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Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Already July?


It seems like you guys had a solid week!  I also had a solid week as well.  It’s crazy to see that our family has turned into a bunch of golfers now.  That’s awesome!  I can’t wait to come back and golf with you and destroy all of you!  haha jk... but seriously.  Elder Bowlby and I went golfing last p-day and we’re going to go again today.  He's way good at golf, he played in high school and his dad is a international golf teaching pro.  His dad is teaching Charles Barkley how to swing so we don’t have to cry when we see him break his club on the first tee. We golf at Kahuku golf course.  It’s not really nice but its right by the ocean so that’s pretty cool.  I have some pictures I’ll send.  We really want to go golf at Turtle Bay but its soo expensive!  
This is obviously the cool hole on the course...
The rest of the course is pretty cheesy!
It sounds as though the fundraisers and auctions went very well to help pay for Sam’s medical expenses!  I’m glad to know that being on a mission is helping my family back at home.  My pants size is 34 so just get me any color that would be good and yeah I like the pants they have at Pomeroy’s, just don’t get me the pants that need to be dry cleaned because I rarely ever get my stuff dry cleaned it to much of a hassle.  

So this week was pretty dang solid.  Only one bad thing happened that I can think of and that is with Michele.  We talked to the Yuens (family that is fellowshipping) and they had talked to Michele’s mom and her mom said that she couldn’t get baptized... she's only 16 so she has to wait till she's 18.  We have an appt. with her this Tuesday so we’re going to find out what the deal is and get down to the nitty gritty!  We are still working with Cody.  He's solid but he just has a couple of concerns that were trying to work out.  He asks solid questions and I’m sure he knows that the church is true, I think he is just scared of the commitment and what it will do to his social life.  Every time we commit him to baptism he always says that he will "keep it open"  he will never commit... Oh well, I really pray that he will come to know for himself that this is true and this is what needs to happen in his life.  Same with Michele, I pray that her parent’s hearts may be softened.  We’re still meeting with Mike and them.  We found out that they are leaving.  The owner of the house is kicking them out because they broke some of the rules and the owner had told them many times to stop before.  It’s sad to see great guys who have a lot of potential throw it away.  Maybe this is what they need in their life right now so it can really kickstart a pathway to success or something.  I know that Nick is moving back to Utah and Mike is going to try and stay for a little bit.  (by the way they added me on Facebook so you can look up their profile to see who I’m talking about)  I love those guys and I really have enjoyed being with them and being able to teach them.  They have told us many times how much of a help that we have been to them so that really makes me feel good.  Plus, they said after the mission they want to see us and they said that we could always stay with them and they would hook us up! 
A beautiful Hawaiian sunset
Climbing a coconut tree 
A typical Hawaiian farm
 It was really cool yesterday was testimony meeting and Mike and Nick got up all by themselves and bore their testimonies.  That was awesome to see!  They said they haven’t born their testimonies in like 15 years and nick said this was the first time he has ever fasted in his life!  Oh yeah that’s funny mom that you bring up the patriarchal blessings because I actually read all yours and mine yesterday.  I just felt like I should read them.  ha-ha that’s funny that you read them also.  I was able to bear my testimony in Hau’ula 3rd ward also.  We taught Gospel Doctrine in the YSA ward yesterday and we taught on missionary work and right after the lesson we got 2 referrals!  Sweet!  So that was a success for sure, then we stayed and had break the fast with them.  Yesterday night after I did my accounting and numbers we were outside with Elder Beutler and Pritchard and we saw the biggest centipede of my life!  It was disgusting!  I took pictures of it so you can see what kind of demon insects we have in Hawaii.  

Check out these demon insects!!!!
So yesterday we also took one of our less active members through the visitors center to see God's Plan.  Man, I’m such a baby - I cried during it!  And the sisters were giving us a tour so I was like "ughh!"  You should totally watch it when your down at the visitors center in Mesa if they have it.  So that’s pretty much what happened this week.  I went on exchanges with Elder Menlove (ZL) on Friday and we found a new investigator, but he’s not really solid.  Elder Menlove is a beast!  He has taught me so much.  That’s about it for me.  Thanks for updating me on things like sports and stuff back home.  I want to know everything!  Don’t worry I’m able to practice my golf out here a little so I’ll be able to keep up with you guys when I get back.  Well love you all the most and have a great week!

Elder Gardner

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