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Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Area


Wow, this week has been crazyyy!  So many things have happened!  Transfers went well and for my new area.. Im in Laie!  Its soooo awesome here!  My new comp is Elder Fa'amausili from Samoa.  So I went straight from a Tongan companion to a Samoan companion. He is great though, he's not shy at all like Elder Ahotau but he is super nice and cool.  On top of getting transfered to Laie I was also called as a district leader!  I've only been out 6 months and I'm already a district leader?!  Whaaa?!  Its cool though, but a lot more responsibility.  So my district only has one other elder which is my companion, all the rest are sisters, haha.  My district is all sisters from the Visitors Center!  Having sisters in my district and zone makes it fun.  Every morning the whole zone has zone activity.  We all get together and play a sport and excersise in the morning.  It was my first time accounting last night for all the #'s. It was crazy but I know that it will get easier the more that I do it.  My first district meeting is on Wednesday so I'm pretty nervous for that.  I cover 4 wards!!  Hau'ula 2nd, Hau'ula 3rd, Laie 9th, and YSA 1.  The Hau'ula wards are family wards, Laie 9th is a Samoan ward, and I don't have any idea what they say in church because its all in Samoan!  One thing that is cool is that I get another name tag, but it will be in Samoan!  Pretty neat huh? And YSA is the young single adults ward.  So it's pretty nuts on Sundays because we go back and forth to churches and sacrament meetings.  One thing that is really cool about being here is that we can do all of our lessons if we want in the Visitors Center. Thats very conveniant because we can schedule a room that has a tv and has all the church media and stuff that we can watch and plus its the V.C so its better than doing it at someone's home. 
Me and my new companion, Elder Fa'amausili

My new area - Laie
Our pad is in the back of a members house (Bro Ramalal).  It's very nice.  Bro. Ramalal is super cool,  He's Tongan and he is very well off.  Laie is soo gorgeous!  Everywhere we are at we are by the ocean.  Like right on it almost we pretty much are driving on the beach thats how close the roads are to the ocean.  I even think it is way more beautiful than Hilo.  I still kinda miss Hilo but Im soo stoked to be in Laie. 

Well im glad to hear some updates on Sam.  The surgery was a lot sooner than I expected!  That's good get it done quick.  I have a good feeling about everything.  I know that it will go smoothly!  My companion and I will fast on Wednesday.  Thats very reassuring that it is at one of the most well known hospitals out there!  Tight!  Has it stopped snowing there yet?  Dad, it still seems like your very busy all the time with your surgeries thats good!  Oh yeah, I'm writing you this email in the BYU Hawaii library haha. This is where i do my emails. It's awesome!  Its way smaller than all the other Byu's but still very nice.  I going to be going to the byu bookstore to get some stuff. I probably will get all of you some BYU Hawaii gear.  We are also planning to go to the polynesian cultural center today as well.  Im pretty stoked for that. 

Did you ever find that "inviting all to come unto Christ" clip Iwas telling you about?  You know mahana from Jonny lingo?  I guess she lives in our area and my companion says we go to her house sometimes for dinner haha. So I'll have to get a picture with her when we go over there.  After my mission when we come to visit I can't wait to show you around Laie!  Its incredible!  We have a baptism this week, and I think another one scheduled for April 6th so we are working with quite a few people right now which is very good, its not a dead area.  Well that's pretty much it for me, as for missionary stories not to much.  Wewere giving a pamphlet to this girl at her house when all of the sudden her dad came out and started yelling and cussing at us and threatened to beat us haha. It was scary because he came right up behind us as we were leaving. I thougt he was going to kick me right in the back! That's the only bad thing that happened this week.  I'm anxious to hear about Sam and what the outcome will be on Wednesday.  I love you all!  Have a great week. Laterzzz!

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