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Monday, July 9, 2012

Six Months in Laie


Thanks for the pictures!  Its good to see everyone and even a little bit of the house - hahah.  Man, Jojo is huge!  Are her teeth always showing like that?  That’s so funny I can’t wait to see her again, I doubt she will remember me but oh well.  Dang Ben you’re a stud!  Keep up the awesomeness and keep working hard.  You’re going to be legit in high school.  Sometimes I wish I would have tried harder in sports in high school.  I feel like I could have done better but of course that natural man kicked in and I got lazy sometimes.  I’m glad you had an awesome 4th of July.  That’s crazy you didn’t even go to the fireworks.  I was just thinking about last year during 4th of July how they didn’t have fireworks and I still had to work the whole thing because I was working for the city.  I miss working at the pool that was so much fun, but I love doing the Lord’s work more, its WAY more rewarding!  For the 4th all of the missionaries in this zone went to one of the senior couple’s house and we just had a bbq and hung out and played ukulele and cruised.  A couple people shot off fireworks at the park close by, but that was all of the fireworks I saw.  
4th O' July fun!
Hey Elder Bowlby, you got something in your teeth!
Me, Elder Bowlby and Sister Moyes
Elder Bowlby jowling.  Check out those lips!
Yeah, the golf course we go to is junk!  The only reason we go there is because it’s cheap and its 9 holes, I just rent the clubs from the clubhouse.  To play 9 holes and rent is $23.  Turtle Bay is gorgeous, there is no comparison to the one we play at.  

Well, we just got transfer news last night and I’m staying another transfer in Laie!  haha man I guess they really don’t like to move me around that much.  I’ve been in 2 areas in 1 year.  At the end of this new transfer it will pretty much be my year mark.  Yeah its nuts, and bolts.  The only thing I’m worried about is the work.  It’s been pretty dang slow up here lately because there are so many members and it’s just really hard to find new solid investigators.  We are still working with Cody.  Hopefully he will be able to commit to a date!  With Michele we are still trying to set up an appt. with her but her parents said that she can’t be baptized so its pretty much lame.  I don’t know, last transfer was allright, I kind of felt as though Elder Bowlby and I didn’t try as hard as we could have.  I felt when we were on bikes we did a lot better because be planned more carefully and we didn’t waste any time while on the bikes.  When we got a car it was easy to be a little more laid back and get a little sloppy.  I knew it needed to change though.  
Leadership meeting with Elder Steve Allen
Sister Moon
Me, Elder Anderson, Elder Carrel, Sister Looney and Sister Bowser.  This was after the leadership training
Last Friday we had a leadership meeting with Steve Allen (guy who wrote Preach My Gospel and directed the District) The head honcho of the church over missionary work.  He taught us so many great things and he told me exactly what I needed to hear to get my mind re focused and ready to go!  One thing he told us was that "if you always do what you always did, you will always get the same result”.  That really stuck out to me because sometimes as missionaries you get yourself into a rut especially in planning and seeing the same people over and over.  We are definitely going to change that up this next transfer.  Another really cool thing was that he promised us, in the name of Jesus Christ that if we can master chapter 8 in PMG on our missions and after our missions then he said whatever income we make it will be tripled.  Pretty neat huh?  That training really helped me out.  He talked about tracting and how we should pretty much get rid of it.  He asked us if tracting was effective and we said no, not really then he was like well then why do you keep planning to do something that isn’t effective... a light bulb went on in all of our heads hahah.  

We also had a mini missionary with us from Friday to Sunday.  It was really cool, I didn’t know this but they actually set the mini missionaries apart for 3 days.  It’s way cool.  The mini we got was Elder Niumatalolo from Laie.  It was funny because he said the first time he saw us he was like "dang, I hope I don’t go with those elders... I'll probably end up punching them” ha-ha.  Everything turned out great!  He really liked us and he had a great time and he told us how he can’t wait to go on a mission.  He was less active before he came out with us.
Elder Niumatalolo (mini missionary)
  We’re going to try a lot harder this next transfer so we can see the miracles come in.  Its just hard sometimes when there’s not that much work to do, but some of our plans are to go on splits like a banshee with the elders quorums, and to just go and visit every single member on the ward list and get to know them and gain their trust.  That’s some of our plans for right now on how were going to tackle this next transfer here in Laie.  
Laie Leaders
 So yeah I will probably get my associates at BYU-I and then transfer to Provo.  It would makes things a lot smoother that way.  I’m scheduled to go back to school like right when I get home but I’m hoping that ill be able to jump in like the second quarter of the fall semester 2013.  Maybe you can look into the possibility of that for me?  I just want to have a little time at home so I can be with all of you instead of just jumping right into it.  Thanks for sending the cookies they were bomb!  I cant believe its almost my b day!?  Big 2-0 for me that’s so weird!  Well I have choke pictures to send you because I took a bunch this week, but I love all of you so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Gardner

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