Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, April 30, 2012

What is Blue and Fluffy?

Blue Fluff

Family, Howzit?

This week has been pretty good!  Way better than last week that’s for sure! Before I start though, I’m just stoked to hear how well everyone is doing!  Man Sam, you are a stud for real!  Sounds like your dominating the therapy and just cruising through the online schooling, which is super tight!  Man, you have the best attitude for sure!  Something that I remember Coach Brekenridge telling us is that "Attitude determines your altitude."  Your attitude will determine how high you will get in life.  If you have the right attitude you can reach great heights, but if you have a poor attitude you’re going to stay on the ground.  You’re definitely soaring right now bro!  Benjee, way to go on the track meet dude!  Since when do you shot put? haha That’s hilarious!  Ben, it looks like you got a little bit taller? Good job on making qualifiers!  I remember when I was in jr. high track we made qualifying in the 4x100 relay.  I think it was Kirby, Korey Wilcox, Ben Knaust, and me.  We had the best relay ever.  haha good times.  Mom, and Dad I’m just super impressed how your are both handling all of this.  For real, I honestly don’t know many people that could handle all the stuff you have in the past 3 months.  Both of you are extremely great examples to me, and two great parents to look up to when I become a parent myself.  

Well, I finally got my new companion.  His name is Elder Bailey.  He's from SLC and it’s a different elder then the one I was supposed to get.  Elder Bailey was serving in Samoa for about 4 months and then he got sick and got reassigned to this mission and became my companion.  He's a cool guy.  We've gotten a long so far and I don’t really have any complaints.  Having Elder Bailey here is much better than having the threesome for sure!  I've had to drive to Honolulu quite a bit lately for transfers and picking up Elder Bailey's stuff at the airport.  Honolulu is no bueno to drive in.  Its way to crowded there and it’s so fast and crazy!  The District Leader calling is still going very well.  The sisters seem to really like and appreciate me.  I just try to do all I can to be there for them, be a good example, and have inspiring/fun trainings.  President Dalton really wants us to focus on finding which is good because in our area right now we are kind of struggling to find new investigators.  The investigators we have right now are kind of eternal and they don’t show too much promise at this point, but we are still going to work hard with them.  Dad, what were some good ways you would find new investigators on you mission?  So this past Saturday we participated in Mormon Helping Hands.  Maybe you've heard of it?  Well it’s all throughout California and Hawaii and we just go and clean up all the beaches and beach parks.  So yeah, I got to go on the beach!  Tight!  Probably my first and last time going on the beach during my mission... but it was still really fun and a good experience.  
Elder Bailey and I doing "Mormon Helping Hands"
Yesterday Elder Sheranian and I had to give a talk in the BYU 3rd ward, and we also did a musical number... yeah I did a musical number!  I never thought I would ever do that in my life, but I guess a mission brings out things you never thought you would be able to do.  I actually enjoyed it a lot!  So maybe our family can do one when I get back?  
These following pictures are of me and Elder Sheranian having a bit o' fun!

 We are working with this less active guy in our singles ward right now.  His name is Jordan.  He’s super cool.  One day, we went over to his house and invited him to church and ever since that day he hasn’t missed a Sunday and he goes to all the activities!  He just really wanted to change his life, and he still wants to go on a mission.  I don’t know,  I just thought I would tell you that because I thought it was really cool how someone could just change automatically like that!  This Wednesday we are going to do service at Pearl Harbor!  I’m stoked!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures so I can send them to you.  

I think that’s about it for me this week.  Thanks for sending me shoes!  haha and mom and Sam I bet your not as tan as me!  I also bet that I have the worst farmers tan than anyone else!  haha I was talking to one of our members and I was like "man, I have the worst farmers tan ever!"  and he said "Thats good, that means you’re keeping all of your covenants"  haha I thought that was funny.  Sam how much do you weigh now?  I weigh about 172 now.  I can’t believe you drive, that just still is super weird for me to think about.  Ben, you text?  What is going on?  I never thought that day would come, but I never thought the day would come for me to go to college or serve a mission, but here I am haha.  Love you guys the most! Laterzz

E. Gardner

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Sick and Tired of Being a Stinky Warrior!


Man it seems like every email I get now something happens to Sam... That’s not good.  I’m glad that he had neither bacterial or viral meningitis.  Man, you guys must be going through some tough times for sure.  That’s super nice of the Snows to put on that yard sale.  Wow many people love and care about our family.  That’s a huge blessing!  So I’m typing this email to you at a member’s house in Haleiwa because Elder Sheranian has a dentist apt. here because its his old area and we have been here all day.  So I wont be sending you any pictures this time.  Sorry! 

Well I’m just going to be straight up with you.  I really struggle in tripanionships...  Seriously.  I feel like I’m really not doing the work well in this situation!  It’s not cool.  I love the elders I’m with but I absolutly struggle trying to cover my area and their area at the same time.  We are covering a total of 6 wards and I feel like I’m not able to give the time and efforts to my wards and area the way that I should.  I’m with Elder Sheranian as you already know and also Elder Simeona from Chinle.  I really don’t know when I will be getting my new comp.  All I know is that I'll probably get a mini missionary on Wednesday I think.  Hopefully that goes well.  I just really pray that I will get a companion that I will be able to work well and hard with.  I honestly think that’s the hardest part about being on a mission.  Its not the teaching, the tracting, or the not going to the beach part, its trying to deal with, and learning to live with your companion.  I guess I’m learning for the future eh?  I guess I can handle that haha. 

It was funny on Sunday we were in Laie 2 ward (other elders ward)  and no speakers showed up so of course us being the new elders we had to speak.  That was interesting.  It was a huge ward too.  I just pretty much bore a long testimony.  I also have to try and go on splits a lot because I need to do some work in my area.  One day I went with this guy named Sim.  He lives in Kahuku and he is getting ready for a mission.  He can’t go on a mission yet because he has to loose some weight... He is 400+ lbs and he was walking around with me all day.  I bet that was an odd sight for others to see haha  - a HUGE Polynesian guy and a small haole guy walking down the street... Yeahh.  I’m still a district leader and I have 8 sisters in my district.  I’m getting more and more comfortable with being a district leader every day.  Elder Fa’amausili got transferred to Honolulu in the city.  Choke means "a lot" here’s an example... "I have choke ties from being on my mission."  Yeah, I’ll tell you some more pidgin when I talk to you on Mothers day which is coming up really soon!  So, I’ve almost been out 9 months that’s crazy!  So today we were in Haleiwa which is pretty much a surf town in north shore.  It’s awesome!!!  I'll have to take you there when you come to visit!

Well sorry this email is pretty short and kind of all over the place.  We are kind of in a rush and my mind is going crazy and I cant remember the things that happened this past week because it was a pretty tough week haha,  plus I’m typing this on a MacBook.  I love all of you a ton and Sam hope you get better bro.  You’re a champ!  Fa'asefua  
 Elder Gardner

Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Them

Hey guys what’s up!

Dang transfers are tomorrow again!  Seven 1/2 months, its going by super fast.  As you probably already figured I’m staying here in Laie, which is totally fine with me because I love it here for sure!  Even though I want to go surfing every single day I’m here!  Elder Fa’amausili is leaving and I found out I’m going to be in a tripanionship!  haha crazy huh?  I’m going to be with Elder Sheranian which I’m super stoked about (I came out with him, you might remember me talking about him while in the MTC) and another elder.  I guess the elder that I am supposed to be with and will be with eventually isn’t out in the mission yet... I’m not training but, I guess he was out on his mission then he went home for some reason then he's coming back out again.  I’m kind of nervous about all of this.  
Conference Breakfast

Elder Hanks and I on exchanges
I’m also getting rid of one of my wards and giving it to Elder Sheranian companionship.  So we have gained two new elders in this zone (8 total).  So now I only cover 3 wards (Hau’ula 3, YSA 1 and Laie 9).  I had to get rid of Hau’ula 2nd (that’s the ward Larry is in)  So for the 2 weeks I’m in the threesome and we’re are going to cover 6 wards!  Their 3 wards and my 3 wards.  So hopefully that makes a little sense.  That’s the major stuff that’s going on in this zone. 
Laie Leaders

District Meeting

Laie Zone Activity

A Pyramid
This week was really good.  Elder Odume and I did our final District meeting together!  It was dope all the sister LOVED it!  We did jeopardy on following up with investigators. It was super fun.  If you want to impress the sister you’re your trainings fun and with games or activities.  We also got 5 new investigators!  It was this foreign exchange house that had a bunch of Thailand girls living there.  They actually referred themselves at the Visitors Center so we went over there and gave them all Thai BOMs.  Tight!  Hopefully things work out with them.  We are still working with Roberto.  He is just super hard to get a hold of.  Typical investigator.  Oh yeah, the reason I never wrote you yesterday is because today is our p-day.  We went to the temple today!  Man, the Laie temple is sooooo awesome I can’t even believe how great it is.  It’s a lot like the Mesa temple, but smaller.  I can’t wait for you to be able to come here so we can go through it.  So now I can say that I’ve been to both of the Hawaii temples!  Hey dad, I ran into this guy at lunch the other day and he is from Dallas, and I told him you served your mission down there and he asked me if you knew a Jack Shatley?  He said a lot of people knew him that served a mission there at the time you did?  Oh yeah today at Foodland we ran into Elaine S. Dalton the Young Women’s general president.  She told us how much she appreciated us and she thanked us.  That was really nice of her. 

Man Sammy G, where’s the loyalty man?  I thought things would have been a lot better by now but your still getting all these fevers?  Man that’s a bummer.  I put your name on the prayer roll while I was in the temple today.  You'll get through this now worries brah!   Benjee, that’s awesome to hear about the track meet!  I loved the relay whenever I was doing it as a C.  That was the best!  Good job bro!  Good job as well on the baseball!  So you’re pretty much the best one out there?  That’s tight.  Dang dad you’re keeping way busy with all the surgeries that’s awesome though!  I can imagine what its like flying to and from Nebraska all the time.  Maybe I’ll be able to work for you and go to the different places.  Thanks for the poem mom that really helped!  That was awesome!  Mom, I decided that when I get back, if I have time before I go back to school we are going to go to the temple and go out to lunch all the time!  Hey I was wondering... Do you think you could send me some new shoes?  Slip on ones?  If you could that would be great, I kind of really need some. 
Sister Wada, Sister Alexeenko and Me
 Well that’s it for this week.  Thanks for all your prayers and support that you always give me.  Thanks for the emails as well.  Hope all you have a great week and let me know on anything cool that happens.  Harrah for Israel! Laterzz

Elder Gardner

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chee Whoo


Dang I love all the pictures you sent me they were awesome!  It was good to be able to see what all of you were talking about.  Haha Sam, dude you are so white its incredible!  I also see that you have taken over a good part, or perhaps all of my entire wardrobe?  Haha I figured that would happen.  Benjee dude, good job on your track meet and taking second place!  That’s tight!  Haha I cant believe you tripped!?  Whaa?  You'll get it next time for sure.  So, are you liking track a lot?  I’m just stoked how Sam is healing so fast!  That’s awesome!  I know that many people are still praying for you, including some of the senior couple missionaries at the VC.  I can’t believe you are driving Sam holy cow you are growing up so fast!  Since you are taking over the truck I figured when I get home I,ll probably be in a "walking area..."  haha oh well.  Well again I’m very happy to hear how well things are going back home and how quick things are coming back into place.  Tight!
Haha, we found this funny sign.  Notice the pigeon English "Try Enter" 
Me trying to catch a peacock
 This week was awesome!  Well number wise it wasn’t good, but we did have a baptism!  Larry's baptism was incredible!  So many people came, plus he had family there to support him.  That was by far the best baptism I've had on my mission so far!  I will definitely stay in touch with that family.  
Larry's baptism.  His son baptized him.
It was funny after the service was over it is tradition here to give leis.  So everyone was giving the leis to Larry and it almost covered his whole face haha.  He did get ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood, but the person who was ordaining him messed it up.  The bishop told him to confirm him and ordain him at the same time and the guy giving the blessing didn’t even ordain him to the office of a priest, he just gave him the priesthood... I don’t think your aloud to do that?  Anyways I didn’t have a say in it because it was bishops call.  Nevertheless it was still very good and I’m super excited for Larry.  He said after he was confirmed he sat down and all the sudden he could see clearly.  We are still working with our 2 new investigators.  Whitney and Roberto.  Our lesson with Whitney cancelled this week and we couldn’t get a hold of Roberto... I hate when lessons fall through!  That’s like the story of my life.  I should write a book entitled "Sorry, I’m going to have to cancel today I'm busy."  Seriously...  this is the last week of the transfer!  Yeah it’s already coming up!  Time goes by so fast especially in this area because I absolutely love this area and the work is good.  In a couple weeks I will hit 8 months and then pretty soon it will be a year and then its all downhill from there.  Holy cow things go by so fast!  Hey you should watch "A work in progress" on the LDS youth website.  I love that message, its super bomb!  Easter was super good!  Studying the life and atonement of Jesus Christ has really helped me realize what is most important in my life, and also why it’s so important.  I wonder how someone who was sold for 30 pieces of silver could sacrifice his life for everyone so we don't have to be "sold" for the consequences of our mistakes.  It’s because the love he has for each and every one of us.  How could someone love everyone that has ever lived on this earth?  I know that I can’t say that!  It’s especially hard to love someone that snores all night and you just want to punch them in the face!  I really do have a stronger testimony of the importance of the atonement.  It was made for us so we need to use it so we can receive the great blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us.  
Sister Notsu and I.  She's one of my favorite Japanese Sisters.

Sister Ip and I,  Sister Ip came out with me.
 So Kentucky won it huh?  That’s pretty cool.  I am so lost in the world of sports and everything.  I wonder if I will even be able to use a computer properly when I get back home?  I’m guessing iPhones are getting more popular?  Almost everyone I see has an iPhone or an iPad.  Oh yeah, we just got a new phone its a touch screen its sick!  Maybe the mission will be getting iPads and iPhones soon?  Hope so!  So my blog has 2000 views?  That’s awesome!  I never knew it would reach that high.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would look at it except family.  Well we are probably going to go on a hike today after I finish emailing so that should be pretty cool.  I love all of you so much and I’m not just saying that because it’s the typical phrase to say at the end of your email, I really do mean it haha.  Have a great week!  Laterzz…

Elder Gardner

Sister Moon and I.
This was at the 8 fundamentals training we had this past week.  There were 3 other zones there.
Elder Hudson and I.  Man I love this kid to death.  He is so cool for sure

Monday, April 2, 2012

7 Months

Dang things seem soo hectic and crazy with your lives!  I thought mission life was nuts but not really compared to what all you are going through.  I’m glad to hear Sam is leaving the hospital and making good progress even after that little fever he had.  That’s way cool that all of Sam’s guy friends are coming to support him.  I know that I would be so happy to see my friends if I was in the same situation as him.  I always continue to remember Sam in my prayers everyday.  I miss Jojo and Ted I’m forgetting what they look like haha.  That’s cool that you met that guy that had the same surgery as Sam.  I bet he was able to give you some words of encouragement.  I’m just worried about Sam’s school because I know how hard it is to make up school and its not fun.  I think online classes in the summer would be the best bet.  On the subject of school, I don’t have BYU Idaho out of the question. I don’t know BYU Provo has just been on my mind lately I don’t know why?  I’m thinking I’ll just get my associates at BYU Idaho and then transfer over to BYU Provo?  I still have no idea what I want to do for my career, but I pray about it every night. 

Conference was bomb!  I can honestly say that I love conference!  I’m not like how I used to be and sleep through the whole thing but I actually take notes now.  I loved Jeffery R Holland’s talk, Deiter F Uchtdorf, Ronald A Rasband, and M Russell Ballard’s.  It was funny since yesterday was April fools, the zone leaders sent a voicemail to everyone and said that for our mission tour Thomas S. Monson was coming!  All the sister were stoked and freaking out but us elders we kind of knew it would be a joke haha. It was a joke and all the sister got very mad!  The senior couples also made us a zone breakfast on Saturday morning in between sessions.  Yeah so we have to wake up at 5 am to catch the live session by 6 am!  You’re lucky you get to sleep in a little while. 
Sister Bowser

Elder Fa'amausili, Sister Pinder and me
This week was a really good week missionary work wise.  To start off we received a call from our ward mission leader in the young single adult ward saying he had someone for us to teach.  On Wednesday we met up with him and it was a Portuguese guy and we had a Portuguese translator with us.  It was solid!  He was very interested in the BOM and our religion and he was very excited to receive a BOM.  Next time we meet with him we will invite him to be baptized.  His name is Roberto.  Next, there is this girl named Whitney that was also a referral from a sister in Hau’ula 2nd.  We had a lesson scheduled with her on Friday.  I was on exchanges, but my companion and Elder Beutler taught her and she was very interested and they committed her to baptism and she said yes but she wants to read the BOM first!  I’ve seen a lot more referrals in this area!  The members are way more missionary minded than in my last area, and as you can tell the rate of success skyrockets!  Members+Missionaries=twice the miracles!  Larry is super solid!  He is so ready for his baptism!  He will be a solid convert!  I love it here; our last 2 baptisms are solid members unlike my last area haha.  So here’s something cool.  On Friday Elder Hanks and I went on exchanges and we were tracking up by north shore and we come up to this house and on the porch there were a ton of Volcom slippers and sandals.  I thought hmmm this person is probably sponsored by Volcom.  We looked inside the window (no one was home) and saw tons of new hats and shirts and cool stuff.  We looked at the couch and sitting on the couch was one of the giant checks.  It was made out to Andy Irons from Ripcurl surf competition for $35,000.  So we totally tracted into a professional surfer’s house, it was tight!  Yesterday we had dinner with the Ma’taafas from the Samoan ward and it was weird because all the men and us ate first and then the women ate last and whatever was left over.  I guess that is the tradition in Samoa.  I was definitely not used to it haha.

Well that’s about it for me this week, I cant think of anything else super cool that happened.  Thanks for all the updates on everything, and know that I continue to remember all of you in my prayers.  Love you all!

Elder Gardner