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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Sick and Tired of Being a Stinky Warrior!


Man it seems like every email I get now something happens to Sam... That’s not good.  I’m glad that he had neither bacterial or viral meningitis.  Man, you guys must be going through some tough times for sure.  That’s super nice of the Snows to put on that yard sale.  Wow many people love and care about our family.  That’s a huge blessing!  So I’m typing this email to you at a member’s house in Haleiwa because Elder Sheranian has a dentist apt. here because its his old area and we have been here all day.  So I wont be sending you any pictures this time.  Sorry! 

Well I’m just going to be straight up with you.  I really struggle in tripanionships...  Seriously.  I feel like I’m really not doing the work well in this situation!  It’s not cool.  I love the elders I’m with but I absolutly struggle trying to cover my area and their area at the same time.  We are covering a total of 6 wards and I feel like I’m not able to give the time and efforts to my wards and area the way that I should.  I’m with Elder Sheranian as you already know and also Elder Simeona from Chinle.  I really don’t know when I will be getting my new comp.  All I know is that I'll probably get a mini missionary on Wednesday I think.  Hopefully that goes well.  I just really pray that I will get a companion that I will be able to work well and hard with.  I honestly think that’s the hardest part about being on a mission.  Its not the teaching, the tracting, or the not going to the beach part, its trying to deal with, and learning to live with your companion.  I guess I’m learning for the future eh?  I guess I can handle that haha. 

It was funny on Sunday we were in Laie 2 ward (other elders ward)  and no speakers showed up so of course us being the new elders we had to speak.  That was interesting.  It was a huge ward too.  I just pretty much bore a long testimony.  I also have to try and go on splits a lot because I need to do some work in my area.  One day I went with this guy named Sim.  He lives in Kahuku and he is getting ready for a mission.  He can’t go on a mission yet because he has to loose some weight... He is 400+ lbs and he was walking around with me all day.  I bet that was an odd sight for others to see haha  - a HUGE Polynesian guy and a small haole guy walking down the street... Yeahh.  I’m still a district leader and I have 8 sisters in my district.  I’m getting more and more comfortable with being a district leader every day.  Elder Fa’amausili got transferred to Honolulu in the city.  Choke means "a lot" here’s an example... "I have choke ties from being on my mission."  Yeah, I’ll tell you some more pidgin when I talk to you on Mothers day which is coming up really soon!  So, I’ve almost been out 9 months that’s crazy!  So today we were in Haleiwa which is pretty much a surf town in north shore.  It’s awesome!!!  I'll have to take you there when you come to visit!

Well sorry this email is pretty short and kind of all over the place.  We are kind of in a rush and my mind is going crazy and I cant remember the things that happened this past week because it was a pretty tough week haha,  plus I’m typing this on a MacBook.  I love all of you a ton and Sam hope you get better bro.  You’re a champ!  Fa'asefua  
 Elder Gardner

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