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Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Them

Hey guys what’s up!

Dang transfers are tomorrow again!  Seven 1/2 months, its going by super fast.  As you probably already figured I’m staying here in Laie, which is totally fine with me because I love it here for sure!  Even though I want to go surfing every single day I’m here!  Elder Fa’amausili is leaving and I found out I’m going to be in a tripanionship!  haha crazy huh?  I’m going to be with Elder Sheranian which I’m super stoked about (I came out with him, you might remember me talking about him while in the MTC) and another elder.  I guess the elder that I am supposed to be with and will be with eventually isn’t out in the mission yet... I’m not training but, I guess he was out on his mission then he went home for some reason then he's coming back out again.  I’m kind of nervous about all of this.  
Conference Breakfast

Elder Hanks and I on exchanges
I’m also getting rid of one of my wards and giving it to Elder Sheranian companionship.  So we have gained two new elders in this zone (8 total).  So now I only cover 3 wards (Hau’ula 3, YSA 1 and Laie 9).  I had to get rid of Hau’ula 2nd (that’s the ward Larry is in)  So for the 2 weeks I’m in the threesome and we’re are going to cover 6 wards!  Their 3 wards and my 3 wards.  So hopefully that makes a little sense.  That’s the major stuff that’s going on in this zone. 
Laie Leaders

District Meeting

Laie Zone Activity

A Pyramid
This week was really good.  Elder Odume and I did our final District meeting together!  It was dope all the sister LOVED it!  We did jeopardy on following up with investigators. It was super fun.  If you want to impress the sister you’re your trainings fun and with games or activities.  We also got 5 new investigators!  It was this foreign exchange house that had a bunch of Thailand girls living there.  They actually referred themselves at the Visitors Center so we went over there and gave them all Thai BOMs.  Tight!  Hopefully things work out with them.  We are still working with Roberto.  He is just super hard to get a hold of.  Typical investigator.  Oh yeah, the reason I never wrote you yesterday is because today is our p-day.  We went to the temple today!  Man, the Laie temple is sooooo awesome I can’t even believe how great it is.  It’s a lot like the Mesa temple, but smaller.  I can’t wait for you to be able to come here so we can go through it.  So now I can say that I’ve been to both of the Hawaii temples!  Hey dad, I ran into this guy at lunch the other day and he is from Dallas, and I told him you served your mission down there and he asked me if you knew a Jack Shatley?  He said a lot of people knew him that served a mission there at the time you did?  Oh yeah today at Foodland we ran into Elaine S. Dalton the Young Women’s general president.  She told us how much she appreciated us and she thanked us.  That was really nice of her. 

Man Sammy G, where’s the loyalty man?  I thought things would have been a lot better by now but your still getting all these fevers?  Man that’s a bummer.  I put your name on the prayer roll while I was in the temple today.  You'll get through this now worries brah!   Benjee, that’s awesome to hear about the track meet!  I loved the relay whenever I was doing it as a C.  That was the best!  Good job bro!  Good job as well on the baseball!  So you’re pretty much the best one out there?  That’s tight.  Dang dad you’re keeping way busy with all the surgeries that’s awesome though!  I can imagine what its like flying to and from Nebraska all the time.  Maybe I’ll be able to work for you and go to the different places.  Thanks for the poem mom that really helped!  That was awesome!  Mom, I decided that when I get back, if I have time before I go back to school we are going to go to the temple and go out to lunch all the time!  Hey I was wondering... Do you think you could send me some new shoes?  Slip on ones?  If you could that would be great, I kind of really need some. 
Sister Wada, Sister Alexeenko and Me
 Well that’s it for this week.  Thanks for all your prayers and support that you always give me.  Thanks for the emails as well.  Hope all you have a great week and let me know on anything cool that happens.  Harrah for Israel! Laterzz

Elder Gardner

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