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Monday, July 23, 2012

Big 2-0


Wow, I can’t believe my I’m going to be 20 tomorrow.  That just blows my mind!  Remember my last birthday I went and camped out on the baseball field with JD, that really doesn’t feel like that long ago.  I wont have the term "teen" after my age anymore and that’s super crazy!  Yeah, I’ve been hearing all about this Colorado massacre... that’s so sad.  It’s really scary because it was just in some random theatre in Colorado.  I guess that could happen anywhere.  Have you seen the new batman yet?  Everyone says it’s amazing.  I guess I’ll find out when I get back home when it’s on DVD, haha.  So I just got you package.  Thank you so much for the presents they were awesome!  The pants were sweet!  I’m wearing the slim ones right now as we speak.  The ties are great!  Where do you get those Jon Van Dyke ties?  They are really good!  Everyone is jealous of my ties and they all want my ties.  I just tell them that my mom picked them out and has good taste:).  Dad you said that you sent the clown question bro shirt?  It wasn’t in the package... I was just wondering but if you didn’t send it that’s totally cool, no worries.  It continues to amaze me how much others really care about our family.  People really do have the light of Christ and they have charity in their hearts.  Sometimes it’s easy to judge or overlook that but its there in everyone.  Awesome!  Hey dad I was in jack in the box the other day and this song came on that reminded me of you, I cant remember the band name but the words went like this "Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray" haha I just thought I would tell you that.  

So this week was a baller week.  Even though we didn’t really have to many lessons a lot of good things happened.  So the beginning of the week we were able to go to Pearl Harbor again and do some service on the U.S.S Missouri.  That was really cool.  I always like going and doing service over there because we always get a tour of the ship after were done.  I just helped out on trying to recover some of the teak, which they use on the ships deck.  Our zone is doing great right now, were about to make history!  We have I think 15 baptisms right now and we have 12 with a date right now in the zone, so that makes 27.  I think we’re going to get a few more with a date by the end of the month so we could bump it up to 30!  To let you know this has never been done before in the mission’s history!  The high water mark for any zone in the mission in a month is 23 and that was set 2 months ago.  Were about to get 30, blowing the previous record out of the water, and doubling the Laie zone high water mark which is 14, which also has never been done in the missions history (doubling our high water mark).  So this next week is going to be pretty dang crazy!  I just feel bad because Elder Bowlby and I haven’t really contributed.  We were trying so hard to get a baptism this month and it just never came.  We actually had one set for the 28th and it was solid but they cancelled our appointment yesterday which was going to have the interview and everything and so now he (Chance) wants to get baptized on the 4th... which is good because he’s getting baptized but a little bit of a bummer because its not in July.  We got a new investigator this week as well and set up appointments with 2 other potential investigators.  All of them are in the singles ward haha.  The new investigator that we got came from this guy in the singles ward named Wes.  He’s kind of dating this girl and he wanted us to come over and teach her so we did and we just felt inspired to show this little Mormon message about forgiveness.  Turns out it was exactly what both of them needed to hear.  Wes told us to come back every Thursday to teach her.  Wes is tight, he was nice enough to hook us up with a free round of golf today at Turtle Bay!  The Arnold Palmer course, which is a PGA course!  It was sick!  Everything was free except for the breakfast and I had to buy a collar shirt because I didn’t have one and they required us to wear one... So now I pretty much don’t have any money... It was worth it though!  That was one of the nicest courses I’ve ever played on.  Wolf creek was a little better but this one comes in at a close 2nd.  The rental clubs we used were Titleist AP1, they were dope!  Dad I’ll probably just send you the shirt that I bought you will probably like it.  I don’t really have any more use for it because I probably won’t golf there.  So I’ll just send it to you and you can have it.  It’s an Oakley golf shirt.  We had a guy golf with us from Kentucky he wasn’t that good at golf but neither was I so it was all G.  I had a blast and I got some good pictures but ill send them to you next week.  The guy from Kentucky was drinking beer the whole time haha but he was a really nice guy with a sweet southern accent.  
Turtle Bay - Sweet!
I look pretty cool but can't match the coolness of Elder Bowlby with those shades!
Another cool thing that happened this week was EFY.  All the elders in the zone got called to come help at EFY.  We just split up and were with a certain group of youth and we just answered their questions about missionary work, life, and other things.  Surprisingly I was able to answer all their questions.  It was a cool experience.  I haven’t been to EFY in ages!  I met a kid there that played baseball with Jake and he also knew Joey haha small world.  Well that’s about it for me and this week.  We have a lot of potential for next week investigator wise so I’m just praying that it will all work out! 
The studlys at EFY!
Well I'll send you some pictures next week and thanks again for the birthday package that was awesome!  You always pick out the best ties.  Hope you have a great week and have fun, if your not having fun then your doing something wrong.  Oh yeah,  I don’t know if its possible but President Dalton is really pushing us to vote this year, so if you can send me an absentee ballot so I can fill it out or something.  If you can’t, then no worries.  Well, love you the most!

Elder Gardner

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