She probably won’t even remember me when I get back.  Nice basketball pics!  Sam your super excited that basketball is over and dad your kind of wishing there was more haha - that’s funny.  That’s super sad to hear about that Hatches... I'll definitely remember them in my prayers.  So yeah transfers are in about 4 weeks.  I know that I say that I’m ready to leave and change but I know that once I'm actually in a different area I’m going to miss Hilo.  
AJ Jemwai.  A Marshalese guy that always came with us to lessons
Scarlett and me.  Scarlett is a daughter of a recent convert that moved into Kilauea Ward
 This week was pretty average.  Nothing to exciting happened this week.  We're really struggling in Kaumana Ward to find lessons.  Kilauea Ward is fine we teach a lot of people there.  Did I ever tell you about Mike?  Well, we brought some fish and rice so we could cook it with him and eat while we were sharing a lesson, and when we went over and knocked on the door he didn’t answer... We even saw him inside in his room!  This kind of stuff happens a lot.  It’s very frustrating.  Ping probably won’t get baptized on the 18th because he won’t come to church and he has a problem drinking tea. We haven’t taught him the law of chastity lesson yet.  Sometimes I loose motivation really fast, it stinks.  While I was waiting to email today I picked up an ensign from 2001 and read a little article from Jeffery R. Holland it said: "Anyone who does any kind of missionary work will have occasion to ask, Why is this so hard?  Why doesn't it go better?  Why can't our success be more rapid? Why aren't there more people joining the Church?  It is the truth... You will have occasion to ask those questions.  I have thought about this a great deal.  I offer this as my personal feeling.  I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience.  Salvation never was easy."  I thought that was really cool that I just turned to that today while I was waiting.  There are a lot of things that I miss back home and wearing a white shirt and tie is definitely not my favorite clothing to wear, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end.  These next 19 months will probably fly by.  See look I'm already out of the 20's for months and I’m in the teens now haha.  Elder Ahotau is still good, I really like him and I know that I'll miss him.  I was saying how I wanted some new shorts at the mall and He just gave me money to go get them.  I told him he didn’t need to give me that.  He said he wanted me to get the shorts that I like.  Tongans are extremely caring.  They would give you the shirt off their back.  

Well that’s about all I have for you in this email.  Oh yeah I got a lot of letters this week it was awesome!  That made me feel really good.  Hope everything continues to go well for you in Lakeside and also all your experiences down in Mesa.  I loved the picture of Ozzy, that was awesome!  I always pray for you.