Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sam's Tumor

Hey howzit?

So I got the call from president Dalton on Saturday afternoon during my lunch break.  He told me what had happened to Sam with his tumor and everything.  I was shocked when I heard the news... even a little devastated.   The advice he gave me was good he asked me what I needed to do.  I told him pray and fast, he said "you need to pray, fast, work harder than you ever have before and be the best missionary you can possibly be and everything will be alright" I know that by doing these things everything will be fine.  Right after I got off the phone Elder Ahotau asked what happened and I told him.  Right after I told him what happened he got on his knees and said, "We start fasting now" So we did - we fasted a complete day.  I will fast for you Sam every single week!  I want you to know that.  I also felt inspired to bear my testimony on Sunday about what happened.  It was very spiritual and emotional as well.  I can assure you that all of Kaumana Ward is praying for Sam and some members even said that his name will be placed in the Kona Temple as well as the Laie temple.  So there are many prayers coming your way Sam.  Everything will be good.  I would like to share a scripture with you.  It’s the same one I shared in my testimony on Sunday.  It’s 1 Nephi 11:17 it says: And I said unto him: I know that He loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.  Even though we don’t know why some things happen, sometimes things may be going smoothly and then all of the sudden something comes up unexpectedly.  We don’t know why you have this tumor we "don’t know the meaning of all things."  But there is one thing that we do know, and that is that God loves each and everyone of us.  He watches out after us continually.  It will be all right in the end. 

So I am getting transfered!  I’m finally leaving after 6 months in Hilo!  Its crazy!  I know that I’m going to Oahu but I don’t know what area.  I know that I will miss this place for sure!  I’ve met really cool people here in Hilo.  I definitely have to come back after my mission.  I love the ward that I covered and the work here, but I know that it will be a good experience for me to move on, and I’m very anxious to know where ill be going and who my companion will be. 
Here's a tupenu, (lava lava) that a Tongan family gave me!  Too bad I cant wear it...
 So that little movie that you were wanting to know about is called "Inviting Others to Come unto Christ."  As for the work this week nothing too exciting really happened.  I have a funny story though.  So we were visiting the Seril family (less active in Kaumana) and we showed the dad a Mormon message and we talked about it.  Then he called his two youngest kids in to watch another Mormon message.  After it was over he asked the kids what they thought.  The girl said that she didn’t like her dad because he never gave her anything for her birthday, Christmas, and he never got her any candy on Halloween.  haha that was her response.  Then he asked the little boy what he thought and he said "I thought it was lame!"  The dad asked why and the boy said, "Because it said Jesus Christ, and that’s a bad word." The dad quickly explained its only a bad word if you use it in the wrong context.  The dad asked him if he knew who Jesus was and the boy said, "I don’t know,  I think he is a dog?" hahah the dad was super embarrassed and he was like "well looks like we need to start coming to church again" haha that was super funny!  We've still been working with the same investigators, I’m anxious to know the investigators I'll be working with in my new area.  I'll let you know all the details next week. 
Six Month mark!  The traditional tie burning
 Well I love you all, and I’m thankful for your continual support while I’m out here serving my mission.  Sam, everything will be good brah, You got to serve a mission!  Remember when we were on the tube at Roosevelt Lake and we were going super fast, and I told you "Crud, I still got to serve my mission!"  haha that’s you now!  Love you all so much.  Do work son!

Elder Gardner


  1. Beau..it was great reading your advice to Sam. After 6 months out, check out your wisdom!

  2. Hello! I know you may never see this because you have been home for a while but it's worth a shot. My name is Jessica brown and I found your blog through a missionary blogging website. I am compiling a book of missionary letters that I find inspiring to hopefully being published. If you are at all interested in being apart of this, and would give me permission to *hopefully* get it published please let me know!