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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chee Whoo


Dang I love all the pictures you sent me they were awesome!  It was good to be able to see what all of you were talking about.  Haha Sam, dude you are so white its incredible!  I also see that you have taken over a good part, or perhaps all of my entire wardrobe?  Haha I figured that would happen.  Benjee dude, good job on your track meet and taking second place!  That’s tight!  Haha I cant believe you tripped!?  Whaa?  You'll get it next time for sure.  So, are you liking track a lot?  I’m just stoked how Sam is healing so fast!  That’s awesome!  I know that many people are still praying for you, including some of the senior couple missionaries at the VC.  I can’t believe you are driving Sam holy cow you are growing up so fast!  Since you are taking over the truck I figured when I get home I,ll probably be in a "walking area..."  haha oh well.  Well again I’m very happy to hear how well things are going back home and how quick things are coming back into place.  Tight!
Haha, we found this funny sign.  Notice the pigeon English "Try Enter" 
Me trying to catch a peacock
 This week was awesome!  Well number wise it wasn’t good, but we did have a baptism!  Larry's baptism was incredible!  So many people came, plus he had family there to support him.  That was by far the best baptism I've had on my mission so far!  I will definitely stay in touch with that family.  
Larry's baptism.  His son baptized him.
It was funny after the service was over it is tradition here to give leis.  So everyone was giving the leis to Larry and it almost covered his whole face haha.  He did get ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood, but the person who was ordaining him messed it up.  The bishop told him to confirm him and ordain him at the same time and the guy giving the blessing didn’t even ordain him to the office of a priest, he just gave him the priesthood... I don’t think your aloud to do that?  Anyways I didn’t have a say in it because it was bishops call.  Nevertheless it was still very good and I’m super excited for Larry.  He said after he was confirmed he sat down and all the sudden he could see clearly.  We are still working with our 2 new investigators.  Whitney and Roberto.  Our lesson with Whitney cancelled this week and we couldn’t get a hold of Roberto... I hate when lessons fall through!  That’s like the story of my life.  I should write a book entitled "Sorry, I’m going to have to cancel today I'm busy."  Seriously...  this is the last week of the transfer!  Yeah it’s already coming up!  Time goes by so fast especially in this area because I absolutely love this area and the work is good.  In a couple weeks I will hit 8 months and then pretty soon it will be a year and then its all downhill from there.  Holy cow things go by so fast!  Hey you should watch "A work in progress" on the LDS youth website.  I love that message, its super bomb!  Easter was super good!  Studying the life and atonement of Jesus Christ has really helped me realize what is most important in my life, and also why it’s so important.  I wonder how someone who was sold for 30 pieces of silver could sacrifice his life for everyone so we don't have to be "sold" for the consequences of our mistakes.  It’s because the love he has for each and every one of us.  How could someone love everyone that has ever lived on this earth?  I know that I can’t say that!  It’s especially hard to love someone that snores all night and you just want to punch them in the face!  I really do have a stronger testimony of the importance of the atonement.  It was made for us so we need to use it so we can receive the great blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us.  
Sister Notsu and I.  She's one of my favorite Japanese Sisters.

Sister Ip and I,  Sister Ip came out with me.
 So Kentucky won it huh?  That’s pretty cool.  I am so lost in the world of sports and everything.  I wonder if I will even be able to use a computer properly when I get back home?  I’m guessing iPhones are getting more popular?  Almost everyone I see has an iPhone or an iPad.  Oh yeah, we just got a new phone its a touch screen its sick!  Maybe the mission will be getting iPads and iPhones soon?  Hope so!  So my blog has 2000 views?  That’s awesome!  I never knew it would reach that high.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would look at it except family.  Well we are probably going to go on a hike today after I finish emailing so that should be pretty cool.  I love all of you so much and I’m not just saying that because it’s the typical phrase to say at the end of your email, I really do mean it haha.  Have a great week!  Laterzz…

Elder Gardner

Sister Moon and I.
This was at the 8 fundamentals training we had this past week.  There were 3 other zones there.
Elder Hudson and I.  Man I love this kid to death.  He is so cool for sure

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