Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ahhh Yeah...

Dang, I love getting emails like those it helps me out so much and it truly makes me happy to know that everyone is doing great!  I bet all of you had a blast! Dude, Sam you look so grown up!  What the heck happened?  And Jake is taller than a banshee!  Claire and Audrey?  Holy cow I could barely recognize them?!  Wow, I guess a lot of things happen when your gone a year, and I’m sure even more will change in this next year as well.    So Sam, sharing the gospel is a lot harder than you think ya?  Man, I had to learn that when I got to the MTC haha. At least you have a head start.  It’s so true not that not many people know about Jesus Christ or even God.  So you really do have to explain everything and make it as simple as possible.  I always thought that everyone knew, but you can’t assume right?  Your going to be a baller missionary bro. I'll give you some tips when I get home.  Benjee you’re going to be a baller too.  Your jerseys look sick! Man, If I had jerseys like that when I was your age I would be in heaven, but no I just had a t-shirt thing with my name on the back.  When I saw the picture of you, you had your pants down and your batting gloves and everything perfect haha - so I still know you are the same.  Keep working hard at baseball; maybe you can get a scholarship to some school or something?  How does that sound?  Emmi you’re freaking awesome!  I can’t believe your driving a lot by yourself now, what a stud!  I’m sure your loving it at Trappers.  That would be super fun working there with Hal.  Mom, and Dad I freaking love you guys so much!  You are so supportive and I know that you really do care and are willing to do anything for me.  You should send me one of those "that’s a clown question bro" shirts.  That would be awesome!  Things for my birthday... Hmm, well I kind of need new pants.  Almost all of my pants have holes in the pockets.  I don’t know why there are holes in the pockets but they keep ripping.  Just send me some ties, Cd's or something, or just surprise me.  I’m good with anything.  For real. 
Laie Zone exercise
This week was a good week work wise.  So that one girl that we are working with in Hau’ula 3rd, the one that her friend wanted her to get baptized on her birthday she has a baptism date now!  We have been going over there like twice a week to teach her the lessons and at first she wasn’t really keeping the commitments we would leave with her but we were teaching the Law of chastity and word of wisdom lessons to her and we committed her to baptism.  We said "I know that we've talked about baptism and me and my comp have been praying about it a lot, and we really think that July 21st would be a good goal for you, we really know that from now until that time you can be ready and know for yourself that this church is true, and that the BOM is true also"  She accepted!  She was asking us some tough questions though like questions about gays, and why Joseph Smith, and she also asked if she wasn’t here then why would we be here?  Man, the spirit was so strong and we were able to answer all the questions!  I know the spirit really helped me with her last question about why we were here.  I told her that there is nothing else that brings me more happiness at this point in my life than sharing the gospel with others.  I then went on to explain that there is a difference between pleasure and happiness and explained that pleasure is only temporary but happiness lasts forever and it’s the gospel of Jesus Christ that can bring happiness into your life.  She didn’t have any questions after that haha, but it was a bomb lesson.  About the golden guy (Cody), we are still working with him.  Cody is a good guy but he's kind of sketch though.  Like he doesn’t really follow all of our commitments and sometimes its hard to get a hold of him.  He says he doesn’t have a problem with the word of wisdom but I’m pretty sure he smokes weed.  I don’t know, he has a baptism date for the 7th but I’m not sure how solid that will be.  We'll get him though no worries, it might just take some time.  I can’t believe that I’m almost done with my 3rd transfer here (4 1/2 months) I kind of have a feeling that I will leave this next transfer... oh well, I’ve only had 2 areas and its almost been a year so it will be good to venture out more.  Oh yeah, we aren’t on bikes anymore.  President Dalton got us a car because he said it was too dangerous in our area to have bikes so they took them haha.  So Elder Bowlby and I have been making a lot of bomb breakfasts lately.  We make eggs, hash browns, pancakes, bacon, and toast.  It’s awesome!  A lot better than cereal or toast... 
Look at that pancake, it's as big as a roast!
Yesterday it was gross! We woke up and started working on our progress records and I didn’t even notice but Elder Bowlby saw a bunch of maggots crawling all over our floor!  They were everywhere!  Even in our room!  So we swept them all up and threw them in the trash.  We were trying to see where they were coming from and we finally found that it was the trash...  Which is weird because there wasn’t really anything in the trash so we cleaned it out and now were maggot free. This week is a big week for us and for the zone we are really focusing on finding new investigators and getting them with a date so we can reach our goal of 14 baptisms in July and for a mission goal of 115 for July.  I think we can do it!

Well that’s about it for me this week.  Again, I’m glad to hear about all the success and fun that all of you experienced this past week.  Keep me updated on any new events happening and sports and everything else.  Oh by the way what are you doing for the 4th of July?  Well, have a great week and know that I love you the most!  Laterzz

Elder Gardner 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laie Temple

Hey howzit,

Yeah, so sorry I didn’t email you yesterday, we had a regular prosceliting day yesterday because we went to the Laie temple today, so today is our p-day.  I love the Laie temple it’s so incredible!  You guys would love it for sure!  Dang, that’s cool that Sam’s benefit dinner went well.  That truly is amazing how much people care.  Its good to know that there is still some good left in this crazy world.  I’m sure Sam will tear it up at EFY - he’s a stud!  I know that Ben will be a beast on the all-star team as well.  My companion and I are trying to work it out so we can go golfing at Turtle Bay or Kahuku one of these p-days.  Hopefully it will be soon because the transfer is winding down... man its already halfway through this transfer.  Crazy!  No way that Jared is Monte’s ward mission leader, that’s so crazy!!  How in the world does that work out?  Haha.   So yeah, the guy that must have added me on Facebook is Mike, one my favorite people I’ve met on my mission.  He’s a stud at football.  I don’t know if I have already told you but he played football for ASU and BYU as a quarterback.  He had the chance to play for USC under Norm Chow and he would have been playing with Reggie Bush and he would have been 2nd string to Matt Lienhnart.  Crazy huh? We are trying to get him on the right path again.  He doing great!  We got him to call Norm Chow down at the University of Hawaii.  He either wants a shot at coaching or to even pick up and play again.  I love that guy for sure.  

Elder Sharanian and Menlove
Elder Hayward and Pritchard
Laie Temple Trip
Laie Temple trip with Sisters
So this week has been great!  We didn’t find any new investigators this week... but that’s ok, it was still solid and we were able to teach a lot of lessons.  Crazy story though.  So every morning we have zone exercise and last Tuesday we were playing muggle ball (ultimate Frisbee mixed with soccer) and Elder Menlove (ZL) and Elder La (ZL) were running to get the ball and kind of got tripped up over each other and Elder Menlove tripped and fell and landed on his shoulder and totally snapped his collar bone... it was nuts!  His bone was almost sticking through his skin!  It’s like something you would see on that show scarred... it was gnarly!  He had to go get surgery and get a plate and pins put in.  He's still out here and working though.  Props to him!  We are teaching this girl right now named Michele.  She is solid!  We found her through some members in Hau’ula 3rd Ward that invited us to dinner one night and they had her come also.  So she agreed to take the lessons and we have been teaching her the lessons.  She was so close to setting a baptism date but she didn’t.  Its kind of lame actually we had a super bomb lesson, it was really spiritual and we each bore solid testimonies at the end and then we committed her to baptism on the 21st and she was waiting for a little and there was a silence (which is ok, its good to have silence) and she kind of had that smirk on her face like she was going to say yes, and then out of nowhere one of the daughters at the members house we were teaching at says "You should do it for my birthday!"  I was like aaahhhhh!!!!! “noooo don’t say that” (not out loud of course).  So that gave her an outlet and she said she would think about it... dude that wasn’t cool.  Were still working with her and I think she'll come around.  We are also working with two Laotian people as well (Noi, and Akia) I think I talked about them in my last email.  Anyway, we have been meeting with them and we got them to come to FHE in the singles ward last night.  They said they had so much fun and they loved it!  They told us that right when they walked in to the church they had a good vibe!  I think we are starting to make some good progress with them.  Things are still going great with Mike and his friends also.  We got them to set some goals for themselves that they can look at everyday.  We go over there almost everyday and read with them. Elder Bowlby and I are still getting along very good.  I feel blessed to have him as my companion.  When you have a good companion it makes everything so much easier!  I was thinking the other day, if I could pick someone to be my companion, I would probably pick you dad, and Sam or Ben.  I feel like if I was with my brothers or dad we would get along so well and it would be super tight.  That’s about all that happened this week.  It was a solid week and I have no complaints.  
A couple of signs we found while tracting.  A little intimidating? 

Many of the members want us to watch the NBA finals with them haha, it’s hard not to give into and watch L  So what’s the scoop on this Mormon kid in Chicago or something that is the best high school basketball player in the league?  I’m still thinking about BYU Provo,  I really want to go there.  I was thinking I’ll just get my Associates degree and then transfer.  I don’t know, it just feels right.  That’s kind of been on my mind lately.  Don’t worry dad I’m still going to get you something for Fathers Day.  You want anything in particular?  Or do you like getting shirts? Let me know.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention on June 4th was the year mark for when I went through the temple for the first time... its crazy!!  Well love you all and hope that you have a great week!  Keep me posted on any new stuff.  Love you the most, Laterzz

Elder Gardner

Monday, June 11, 2012

14 Miracles


I’m so relieved to hear that Sam is finally done with radiation!  It’s about time!  I pray for all of you especially Sam every night so hopefully that helps some. I can’t believe how many people actually have been a part in helping Sam.  It’s honestly mind blowing to know how many people care and have that kind of charity.  You don’t really see that much now a days.  That’s really cool though!  I bet Sam will be ready to go for EFY unless he is like me and gets sick right before we do anything fun.  (D-backs game, Krispy Kreme, Disneyland)  I never knew why that would always happen to me, maybe I would just psych myself out?  That’s awesome that the Sargents, and Grandma them came to support Sam as well.  I miss everyone a ton!  Just think by the next time I call you I will only have 8 months left... 14 miracles is our zone theme.  Our high water mark is 14 so our goal for July is 14.
On exchanges with Elder Maybon (AP) 
Best place ever!
Elder Bowlby and I waiting for some fish tacos
So, to talk a little about this week...  Holy cow this week was amazing!!!  This was one of the best weeks I've had on my mission so far!  Elderr Bowlby and I are still getting a long very well and I honestly could stay with him for a while.  I love this area!  I wouldn’t complain if I had to stay here for a year.  Laie is a gold mine! You just got to know how to work smart, especially with members.  So this past week we had a total of 7 new investigators.  One of them has a baptism date for the July 7th!  The one that has a baptism date is Cody Dong from Mesa, AZ.  He is just here for school and stuff.  He was a referral that someone gave to the zone leaders and then the zone leaders gave it to us because it was in our area.  We went over there and he was super stoked to hear from us and he said that it just what he needed to hear.  He really is interested in the Gospel and also expressed desire to attend BYU-H.  He is super cool!  The next miracle is awesome.  We were going around to some less active members in the Samoan ward and one of the guys (Charles Scott) talked to us for a little and gave us a referral to a Laotian family way up in the boonies on a farm.  So the next day we went and we tried to go find it and we thought we were lost until a white van pulled up and we asked them if they knew Kam (the Fathers name) it turns out that that was Kam!  He told us to go to his house and talk to his wife so we did and they were just setting up for a party they were having that night.  We ended up mostly talking to the daughters because they were super interested in what we had to say.  They were asking us all these questions about the church and about prayer and Joseph Smith.  They had been taught previously by Jehovah Witnesses and they said they didn’t like what they heard.  They really liked what we had to say!  We were running out of time so we never got to finish the Restoration with them, but they said we could come back later that night for the party and finish.  One of them actually wanted to say the prayer because she had never done it before!  So we rushed over to our next appt. and this was at Mikes.  Have I told you about Mike?  It’s almost the same story as Jordan.  Mike Afleck is a less active member, he is from Provo, he played football, for BYU, ASU, and played on an Arena football team.  He is super tight.  He had some difficult times in his life because of his choices but he let us come read with him.  Now he loves to have us over and read and everyone in his house joins in.  Including a non member who just became a new investigator, and another less active member from Utah who lives with him.  So far since I’ve been here we have been able to reactivate 3 young men in their 20's!  Let me tell you that is one of the best feelings in the world!  So after our reading session with Mike we hurried and biked over to our dinner and had a delicious BBQ and then hurried and biked over to the party with the Laotian people.  We were able to talk to those same girls again but they wanted some other people to join in as well, so we got another investigator that night because they brought someone else to listen to us.  We gave them all the BOM and we got their # so we could call and set up an appt.!  That was like honestly the best day ever!  Then yesterday, one of the families in Hau’ula third ward that we had dinner w/ the other night and a non member friend was there, followed through with the commitment we gave them and they invited the non member to take the missionary discussions and she said that she would take the discussions with us!  Heavenly Father is blessing us so much right now its ridiculous!  I know that it is all because of him that all these great things are able to happen.  I have been tremendously blessed lately and I am extremely grateful.  So yeah that is kind of what happened with me this week.  
Elder Bowlby and I are also trying to write a song on the ukulele.  It’s pretty tight. We bike so much!  On average we bike anywhere from 6-10 miles a day! Its outrageous!  I’m going to have ripped legs!

Our fine mode of transportation.
A p-day Laie Zone hike
Dude Sam tear it up out there at EFY!  Get a ton of #'s bro!  See if you can beat me when I was at EFY.  I’m super proud of you and your dedication.  I know that you will be a great missionary when the time comes, probably even better than me!  Keep getting good at golf to so you can show me how, because I’m a little sloppy Joe at golf... Damage! 

Dude Ben your a stud!  .705 batting avg. - that’s outrageous!  I don’t think I ever had a batting avg. that high when I played baseball.  Keep it up and always work hard dude because it will pay off eventually.  Always practice hard in sports and in school.  "Practice with your cleats on"  Love you brotha, Your going to be the best missionary ever someday!

Mom & Dad,  I miss you guys like a banshee!  Make sure you save some fun things for me to do when I get back!  It seems like your doing everything fun now that I’m gone!  I love both of you so much you are the greatest example to me. EVER.  And no, they don’t really have Mexican food here :'(  the closest is surfin’ Tacos and taco bell.  

Emmi & Hal I love you guys a ton!  I bet your having a blast this summer working together!  I know that you guys are super happy and you both are a great example to me of how I want my marriage to be someday.  

Love all of you so much! Laterzz
E. Gardner

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Companion


Dang well this week has been really good!  Before I start I just want to say that I’m super proud of Sam haha dude you’re a freakin’ stud!  And yes you are always wearing the same shirts... How many shirts do you have?  haha.  The therapy didn’t look too bad, It looked like you got to play around on a bunch of balls which seems pretty fun, but finally it will be over!  It was nice to see those pictures.  By the way, I noticed that Sam’s right leg seems reasonably smaller than the left leg?  Benjee that’s cool that your going on to a traveling baseball team, your going to be a stud in baseball, I wont be surprised if you come out on top in all the sports in High school.  Keep practicing!  
Elder Bowlby and his new bike!
Me as excited as Christmas morning with my new bike!
 So, yes I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Bowlby.  He was the guy that I was supposed to get instead of Elder Bailey.  From the week I've been with him I think its safe to say that I will enjoy this transfer.  I think Heavenly Father has blessed me with a companion that I can really get along well with!  I've been praying for the longest time for a good companion, one that I can get along with and work well with.  Elder Bowlby is from Sandy, UT.  He was out on his mission for a while and then went home and now he's back out here, so he's been out the same time as me, and we will go home together.  He's super nice and he is super humble so I already know that I will learn a lot from him.  He was explaining to me some of his life and the things he has been through and it just blows my mind... Sometimes I think my life is hard and then I hear a story like his and it makes me feel like I’ve had it so easy.  I just continue to pray that I will be able to become best friends with him and that we can get a lot of work done out here and that no hard feelings will be between us.  So, here’s some other big news.  We got BIKES!!!  Ahhh, its not good.  It made me realize the great blessing it was to have cars and now we just have bikes... and I have to wear a helmet so now I constantly have helmet hair and my butt is bruised from riding it so long...  the good thing about bikes is that my legs will be big, I’ll be skinny, and I'll be super tan!  We got a new zone leader in the zone also.  Elder Menlove.  He is super cool also, I’m glad that he was the one that was able to replace Elder Hanks.  Elder Menlove just got released as an AP so he’s super solid!  We got a couple new sisters in our zone as well.  The work this week was alright, we weren’t able to get a hold of Lepa (the investigator from last weeks email) this week which is a super bummer.  We could just never catch her at the right time so I’m still hoping that everything will work out well with her.  One thing that is cool though is we have been going over to this one guys house in our singles ward and have been having scripture study with all his less active roommates and there is this one guy in particular (Mike) who is really wanting to change his life because of it.  Mike never went on a mission and he kind of just cruised his whole life getting into the party scene and whatnot and once he came out to Hawaii we were able to meet him and he mentioned to us that it was time for him to get life straight even though it took him 27 years to realize this.  So we are going over there every other day to read with him and study with him.  See, these are the kinds of things that make it all worth it.  Seeing someone change their life, it doesn’t get better than this that’s for sure.  Another good thing that happened yesterday was our Musical Fireside.  All us missionaries in the Laie zone put on a musical fireside and we all had parts in it.  It turned out Great!  So many people came that we ran out of seats and people had to stand outside to hear us!  They want us to do this again but in a bigger place so more people can come!  It was an awesome thing for sure!  
Ahhhh Yeah.  Looking about as cool as I can with a bike helmet.  I think it's a good look for me!
 Well this about sums it up for me this week.  I’m glad to hear everything is well back in AZ.  That’s super cool Hal, and Emmi that you are working at Trappers.  I bet that is a blast!  Save me some pie, cuz I like my pie.  I wonder if any of my friends have gotten married yet?  I haven’t received any wedding announcements but I’m sure that there have been a couple that have gotten married.  Anyway, keep me updated on anything else that happens like sports, events, and other cool things.  Go Thunder!  Kevin Durant is my main man!  haha have a great week. 

Love you the most,
Elder Gardner