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Monday, May 7, 2012

Jocko and Jeanine

What Did one Lawyer say to the other Lawyer?

Were both lawyers.  

Hey whats good?

Yeah, I saw Jocko yesterday!  That was awesome!  I think he was just heading back from the Visitor's Center and we were headed to the Visitor's Center and we ran into them right in front of BYU-H.  We talked for a little bit, it was awesome!  They wanted to get me something but I told them I didnt need anything haha.  
Seeing Jocko and Jeanine was really exciting!
Man, it seems like every email I get, I hear something new about how Sam has to go back to the hospital or something.. I dont like that!  I'm glad to hear that it wasnt an infection though, that's awesome!  Thank you so much for the package!  That was awesome!  I actually got three packages that day, two from you and one from Brandi.  Brandi sent me some candy, pictures, and a tie.  That was cool!  The shoes fit perfect, they are super nice and comfortable.  As for parents picking up the missionaries... Im not sure, I don't know if its really ever happened or not.  You could call President Dalton and find out?  

This week started out really good and then pretty much ended as a slap in the face..  On Tuesday, we took a guy with us in our Hau'ula 3rd Ward that is about to leave on a mission.  He came out with us all day pretty much.  I tried to get him to do some tracting with us but he never wanted to knock on the doors.  He said he would just "observe",  but he's going to learn soon enough I guess.  It was good though, he was really cool.  Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor and did some service on the USS Missouri which was really cool.  We swept the whole deck and moved some boxes and laundry and stuff.  That was super good.  
Pearl Harbor - USS Missouri

Gun on USS Missouri
We are still really struggling to find new investigators... It's hard because our area is so small and we tract into a lot of members and some of the same people.  It's hard to get the members excited about missionary work, thats the main weakness.  We're trying right now to get really close with the members so we can gain their trust.  We are just going to go down the whole ward list and visit everyone - members, less actives, and partmembers.  This is the best way I can think of right now.   
Elders Hanks and Sheranian

Elder Pritchard and Me on exchanges. (This guy is a beast! He played football at BYU)
I almost forgot to tell you something funny that happened yesterday.  So we set up an appt. to meet with the ward mission leader in the Samoan Ward and he told us to meet at McDonalds.  I was thinking they will just meet in the parking lot since McDonalds is basically a halfway point.  No, they were already inside and waiting for us (husband and wife) and they bought us food!  It was soooo awkward going into McDonalds on Sunday.  Then, before we left they bought us more food to take home!  haha that was super funny.  That's how Samoans are though.

Seeing Jocko was really cool.  It was nice to finally see someone that I knew. I hope all of you are staying strong as well.  I know that things seem pretty crazy but it will all pass eventually.  Good luck with Surgeries, baseball, and everything else that will be going on this week.  Love you all!  Laterzz

E. Gardner 

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