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Monday, August 20, 2012

Get In the Zone - Maui Zone!

China Man's Hat 
Some really cool valley

Dang this week has been jam packed full of so many awesome things that it will blow your mind!  First off though, it’s great to hear that everyone is doing well with everything.  Ben is a stud in soccer.  Guarantee he will be better than me then when I was in high school.  I am proud of him.  Its good to hear that Sam is doing good, well except for the nerve problems and the eating.  That’s really cool that he is thinking about golf instead of baseball, not saying that baseball is lame or anything, but I can see him going far in golf.  Speaking of golf we actually went golfing today for the last time at Kahuku, the junk course by the ocean haha, it was fun. I feel like I’m getting a lot better with everything except for my drives.  I can’t drive at all!  Also, I got letters from the Sargents and Joey was telling me how he is the best in the region and one of the best in the state.  What a stud!  Glad to hear that surgeries are going well and that mom is continuing to be the best mom in the world.  
Elders Johnson, Menlove and Bowlby at Kahuku Golf Course
So we got transfer calls last night and I’m leaving!  After 6 months in Laie, I’m finally leaving haha.  It actually is really kind of bittersweet because I really came to love this area and all the people in this area and in the wards that I served in.  It’s a bummer because so many good things started happening right when transfers came up.  Typical in missionary work.  So I’m getting transferred to Maui!  How sick is that?!  Maui I heard is like the tightest place ever!  The Lord is truly blessing me by sending me to Laie and then to Maui!  Not only am I just getting transferred there, I also got called to be a Zone Leader over there.  I’m going to be companions with Elder Carrel that came out with me.  I don’t know if you remember him but we were in the MTC together.  I’m soooo stoked about that!  We’ll be zone leaders together.  I leave on Wednesday so next email to you will have updates and pictures of Maui!  So yeah the baptism that we had scheduled for last Saturday fell through... I was super bummed.  He still wants to be baptized and stuff but he cancelled both lessons we had last week, and I think that they are still trying to work out some legal issues since he is a foster kid.  Guarantee he will get baptized in a couple weeks, same with Aygee (the one who had a dream that Elder Bowlby and I baptized her) and maybe Chenoa.  So yeah so many great things are happening right now in this area and I’m leaving it... oh well.  
Michele, our investigator
Sherif, our investigator
Aygee, our investigator
So yeah fire knives, Jay (guy in singles ward) showed us how to fire knife dance so I have some pretty sick pictures that I’ll send you on that.  
These pics are of me fire dancing with my fire knives

I’ve had a lot of food this week!  I’m still sitting pretty steady at 175 lbs so I’m not that skinny son that you used to have haha.  Speaking of food, Mom I wanted to tell you a little secret on homemade bread that you should try.  So when you make it, instead of using regular milk, use coconut milk, it tastes sooo good!  Also we went to a bbq last week with one of our members, Will.  We had so much food, and he invited all his friends from work.  I got to talking with one of his friends and found out he was from St. George and I was like hey, I used to live there.  So we started talking and he asked me If I had ever seen Sand Hollow pool and I was like yeah my dad used to work there, and he’s like "who’s your dad?" I said "Dirk Gardner" he said "No way!  I know your dad when he was here but then you guys moved to Show Low right?"  So yeah, his name is Kaleb Gibson.  Do you know him dad?  We went to another Luau on Saturday with our singles ward and we helped make the Umu and prepare the Otai, then we came back and feasted!  It was the best Luau I’ve ever been to!  
Making the Umu
I husked this coconut myself!
The Luau feast! I'm a stiff Haole who has a hard time sitting Indian style!  
I can’t believe Kade is already home!?  Did you know he was Carson's ZL in Texas?  Man that was fast!  And Brad also?  That’s crazy!  Dang all those girls from our ward like Jess, and Melanie are already in college?!  Dude, that’s weird!  I was thinking they were on their senior year or something... Holy cow that’s nuts! So I just finished reading the Doctrine and Covenants.  Man, I got to say that I love the scriptures sooooo much!  I've never learned so much in my life then by reading the scriptures!  D&C is amazing!  So many great things in that book.  So now I’ve read everything except the Old Testament on my mission.  I’ve finished the Book of Mormon, New Testament, D&C, and the Pearl of Great Price.  I’m super close to finishing Jesus the Christ.  I only have a couple of chapters left.  That’s also an amazing book!  Jam packed full of great things!  I remember dad telling me that he read it on his mission so I had to read it on mine.  Well that’s pretty much all that has happened this week.  A lot of stuff it’s been crazy!  I heard that Elder Limb is on Maui so that would make me zone leader over my trainer... that will be weird... So yeah, I’ll probably just go to the dentist in Maui so if you could just put some money on my card because I don’t think I have that much.  I'll just go to the dentist there.  
Sui with us at the Visitor's Center 
The Yuens
Puau and Iva
Well I love you all so much and I look forward to hearing about your week and all the great things that happen.  Love you the most!

Elder Gardner

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