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Monday, June 4, 2012

New Companion


Dang well this week has been really good!  Before I start I just want to say that I’m super proud of Sam haha dude you’re a freakin’ stud!  And yes you are always wearing the same shirts... How many shirts do you have?  haha.  The therapy didn’t look too bad, It looked like you got to play around on a bunch of balls which seems pretty fun, but finally it will be over!  It was nice to see those pictures.  By the way, I noticed that Sam’s right leg seems reasonably smaller than the left leg?  Benjee that’s cool that your going on to a traveling baseball team, your going to be a stud in baseball, I wont be surprised if you come out on top in all the sports in High school.  Keep practicing!  
Elder Bowlby and his new bike!
Me as excited as Christmas morning with my new bike!
 So, yes I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Bowlby.  He was the guy that I was supposed to get instead of Elder Bailey.  From the week I've been with him I think its safe to say that I will enjoy this transfer.  I think Heavenly Father has blessed me with a companion that I can really get along well with!  I've been praying for the longest time for a good companion, one that I can get along with and work well with.  Elder Bowlby is from Sandy, UT.  He was out on his mission for a while and then went home and now he's back out here, so he's been out the same time as me, and we will go home together.  He's super nice and he is super humble so I already know that I will learn a lot from him.  He was explaining to me some of his life and the things he has been through and it just blows my mind... Sometimes I think my life is hard and then I hear a story like his and it makes me feel like I’ve had it so easy.  I just continue to pray that I will be able to become best friends with him and that we can get a lot of work done out here and that no hard feelings will be between us.  So, here’s some other big news.  We got BIKES!!!  Ahhh, its not good.  It made me realize the great blessing it was to have cars and now we just have bikes... and I have to wear a helmet so now I constantly have helmet hair and my butt is bruised from riding it so long...  the good thing about bikes is that my legs will be big, I’ll be skinny, and I'll be super tan!  We got a new zone leader in the zone also.  Elder Menlove.  He is super cool also, I’m glad that he was the one that was able to replace Elder Hanks.  Elder Menlove just got released as an AP so he’s super solid!  We got a couple new sisters in our zone as well.  The work this week was alright, we weren’t able to get a hold of Lepa (the investigator from last weeks email) this week which is a super bummer.  We could just never catch her at the right time so I’m still hoping that everything will work out well with her.  One thing that is cool though is we have been going over to this one guys house in our singles ward and have been having scripture study with all his less active roommates and there is this one guy in particular (Mike) who is really wanting to change his life because of it.  Mike never went on a mission and he kind of just cruised his whole life getting into the party scene and whatnot and once he came out to Hawaii we were able to meet him and he mentioned to us that it was time for him to get life straight even though it took him 27 years to realize this.  So we are going over there every other day to read with him and study with him.  See, these are the kinds of things that make it all worth it.  Seeing someone change their life, it doesn’t get better than this that’s for sure.  Another good thing that happened yesterday was our Musical Fireside.  All us missionaries in the Laie zone put on a musical fireside and we all had parts in it.  It turned out Great!  So many people came that we ran out of seats and people had to stand outside to hear us!  They want us to do this again but in a bigger place so more people can come!  It was an awesome thing for sure!  
Ahhhh Yeah.  Looking about as cool as I can with a bike helmet.  I think it's a good look for me!
 Well this about sums it up for me this week.  I’m glad to hear everything is well back in AZ.  That’s super cool Hal, and Emmi that you are working at Trappers.  I bet that is a blast!  Save me some pie, cuz I like my pie.  I wonder if any of my friends have gotten married yet?  I haven’t received any wedding announcements but I’m sure that there have been a couple that have gotten married.  Anyway, keep me updated on anything else that happens like sports, events, and other cool things.  Go Thunder!  Kevin Durant is my main man!  haha have a great week. 

Love you the most,
Elder Gardner

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