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Monday, March 19, 2012

Malo Lava

What’s good?

Man I’m so relieved to hear that Sam’s surgery went well!  That makes me feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed.  7 hours though, that’s a long time!  I don’t really know a lot about radiation therapy.  Is Sam going loose all of his hair from it though?  That would kind of stink.  I’m reassured to know that so many people are supporting Sam and our family.  It seems like everyone is praying for him and remembering him.  Many people here are also asking me about Sam and how he is doing.  So again its good to hear (in the words of Elder Odume) "Its all G."  So physical therapy, will take along time?  What will he have to do with school, and taking off that much time?  Look up Alma 36:3.   This scripture is perfect for Sam.  You can definitely find answers to all your questions in the Book of Mormon.  It’s incredible.  I have a solid testimony about that, I also have a solid testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.  Even if they don’t come right away, blessings and answers will come eventually. 
L to R - Elders Beutler, Me, Fa'amausili, and Odume
 This week was really good!  I had my first district meeting as a DL last Wednesday.  It was pretty good, I’m still a little nervous about doing all the trainings, but other than that being a district leader is great.  I have to get the numbers every Sunday night and I get to do baptism interviews!  I know that I'll become more comfortable with it as time goes on.  If I ever feel like a calling is too much, I just think about Thomas S. Monson when he was called to be a bishop at the age of 22!  In a ward with over 1000 members!  That’s nuts!  If he can be a bishop at that age then I can definitely be a district leader.  The Lord knows what we are capable of all we have to do is accept the calling and he will help us. 
Puao's Baptism - Me, Puao, Elder Fa'amausili
We had a baptism this week!  We baptized Puao.  He’s in the Samoan Ward.  It was really good and a lot of people showed up to his baptism, including his non-member family.  So that was a really good baptism.  Afterwards we went to their party and had soooo much food!  I’m always surrounded by sooo much food its insane!  I now weigh 170 lbs. haha.  I came out at 155 lbs.  We have another baptism scheduled for April 6th so I’m very excited about that.  Covering 4 wards is definitely a challenge.  Sundays are crazy because were constantly going from church building to church building.  We have to miss out on one ward every week because the time overlap each other so we have to switch off every time.  Oh yeah so the money - money never just appeared in my account, but members will just give us money because they feel they receive blessings when they do.  Sometimes members will stop in the middle of the road and give us money or most of the time they will just pay for our food.  It’s awesome! 
This is Laie and Hau'ula - my area! 
Me in my new area
 Well again I’m glad to hear everything is great.  Continue to give me updates on Sam’s progress and anything else that is happening in the family.  Thanks for all the continual support and prayers they help and mean a lot to me. 

Elder Gardner

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