Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ghost Hunters

So everyone in our family has been to Carlsbad except me... wow... where’s the loyalty?  Na, that’s cool that you are there to escape and have some fun as well.  I’m looking forward to getting your pictures that you will send me.  So yeah, I got all the packages this last week, thank you so much!  Hal and Emmi, you sent me so much candy it made me go crazy!  I’ve been sharing it though because I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat it all by myself!  Everyone liked the clown question shirt haha.  So school starts in a couple days?  Crazy.  I really hope that we will be able to go to Lake Powell when I get back. that would be sweet!  

A great perch for locating potential investigators,  I'm not breaking the rules, I'm not "touching" the  sand.
If you look close, you could possibly see a little drool!
Paradise Baby!
So this week was a solid week.  We’re now on week 4 of this transfer!  Before you know it I’ll be getting transferred again.  I’m pretty positive that this is my last transfer here in Laie.  I have a feeling that I might get transferred to the city or to Makakilo side, but you never know.  So our zone did it, we made history!  28 baptisms in the month of July!  Doubling our previous high water mark, which was 14 baptisms.  We crushed it.  This is the first zone to ever double a high water mark!  Our mission was also trying to reach a new high water mark at 125 baptisms for the month, we actually did beat our previous high water mark that was at 105 I think, but we were three shy of getting 125.  Not bad, I can’t complain.  We went to the Miyasaki’s for dinner on my birthday.  Hopefully you got the pictures from her.  She said she was going to send an email to you guys.  I love that family!  They totally remind me of our family which is awesome!  Wednesday we had zone conference, which was great.  I always like zone conference because we always get good trainings and its always good to see president and sister Dalton.  We got 2 new investigators this week also!  I’m pretty stoked about that.  One of them is super ready for baptism, the only problem though is that she doesn’t live here, she lives in Honolulu and she comes here because one of her friends she works with is in our singles ward.  Hopefully we can work it out so we can teach and baptize her.  We also have a baptism coming up this Saturday for Chance.  That was the baptism that was suppose to happen in July but got moved to the first Saturday in August.  That will be good, I’ll make sure to take pictures.  On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Pritchard in my district.  The one that plays football for BYU.  He's such a stud!  I feel really bad for him because he’s really struggling with his companion right now so I went on exchanges with him so he could get a little break.  He said I saved his life haha.  So this is pretty sketchy.  Last night after everything I start accounting and getting all the weekly numbers in my district and the zone leaders told us to come to the visitors center to give them the numbers and we could kind of have a little party to celebrate our 28 baptisms.  So we went and also the other district leader and his comp (Elder Sheranian and Elder Bolkom) went.  Usually we don’t go to the V.C. to report we just call them in from our pad.  So as we were in the visitors center talking and reporting our numbers, and to let you know the V.C. is empty it’s just us elders in there, all the sudden we hear music playing and its coming from the front of the center by the statue of Christ.  So we go up there and check it out, and somehow the music got turned on so we turned it off.  We were kind of freaked out so we decide to do a little ghost hunting around the V.C.  We got a flashlight and we were checking in the men’s restroom.  It was pitch black in there and as we were looking in the bathroom all the sudden we hear a BOOM!  It sounded like someone slammed the toilet seat.  We were freaked out so we ran back into the room where we were doing our numbers.  Some of the elders decided to go back in there and see if there was something and they said when the went in there the last stall door was shaking really bad so all of us were freaked out so we just got out of there as fast as we could!  So that’s my experience with hunting ghosts.  I’m a ghost hunter, a polevaulter, a missionary, and I’M A MORMON.  
The Singles Ward I cover, YSA 1st Ward 
YSA 1st Ward mugging for the camera
Well that about sums it up for me this week.  We will hopefully be going to the night show at the Polynesian Cultural Center (something that we only do at the end of our mission) and dinner with president because we doubled our high water mark pretty soon.  He promised us that he would take us.  Neat huh?  Have fun in Carlsbad at the beach and I’ll have fun over here in Hawaii hitting the pavement haha.  Love you the most!  

Elder Gardner

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Letter and Pictures from a Local Member


I just have a couple of pictures to share with you and your family. We are so glad Elder Gardner is still here serving in our ward. He is such a great missionary. We love it when he is able to come into our home. He and his companion are busy missionaries and always doing the work. I told him he is giving service when he comes to our house because he reminds me of our missionary Dylan, and when he is here it makes me happy and miss Dylan a little less! :)   It was so fun to be able to have him over for his birthday dinner. Hope all is well with your family. 

Denise Miyasaki

Monday, July 23, 2012

Big 2-0


Wow, I can’t believe my I’m going to be 20 tomorrow.  That just blows my mind!  Remember my last birthday I went and camped out on the baseball field with JD, that really doesn’t feel like that long ago.  I wont have the term "teen" after my age anymore and that’s super crazy!  Yeah, I’ve been hearing all about this Colorado massacre... that’s so sad.  It’s really scary because it was just in some random theatre in Colorado.  I guess that could happen anywhere.  Have you seen the new batman yet?  Everyone says it’s amazing.  I guess I’ll find out when I get back home when it’s on DVD, haha.  So I just got you package.  Thank you so much for the presents they were awesome!  The pants were sweet!  I’m wearing the slim ones right now as we speak.  The ties are great!  Where do you get those Jon Van Dyke ties?  They are really good!  Everyone is jealous of my ties and they all want my ties.  I just tell them that my mom picked them out and has good taste:).  Dad you said that you sent the clown question bro shirt?  It wasn’t in the package... I was just wondering but if you didn’t send it that’s totally cool, no worries.  It continues to amaze me how much others really care about our family.  People really do have the light of Christ and they have charity in their hearts.  Sometimes it’s easy to judge or overlook that but its there in everyone.  Awesome!  Hey dad I was in jack in the box the other day and this song came on that reminded me of you, I cant remember the band name but the words went like this "Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray" haha I just thought I would tell you that.  

So this week was a baller week.  Even though we didn’t really have to many lessons a lot of good things happened.  So the beginning of the week we were able to go to Pearl Harbor again and do some service on the U.S.S Missouri.  That was really cool.  I always like going and doing service over there because we always get a tour of the ship after were done.  I just helped out on trying to recover some of the teak, which they use on the ships deck.  Our zone is doing great right now, were about to make history!  We have I think 15 baptisms right now and we have 12 with a date right now in the zone, so that makes 27.  I think we’re going to get a few more with a date by the end of the month so we could bump it up to 30!  To let you know this has never been done before in the mission’s history!  The high water mark for any zone in the mission in a month is 23 and that was set 2 months ago.  Were about to get 30, blowing the previous record out of the water, and doubling the Laie zone high water mark which is 14, which also has never been done in the missions history (doubling our high water mark).  So this next week is going to be pretty dang crazy!  I just feel bad because Elder Bowlby and I haven’t really contributed.  We were trying so hard to get a baptism this month and it just never came.  We actually had one set for the 28th and it was solid but they cancelled our appointment yesterday which was going to have the interview and everything and so now he (Chance) wants to get baptized on the 4th... which is good because he’s getting baptized but a little bit of a bummer because its not in July.  We got a new investigator this week as well and set up appointments with 2 other potential investigators.  All of them are in the singles ward haha.  The new investigator that we got came from this guy in the singles ward named Wes.  He’s kind of dating this girl and he wanted us to come over and teach her so we did and we just felt inspired to show this little Mormon message about forgiveness.  Turns out it was exactly what both of them needed to hear.  Wes told us to come back every Thursday to teach her.  Wes is tight, he was nice enough to hook us up with a free round of golf today at Turtle Bay!  The Arnold Palmer course, which is a PGA course!  It was sick!  Everything was free except for the breakfast and I had to buy a collar shirt because I didn’t have one and they required us to wear one... So now I pretty much don’t have any money... It was worth it though!  That was one of the nicest courses I’ve ever played on.  Wolf creek was a little better but this one comes in at a close 2nd.  The rental clubs we used were Titleist AP1, they were dope!  Dad I’ll probably just send you the shirt that I bought you will probably like it.  I don’t really have any more use for it because I probably won’t golf there.  So I’ll just send it to you and you can have it.  It’s an Oakley golf shirt.  We had a guy golf with us from Kentucky he wasn’t that good at golf but neither was I so it was all G.  I had a blast and I got some good pictures but ill send them to you next week.  The guy from Kentucky was drinking beer the whole time haha but he was a really nice guy with a sweet southern accent.  
Turtle Bay - Sweet!
I look pretty cool but can't match the coolness of Elder Bowlby with those shades!
Another cool thing that happened this week was EFY.  All the elders in the zone got called to come help at EFY.  We just split up and were with a certain group of youth and we just answered their questions about missionary work, life, and other things.  Surprisingly I was able to answer all their questions.  It was a cool experience.  I haven’t been to EFY in ages!  I met a kid there that played baseball with Jake and he also knew Joey haha small world.  Well that’s about it for me and this week.  We have a lot of potential for next week investigator wise so I’m just praying that it will all work out! 
The studlys at EFY!
Well I'll send you some pictures next week and thanks again for the birthday package that was awesome!  You always pick out the best ties.  Hope you have a great week and have fun, if your not having fun then your doing something wrong.  Oh yeah,  I don’t know if its possible but President Dalton is really pushing us to vote this year, so if you can send me an absentee ballot so I can fill it out or something.  If you can’t, then no worries.  Well, love you the most!

Elder Gardner

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brock Mason

Doesn’t Brock Mason sound like a legit hardcore name?  Elder Sheranian and I were talking about hardcore action names one day and we came up with that one.  So summer is dwindling down.  Wow, everything is going by super fast!  I can’t believe school is about to start up again.  I’m about to turn 20!  At the end of this transfer it will be right around my year mark.  I once heard that your mission is like a roll of toilet paper it goes by slow at first but once you get to the end it goes by super fast haha.  I’m glad to hear that everything is still going great at home.  It’s always great to hear that you have a lot of surgeries lined up dad.  Wow, what a joke about Show Low and their all-star team with those cheating coaches... they are so lame.  It’s all good though at least you can just relax a little now and not have to worry about traveling.  Remember when we would travel to Winslow for my all-stars and I hit that inside the park homerun?  That was tight!  
Crouching Lion again! This is the 3rd time ive been on this hike... 
Sister Moon, me and Elder Menlove the creepentstein!
Well this week was pretty good.  We got a couple new elders in our zone.  They all seem pretty legit so I’m not to worried about that.  The only thing I’m worried about is the area that I cover.  Its super dead right now which isn’t good at all.  We actually have a baptism for the 28th with this kid named Chance.  I don’t know if I told you about him.  He was on our unbaptized list and so we went over to go see him and we talked to him and got to know him a little.  His mom and sister are members already but he isn’t (he’s 13).  We taught him a short lesson and committed him to baptism and he said yes.  So we set a date for the 28th.  We taught him the first two lessons on Saturday with his grandparents and his mom and sister and it went really well.  The only thing is that they don’t know if they want to have the baptism on August 6th, which is his birthday or the 28th.  We really want to push for the 28th because its sooner and less time for Satan to get in the way and plus its in July so it will contribute to our zone goal which is 28 baptism for July.  We are so close to making history in our zone with baptisms.  The record is 14 and we’re about to double it!  No one will be able to beat our record until the second coming!  If we double our high water mark then president will do something very special for us so I’m pretty dang stoked.  That’s like one of the only reasons I wanted to stay in this zone this transfer.  As for Cody and Michele... I don’t know, we’re probably going to have to drop them.  We haven’t been able to set up an appointment with Michele after her parents said she couldn’t get baptized and we haven’t been able to get a hold of Cody for like 2 weeks.  It’s not looking so good right now.  That’s why its going to be hard this transfer, there is practically no one in our teaching pool at all.  Oh yeah, you remember Mike?  He just moved back to Provo so we won’t be meeting with him anymore.  I’m just hoping and praying that we will be able to find success this transfer in our areas.  Other than that everything is pretty great.  Elder Bowlby is still good.  It might be possible that we might get another ward.  BYU 19th ward.  I don’t know,  that’s just a rumor but it could be good for us?  We are still trying to follow through with our goal and visiting every single member in our wards.  I have a good feeling about doing this.  Oh yeah one night when we were at dinner with on of the families in the Samoan ward they asked us if we like fish and I was like yeah fish is good and they uncovered our plates and there was a whole fried fish with the eyes and head on and everything... I thought to myself... Oh man how am I going to do this one.  It actually wasn’t that bad, haha.  This Wednesday we are going to Pearl Harbor again to do some service.  I can’t wait for that its going to be sweet!
eehhhhhaaarggggg! hahah Kahuku Grill
Dang, I miss making raps on the computer that was so much fun!  I can’t wait to hear your raps Sam and Ben.  I bet they are dope!  Sam, I cant believe you are going to be a sophomore... what the!  Have fun with your last couple of weeks of summer!  Benjee, sorry about the tourneys and stuff its alright soccer is coming up and your going to dominate at that!  Yes I see a lot of people surfing out here and it makes me want to surf really bad!  Especially when the sky is clear and its sunny and the water is super blue.  It drives me nuts sometimes!  I miss soccer camp so much!  Those were so much fun!  Did you still get the popsicles and ice cream at the end?  Did you do world cup day at the end?  I never did help out with the camp.  I was going to one year but never ended up doing it.  Emmi and Hal, that’s awesome that you’re losing some weight and going on a diet.  I know there’s no way I would be able to do that because I wouldn’t be able to commit haha.  Well that’s about it for me this week.  I’m excited to get your package!  I bet it’s awesome!  Have a great week and have fun!  Love you the most. Laterzz. 
Elder Gardner

Monday, July 9, 2012

Six Months in Laie


Thanks for the pictures!  Its good to see everyone and even a little bit of the house - hahah.  Man, Jojo is huge!  Are her teeth always showing like that?  That’s so funny I can’t wait to see her again, I doubt she will remember me but oh well.  Dang Ben you’re a stud!  Keep up the awesomeness and keep working hard.  You’re going to be legit in high school.  Sometimes I wish I would have tried harder in sports in high school.  I feel like I could have done better but of course that natural man kicked in and I got lazy sometimes.  I’m glad you had an awesome 4th of July.  That’s crazy you didn’t even go to the fireworks.  I was just thinking about last year during 4th of July how they didn’t have fireworks and I still had to work the whole thing because I was working for the city.  I miss working at the pool that was so much fun, but I love doing the Lord’s work more, its WAY more rewarding!  For the 4th all of the missionaries in this zone went to one of the senior couple’s house and we just had a bbq and hung out and played ukulele and cruised.  A couple people shot off fireworks at the park close by, but that was all of the fireworks I saw.  
4th O' July fun!
Hey Elder Bowlby, you got something in your teeth!
Me, Elder Bowlby and Sister Moyes
Elder Bowlby jowling.  Check out those lips!
Yeah, the golf course we go to is junk!  The only reason we go there is because it’s cheap and its 9 holes, I just rent the clubs from the clubhouse.  To play 9 holes and rent is $23.  Turtle Bay is gorgeous, there is no comparison to the one we play at.  

Well, we just got transfer news last night and I’m staying another transfer in Laie!  haha man I guess they really don’t like to move me around that much.  I’ve been in 2 areas in 1 year.  At the end of this new transfer it will pretty much be my year mark.  Yeah its nuts, and bolts.  The only thing I’m worried about is the work.  It’s been pretty dang slow up here lately because there are so many members and it’s just really hard to find new solid investigators.  We are still working with Cody.  Hopefully he will be able to commit to a date!  With Michele we are still trying to set up an appt. with her but her parents said that she can’t be baptized so its pretty much lame.  I don’t know, last transfer was allright, I kind of felt as though Elder Bowlby and I didn’t try as hard as we could have.  I felt when we were on bikes we did a lot better because be planned more carefully and we didn’t waste any time while on the bikes.  When we got a car it was easy to be a little more laid back and get a little sloppy.  I knew it needed to change though.  
Leadership meeting with Elder Steve Allen
Sister Moon
Me, Elder Anderson, Elder Carrel, Sister Looney and Sister Bowser.  This was after the leadership training
Last Friday we had a leadership meeting with Steve Allen (guy who wrote Preach My Gospel and directed the District) The head honcho of the church over missionary work.  He taught us so many great things and he told me exactly what I needed to hear to get my mind re focused and ready to go!  One thing he told us was that "if you always do what you always did, you will always get the same result”.  That really stuck out to me because sometimes as missionaries you get yourself into a rut especially in planning and seeing the same people over and over.  We are definitely going to change that up this next transfer.  Another really cool thing was that he promised us, in the name of Jesus Christ that if we can master chapter 8 in PMG on our missions and after our missions then he said whatever income we make it will be tripled.  Pretty neat huh?  That training really helped me out.  He talked about tracting and how we should pretty much get rid of it.  He asked us if tracting was effective and we said no, not really then he was like well then why do you keep planning to do something that isn’t effective... a light bulb went on in all of our heads hahah.  

We also had a mini missionary with us from Friday to Sunday.  It was really cool, I didn’t know this but they actually set the mini missionaries apart for 3 days.  It’s way cool.  The mini we got was Elder Niumatalolo from Laie.  It was funny because he said the first time he saw us he was like "dang, I hope I don’t go with those elders... I'll probably end up punching them” ha-ha.  Everything turned out great!  He really liked us and he had a great time and he told us how he can’t wait to go on a mission.  He was less active before he came out with us.
Elder Niumatalolo (mini missionary)
  We’re going to try a lot harder this next transfer so we can see the miracles come in.  Its just hard sometimes when there’s not that much work to do, but some of our plans are to go on splits like a banshee with the elders quorums, and to just go and visit every single member on the ward list and get to know them and gain their trust.  That’s some of our plans for right now on how were going to tackle this next transfer here in Laie.  
Laie Leaders
 So yeah I will probably get my associates at BYU-I and then transfer to Provo.  It would makes things a lot smoother that way.  I’m scheduled to go back to school like right when I get home but I’m hoping that ill be able to jump in like the second quarter of the fall semester 2013.  Maybe you can look into the possibility of that for me?  I just want to have a little time at home so I can be with all of you instead of just jumping right into it.  Thanks for sending the cookies they were bomb!  I cant believe its almost my b day!?  Big 2-0 for me that’s so weird!  Well I have choke pictures to send you because I took a bunch this week, but I love all of you so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Gardner

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Already July?


It seems like you guys had a solid week!  I also had a solid week as well.  It’s crazy to see that our family has turned into a bunch of golfers now.  That’s awesome!  I can’t wait to come back and golf with you and destroy all of you!  haha jk... but seriously.  Elder Bowlby and I went golfing last p-day and we’re going to go again today.  He's way good at golf, he played in high school and his dad is a international golf teaching pro.  His dad is teaching Charles Barkley how to swing so we don’t have to cry when we see him break his club on the first tee. We golf at Kahuku golf course.  It’s not really nice but its right by the ocean so that’s pretty cool.  I have some pictures I’ll send.  We really want to go golf at Turtle Bay but its soo expensive!  
This is obviously the cool hole on the course...
The rest of the course is pretty cheesy!
It sounds as though the fundraisers and auctions went very well to help pay for Sam’s medical expenses!  I’m glad to know that being on a mission is helping my family back at home.  My pants size is 34 so just get me any color that would be good and yeah I like the pants they have at Pomeroy’s, just don’t get me the pants that need to be dry cleaned because I rarely ever get my stuff dry cleaned it to much of a hassle.  

So this week was pretty dang solid.  Only one bad thing happened that I can think of and that is with Michele.  We talked to the Yuens (family that is fellowshipping) and they had talked to Michele’s mom and her mom said that she couldn’t get baptized... she's only 16 so she has to wait till she's 18.  We have an appt. with her this Tuesday so we’re going to find out what the deal is and get down to the nitty gritty!  We are still working with Cody.  He's solid but he just has a couple of concerns that were trying to work out.  He asks solid questions and I’m sure he knows that the church is true, I think he is just scared of the commitment and what it will do to his social life.  Every time we commit him to baptism he always says that he will "keep it open"  he will never commit... Oh well, I really pray that he will come to know for himself that this is true and this is what needs to happen in his life.  Same with Michele, I pray that her parent’s hearts may be softened.  We’re still meeting with Mike and them.  We found out that they are leaving.  The owner of the house is kicking them out because they broke some of the rules and the owner had told them many times to stop before.  It’s sad to see great guys who have a lot of potential throw it away.  Maybe this is what they need in their life right now so it can really kickstart a pathway to success or something.  I know that Nick is moving back to Utah and Mike is going to try and stay for a little bit.  (by the way they added me on Facebook so you can look up their profile to see who I’m talking about)  I love those guys and I really have enjoyed being with them and being able to teach them.  They have told us many times how much of a help that we have been to them so that really makes me feel good.  Plus, they said after the mission they want to see us and they said that we could always stay with them and they would hook us up! 
A beautiful Hawaiian sunset
Climbing a coconut tree 
A typical Hawaiian farm
 It was really cool yesterday was testimony meeting and Mike and Nick got up all by themselves and bore their testimonies.  That was awesome to see!  They said they haven’t born their testimonies in like 15 years and nick said this was the first time he has ever fasted in his life!  Oh yeah that’s funny mom that you bring up the patriarchal blessings because I actually read all yours and mine yesterday.  I just felt like I should read them.  ha-ha that’s funny that you read them also.  I was able to bear my testimony in Hau’ula 3rd ward also.  We taught Gospel Doctrine in the YSA ward yesterday and we taught on missionary work and right after the lesson we got 2 referrals!  Sweet!  So that was a success for sure, then we stayed and had break the fast with them.  Yesterday night after I did my accounting and numbers we were outside with Elder Beutler and Pritchard and we saw the biggest centipede of my life!  It was disgusting!  I took pictures of it so you can see what kind of demon insects we have in Hawaii.  

Check out these demon insects!!!!
So yesterday we also took one of our less active members through the visitors center to see God's Plan.  Man, I’m such a baby - I cried during it!  And the sisters were giving us a tour so I was like "ughh!"  You should totally watch it when your down at the visitors center in Mesa if they have it.  So that’s pretty much what happened this week.  I went on exchanges with Elder Menlove (ZL) on Friday and we found a new investigator, but he’s not really solid.  Elder Menlove is a beast!  He has taught me so much.  That’s about it for me.  Thanks for updating me on things like sports and stuff back home.  I want to know everything!  Don’t worry I’m able to practice my golf out here a little so I’ll be able to keep up with you guys when I get back.  Well love you all the most and have a great week!

Elder Gardner