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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, March 26, 2012


Malo lava family!

Wow! I am very impressed with the great improvement Sam is making, He’s going to be back to normal in no time!  That’s awesome that he has so much support and love coming from all of our family as well as his teammates, coach, and friends.  That’s sick!  haha Ben nice email dude it was like 5 lines.  How did your race even go?  Well I’m coming up on 7 months in a couple days!  When I hit my 7 month mark I only have 5 more months till I hit my year mark and then its all down hill from there!  Time flies for real!  I’m starting to not get as many letters in the mail haha. I think people got bored of writing me.  I think they are thinking to themselves that "Oh wow this is really cool writing a missionary, but once it hit 6 months, ohhh... its not that cool anymore.  He doesn’t get home for a long time!"  That’s what I think people are thinking haha.  Dad, check for that movie clip in the Lds youth site.  What is Sam going to do about school?
Check me out! Hawaii is tight!

Elder Hanks and me on exchanges
 This week was pretty good.  We taught a couple people.  I’m really stoked for Larry’s baptism on April 6th!  His wife and son are members but he's not and I guess he's been taking the lessons from the missionaries since 1994!  He decided to get baptized with Elder Fa’amausili and I.  That makes me feel awesome!  That just goes to show, never give up on someone!  It might seem like they will be eternal investigators but it might just not be the right time for them.  We are trying to work with the people in this place called Kahana valley.  I guess that used to be the place where all the members used to be but now there are a bunch of less actives and non-members there.  Many good things could happen if we just get the help and support of our members.  The members are a lot more supportive in this area then in Hilo.  It definitely makes a huge difference in the work when the members help.  Being a district leader is still good.  It definitely has its challenges, but overall its really good.  I don’t really like the trainings, that’s all.  Working with sisters is also really great.  Having sisters in my district is really fun.  I haven’t had any major problems with anyone yet.  Everyone in our district gets along very well!  I’m finally getting my suit and pants dry cleaned hahah. Some members offered to take them to the dry cleaners for us!  The people here are sooooo caring they will seriously do anything for us.  In fact their favorite thing to do for us is give us food.  I’m still the same weight 170.  I don’t think I will gain too much weight because we have zone activity every morning, which is very good.  On the other hand, it’s amazing how much Elder Fa’amausili eats!  Its unreal how much he eats!  I honestly can’t believe how much he eats and drinks.  He is constantly eating something and he even gets up in the middle of the night 2 or 3 times to eat!  Them Samoans can really put down the food!  I still love him though and we get along very well.  He is going to start teaching me Samoan so I can start to understand what he is saying to all of our Samoan members.  Whenever we are at a Samoan house I cant say anything!  It stinks, I just sit there. 
These three photos are from Crouching Lion Hike

I’m starting Jesus, The Christ.  I’m really excited to read it.  The more knowledge I can get the better!  I love reading and studying now!  I’m sure you would never expect me to say that.  Maybe I will actually do better in school when I go back?  I’ve been thinking about school lately and sometimes I think about going to BYU Provo, and sometimes I think about coming to BYU Hawaii haha. Maybe because I’m always around it?  I don’t know sometimes I just think about that kind of stuff.  Well that’s about it for me.  Sorry I don’t have any awesome stories to tell this week but hopefully I will soon.  I think I’m starting to know what it feels like to get lost in this work because honestly time goes by so fast!  I’m definitely having the most fun now than I ever have before on my mission and the work is great.  I don’t ever think about phones or facebook, the only thing that I miss is music and hanging out with family and friends.  Other than that I’m always focused on the work!  Keep me updated on any new events or experiences that happen.  Oute alofa ia te oe.  Oh yeah Elder Odume is from Nigeria Africa, He’s super tight.
My new Samoan name tag!
 Elder Gardner

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