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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, April 30, 2012

What is Blue and Fluffy?

Blue Fluff

Family, Howzit?

This week has been pretty good!  Way better than last week that’s for sure! Before I start though, I’m just stoked to hear how well everyone is doing!  Man Sam, you are a stud for real!  Sounds like your dominating the therapy and just cruising through the online schooling, which is super tight!  Man, you have the best attitude for sure!  Something that I remember Coach Brekenridge telling us is that "Attitude determines your altitude."  Your attitude will determine how high you will get in life.  If you have the right attitude you can reach great heights, but if you have a poor attitude you’re going to stay on the ground.  You’re definitely soaring right now bro!  Benjee, way to go on the track meet dude!  Since when do you shot put? haha That’s hilarious!  Ben, it looks like you got a little bit taller? Good job on making qualifiers!  I remember when I was in jr. high track we made qualifying in the 4x100 relay.  I think it was Kirby, Korey Wilcox, Ben Knaust, and me.  We had the best relay ever.  haha good times.  Mom, and Dad I’m just super impressed how your are both handling all of this.  For real, I honestly don’t know many people that could handle all the stuff you have in the past 3 months.  Both of you are extremely great examples to me, and two great parents to look up to when I become a parent myself.  

Well, I finally got my new companion.  His name is Elder Bailey.  He's from SLC and it’s a different elder then the one I was supposed to get.  Elder Bailey was serving in Samoa for about 4 months and then he got sick and got reassigned to this mission and became my companion.  He's a cool guy.  We've gotten a long so far and I don’t really have any complaints.  Having Elder Bailey here is much better than having the threesome for sure!  I've had to drive to Honolulu quite a bit lately for transfers and picking up Elder Bailey's stuff at the airport.  Honolulu is no bueno to drive in.  Its way to crowded there and it’s so fast and crazy!  The District Leader calling is still going very well.  The sisters seem to really like and appreciate me.  I just try to do all I can to be there for them, be a good example, and have inspiring/fun trainings.  President Dalton really wants us to focus on finding which is good because in our area right now we are kind of struggling to find new investigators.  The investigators we have right now are kind of eternal and they don’t show too much promise at this point, but we are still going to work hard with them.  Dad, what were some good ways you would find new investigators on you mission?  So this past Saturday we participated in Mormon Helping Hands.  Maybe you've heard of it?  Well it’s all throughout California and Hawaii and we just go and clean up all the beaches and beach parks.  So yeah, I got to go on the beach!  Tight!  Probably my first and last time going on the beach during my mission... but it was still really fun and a good experience.  
Elder Bailey and I doing "Mormon Helping Hands"
Yesterday Elder Sheranian and I had to give a talk in the BYU 3rd ward, and we also did a musical number... yeah I did a musical number!  I never thought I would ever do that in my life, but I guess a mission brings out things you never thought you would be able to do.  I actually enjoyed it a lot!  So maybe our family can do one when I get back?  
These following pictures are of me and Elder Sheranian having a bit o' fun!

 We are working with this less active guy in our singles ward right now.  His name is Jordan.  He’s super cool.  One day, we went over to his house and invited him to church and ever since that day he hasn’t missed a Sunday and he goes to all the activities!  He just really wanted to change his life, and he still wants to go on a mission.  I don’t know,  I just thought I would tell you that because I thought it was really cool how someone could just change automatically like that!  This Wednesday we are going to do service at Pearl Harbor!  I’m stoked!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures so I can send them to you.  

I think that’s about it for me this week.  Thanks for sending me shoes!  haha and mom and Sam I bet your not as tan as me!  I also bet that I have the worst farmers tan than anyone else!  haha I was talking to one of our members and I was like "man, I have the worst farmers tan ever!"  and he said "Thats good, that means you’re keeping all of your covenants"  haha I thought that was funny.  Sam how much do you weigh now?  I weigh about 172 now.  I can’t believe you drive, that just still is super weird for me to think about.  Ben, you text?  What is going on?  I never thought that day would come, but I never thought the day would come for me to go to college or serve a mission, but here I am haha.  Love you guys the most! Laterzz

E. Gardner

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