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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, June 11, 2012

14 Miracles


I’m so relieved to hear that Sam is finally done with radiation!  It’s about time!  I pray for all of you especially Sam every night so hopefully that helps some. I can’t believe how many people actually have been a part in helping Sam.  It’s honestly mind blowing to know how many people care and have that kind of charity.  You don’t really see that much now a days.  That’s really cool though!  I bet Sam will be ready to go for EFY unless he is like me and gets sick right before we do anything fun.  (D-backs game, Krispy Kreme, Disneyland)  I never knew why that would always happen to me, maybe I would just psych myself out?  That’s awesome that the Sargents, and Grandma them came to support Sam as well.  I miss everyone a ton!  Just think by the next time I call you I will only have 8 months left... 14 miracles is our zone theme.  Our high water mark is 14 so our goal for July is 14.
On exchanges with Elder Maybon (AP) 
Best place ever!
Elder Bowlby and I waiting for some fish tacos
So, to talk a little about this week...  Holy cow this week was amazing!!!  This was one of the best weeks I've had on my mission so far!  Elderr Bowlby and I are still getting a long very well and I honestly could stay with him for a while.  I love this area!  I wouldn’t complain if I had to stay here for a year.  Laie is a gold mine! You just got to know how to work smart, especially with members.  So this past week we had a total of 7 new investigators.  One of them has a baptism date for the July 7th!  The one that has a baptism date is Cody Dong from Mesa, AZ.  He is just here for school and stuff.  He was a referral that someone gave to the zone leaders and then the zone leaders gave it to us because it was in our area.  We went over there and he was super stoked to hear from us and he said that it just what he needed to hear.  He really is interested in the Gospel and also expressed desire to attend BYU-H.  He is super cool!  The next miracle is awesome.  We were going around to some less active members in the Samoan ward and one of the guys (Charles Scott) talked to us for a little and gave us a referral to a Laotian family way up in the boonies on a farm.  So the next day we went and we tried to go find it and we thought we were lost until a white van pulled up and we asked them if they knew Kam (the Fathers name) it turns out that that was Kam!  He told us to go to his house and talk to his wife so we did and they were just setting up for a party they were having that night.  We ended up mostly talking to the daughters because they were super interested in what we had to say.  They were asking us all these questions about the church and about prayer and Joseph Smith.  They had been taught previously by Jehovah Witnesses and they said they didn’t like what they heard.  They really liked what we had to say!  We were running out of time so we never got to finish the Restoration with them, but they said we could come back later that night for the party and finish.  One of them actually wanted to say the prayer because she had never done it before!  So we rushed over to our next appt. and this was at Mikes.  Have I told you about Mike?  It’s almost the same story as Jordan.  Mike Afleck is a less active member, he is from Provo, he played football, for BYU, ASU, and played on an Arena football team.  He is super tight.  He had some difficult times in his life because of his choices but he let us come read with him.  Now he loves to have us over and read and everyone in his house joins in.  Including a non member who just became a new investigator, and another less active member from Utah who lives with him.  So far since I’ve been here we have been able to reactivate 3 young men in their 20's!  Let me tell you that is one of the best feelings in the world!  So after our reading session with Mike we hurried and biked over to our dinner and had a delicious BBQ and then hurried and biked over to the party with the Laotian people.  We were able to talk to those same girls again but they wanted some other people to join in as well, so we got another investigator that night because they brought someone else to listen to us.  We gave them all the BOM and we got their # so we could call and set up an appt.!  That was like honestly the best day ever!  Then yesterday, one of the families in Hau’ula third ward that we had dinner w/ the other night and a non member friend was there, followed through with the commitment we gave them and they invited the non member to take the missionary discussions and she said that she would take the discussions with us!  Heavenly Father is blessing us so much right now its ridiculous!  I know that it is all because of him that all these great things are able to happen.  I have been tremendously blessed lately and I am extremely grateful.  So yeah that is kind of what happened with me this week.  
Elder Bowlby and I are also trying to write a song on the ukulele.  It’s pretty tight. We bike so much!  On average we bike anywhere from 6-10 miles a day! Its outrageous!  I’m going to have ripped legs!

Our fine mode of transportation.
A p-day Laie Zone hike
Dude Sam tear it up out there at EFY!  Get a ton of #'s bro!  See if you can beat me when I was at EFY.  I’m super proud of you and your dedication.  I know that you will be a great missionary when the time comes, probably even better than me!  Keep getting good at golf to so you can show me how, because I’m a little sloppy Joe at golf... Damage! 

Dude Ben your a stud!  .705 batting avg. - that’s outrageous!  I don’t think I ever had a batting avg. that high when I played baseball.  Keep it up and always work hard dude because it will pay off eventually.  Always practice hard in sports and in school.  "Practice with your cleats on"  Love you brotha, Your going to be the best missionary ever someday!

Mom & Dad,  I miss you guys like a banshee!  Make sure you save some fun things for me to do when I get back!  It seems like your doing everything fun now that I’m gone!  I love both of you so much you are the greatest example to me. EVER.  And no, they don’t really have Mexican food here :'(  the closest is surfin’ Tacos and taco bell.  

Emmi & Hal I love you guys a ton!  I bet your having a blast this summer working together!  I know that you guys are super happy and you both are a great example to me of how I want my marriage to be someday.  

Love all of you so much! Laterzz
E. Gardner

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