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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fe Mimi

A double rainbow (no crying please...) but isn't that bottom rainbow the most intense you've ever seen? 
How’s it?  Good to hear about all you games and stuff.  Good luck with snowflake!  I’m very anxious to see the house and all the changes you have been making to the rooms and stuff.  I try to picture it in my head but I can’t imagine it haha.  Yes, it is very weird when someone calls me by my first name.  I wonder how I'll get used to it back home.  Just the other day all of us at our pad were calling each other by our first names haha.  It was really funny.  I loved the pics and stuff.  That camera seems super tight!  I miss Lake Powell so much!  It drives me crazy when I look at it.  Even being in Hawaii and seeing all the scenery here, Lake Powell is still one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.  The cookies you sent and the Christmas package came on the same day and yes the cookies were still good :) 
Honolii, popular surfing spot in Hilo
A surfer
 This week was good.  Nothing super interesting happened.  Kilauea is still doing really good.  All the lessons we teach are coming from that area.  We are teaching Theresa, Edwin, Ping, and we just found a new investigator Mike on Friday - I think.  We gave Edwin a Book of Mormon and he was very anxious to get it and read it.  We didn’t teach Theresa this week.  Things aren’t looking to good with her.  Mike is a guy that we tracked into.  We shared the plan of salvation with him and committed him to baptism on the first lesson and he said maybe.  He was really cool even though he had some bad pictures hanging up in his house hahaha.  Ping's date is still set for the 18th, I really hope that it will hold.  He didn’t come to church yesterday...  So we'll see about that whole situation.  Story.  In the same apartment complex we found Mike we were tracting and came to this door that said "Thank you for not smoking"  I knocked on it and the guy answered holding a cig. haha I asked "Man why does you door say thank you for not smoking and your holding a cigarette?"  He was like "Its hard to quit man, I'm trying” Then he went off about Vietnam and how he is still effected by that haha.  I always run into weird things here - especially street contacting.  People are always offering us beer and cava, Homeless people love us and we get cussed out a lot too.  Very interesting people here.  Here’s another story.  So last Tuesday we got a call to go to the hospital to give a blessing.  We always go there since the hospital is in our area.  We meet up with a member there from Waikahe Ward and while we are about to go in to give the blessing I start talking with the man about what he did.  He was an x-ray technician.  We talked about that for like 10 min.  It was really interesting to me.  It seems like a pretty good job as well.  You don’t just have to be in it for x rays either he was talking about ultra sounds, and cat scans.  It was awesome!  What do you think about an x-ray technician?  I gave another blessing last night too.  I've given a lot of blessings and I'm starting to get a lot better at them.  Remember the first on I gave you mom?  That was a long time ago.  

Well, love you all!  I love hearing about all the news and sports updates!  Keep it real!
ofa atu
Elder Gardner

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