Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, April 2, 2012

7 Months

Dang things seem soo hectic and crazy with your lives!  I thought mission life was nuts but not really compared to what all you are going through.  I’m glad to hear Sam is leaving the hospital and making good progress even after that little fever he had.  That’s way cool that all of Sam’s guy friends are coming to support him.  I know that I would be so happy to see my friends if I was in the same situation as him.  I always continue to remember Sam in my prayers everyday.  I miss Jojo and Ted I’m forgetting what they look like haha.  That’s cool that you met that guy that had the same surgery as Sam.  I bet he was able to give you some words of encouragement.  I’m just worried about Sam’s school because I know how hard it is to make up school and its not fun.  I think online classes in the summer would be the best bet.  On the subject of school, I don’t have BYU Idaho out of the question. I don’t know BYU Provo has just been on my mind lately I don’t know why?  I’m thinking I’ll just get my associates at BYU Idaho and then transfer over to BYU Provo?  I still have no idea what I want to do for my career, but I pray about it every night. 

Conference was bomb!  I can honestly say that I love conference!  I’m not like how I used to be and sleep through the whole thing but I actually take notes now.  I loved Jeffery R Holland’s talk, Deiter F Uchtdorf, Ronald A Rasband, and M Russell Ballard’s.  It was funny since yesterday was April fools, the zone leaders sent a voicemail to everyone and said that for our mission tour Thomas S. Monson was coming!  All the sister were stoked and freaking out but us elders we kind of knew it would be a joke haha. It was a joke and all the sister got very mad!  The senior couples also made us a zone breakfast on Saturday morning in between sessions.  Yeah so we have to wake up at 5 am to catch the live session by 6 am!  You’re lucky you get to sleep in a little while. 
Sister Bowser

Elder Fa'amausili, Sister Pinder and me
This week was a really good week missionary work wise.  To start off we received a call from our ward mission leader in the young single adult ward saying he had someone for us to teach.  On Wednesday we met up with him and it was a Portuguese guy and we had a Portuguese translator with us.  It was solid!  He was very interested in the BOM and our religion and he was very excited to receive a BOM.  Next time we meet with him we will invite him to be baptized.  His name is Roberto.  Next, there is this girl named Whitney that was also a referral from a sister in Hau’ula 2nd.  We had a lesson scheduled with her on Friday.  I was on exchanges, but my companion and Elder Beutler taught her and she was very interested and they committed her to baptism and she said yes but she wants to read the BOM first!  I’ve seen a lot more referrals in this area!  The members are way more missionary minded than in my last area, and as you can tell the rate of success skyrockets!  Members+Missionaries=twice the miracles!  Larry is super solid!  He is so ready for his baptism!  He will be a solid convert!  I love it here; our last 2 baptisms are solid members unlike my last area haha.  So here’s something cool.  On Friday Elder Hanks and I went on exchanges and we were tracking up by north shore and we come up to this house and on the porch there were a ton of Volcom slippers and sandals.  I thought hmmm this person is probably sponsored by Volcom.  We looked inside the window (no one was home) and saw tons of new hats and shirts and cool stuff.  We looked at the couch and sitting on the couch was one of the giant checks.  It was made out to Andy Irons from Ripcurl surf competition for $35,000.  So we totally tracted into a professional surfer’s house, it was tight!  Yesterday we had dinner with the Ma’taafas from the Samoan ward and it was weird because all the men and us ate first and then the women ate last and whatever was left over.  I guess that is the tradition in Samoa.  I was definitely not used to it haha.

Well that’s about it for me this week, I cant think of anything else super cool that happened.  Thanks for all the updates on everything, and know that I continue to remember all of you in my prayers.  Love you all!

Elder Gardner

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