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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Smell Cookies!

Hey fellas!

Dang, finally I don’t have new of Sam getting an infection or something crazy that would require him to go to the hospital.  Well at least radiation is only 2 more weeks.  Sam you’re a champ!  “You put the team on yo back, like Darren Shaper da hardest hittin’ safety in da league!”  (YouTube video that I surprisingly remembered).  So pretty much I’m going to come home to a bunch of golf pros? Ben will be able to beat me in golf when I get home!  Seems like my blog is doing pretty good!  That Natalie girl was my lab partner in chemistry at BYU-I.  I got an email from Kilie Rainey/Farnsworth and she wanted to meet up this week, but we have dinners every night this week so I gave her my number and said we would get a hold of her if one of our dinners falls through.  Yeah, the Miyasaki family I love them!  They are the ones that stay in my favorite house here in Hau'ula. There are many houses that have the beach as there back yard.  Wouldn’t that be nice if you had a couple million to buy one of those houses?  
Andre, a guy that we met in the Visitors Center.  He wanted to take a picture with us.
from Tahiti.

Well this week was good.  We are still tying hard to find new investigators to teach.  That’s the only thing really that we are struggling with right now.  We’re kind of in a slump...  I always think to myself If ill ever find that "Golden" investigator or that "Golden" Family.  I hope that happens to me while I’m serving my mission.  I’ve never taught some one from start to baptism, I've always come right in the middle or at the end right when there getting baptized so I feel like I didn’t help at all.  This week we had mission tour.  Elder Wilson from the 2nd quorum of the 70 came and trained us.  You might remember him he spoke in the last general conference.  He told the story about when him and his wife were driving in the car.  It was awesome!  I learned so many things.  A couple things really stood out to me during the mission tour.  The first was an idea that Elder Wilson gave about a scripture study partner.  He told a story how back home there were two men in his ward that weren’t baptized and one brother asked if he could read the BOM with them and both of them ended up getting baptized because someone read with them.  Another thing that I really liked was something he mentioned "Don’t leave things up to chance" so pretty much do expect someone to do something or something to get done just go and do it or make sure it happens.  Then the last thing which I think all of us can relate to, especially all of you is "When the Lord knows he can trust you, tighten your seatbelt".  I think that is so true.  Right when things are going good and you feel like you are the best you've ever been something gets thrown in your way.  

This morning Elder Bailey and I hiked crouching lion.  That was the second time I've hiked that, but I love it because it has the greatest view ever!  
Crouching Lion
Kahana Valley
On top of the world ricking RayBans...
Funny story: So about a month ago we got new phones and they are touch screen phones.  I hate them, because the touch is really lame and I hate how the phone is set up.  We tend to pocket dial a lot of people and last night guess who I pocket dialed?  911... yeah I pocket dialed 911 and so I got a call from the police department asking if everything was alright and I told them I accidentally butt dialed them. That was not good haha.  Well everything is still going good and I'm still loving my mission even though sometimes it gets pretty hard.  Love you all so much and have a great week!

Elder Gardner

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