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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, August 13, 2012

How Am I Doing?

I am doing great!  This week was a bomb week, a lot of stuff happened which was great!  Sounds to me like everyone is staying busy back at home and school and work is also going great!  Hawaiian Haystacks - haha that’s funny, yeah that’s not even known over here.  I tell people that I used to eat Hawaiian haystacks and they just laugh.  I don’t know who invented that but I think the only reason they would call it Hawaiian is because of the pineapples.  My tooth is actually doing a lot better also, it doesn’t really hurt anymore.  I can stop by a dentist but there aren’t really any here in Laie, and I don’t know how much it costs because the mission medical doesn’t cover the dentist.  Dang, I can’t believe you are going to Lake Powell again you are so lucky!!  Yeah, I would love to come back here and show you around and do all the things that I couldn’t do before, and plus its the winter so the north shore will be poppin’.  The waves are HUGE in the winter.  
Me, Michele (our investigator) and Elder Bowlby
 So yeah this week was sick!  We taught a bunch of lessons this week!  We almost had 20 lessons but it came out to be 18.  Our investigators that we have right now are golden!  We have 4 solid investigators.  One of them is getting baptized on the 18th so that’s right before transfers so I’ll have 2 baptisms for August!  I know that the other ones will probably end up getting baptized but it will probably be when I leave... which is a bummer that I can’t see them all the way through but hey at least they are going to make it there.  Thursday was awesome!  President Dalton came up and we all went to the PCC and we went to prime dining and then hit up the Night Show after that.  The Night Show was incredible!  When you guys come here we have to go to the night show for sure!  That’s like a must!  I got lucky and saw it early in my mission but I’ll still get to see it one more time at the end of my mission.  That’s what you get when you double your high water mark haha.  Elder Bowlby and I are in the process of making a fire knife.  Some of the members in our singles ward are helping us make one then we will spin it on Friday night and we'll get some pictures.  Its going to look sick!!  
Right before we went into prime dining.  Ive gained like 20 pounds i weigh 175 now haha
Two show people and Elder Sheranian
This guy was like the main actor dude at PCC
So yesterday it was super weird!  We have this investigator that we just got and we had only taught him once and we didn’t really get to know him but yesterday we were trying to get to know him, so we followed up with the reading assignment that we left him which was to read 1 verse everyday and he was like "Yeah man, I actually have been reading everyday"  We were like holy cow that’s awesome!  So we were asking about his family and stuff and he told us his dad’s side are all members but his moms side is "Community of Christ".  So we asked him what that was and he was like, well let me show you.  So he brings out this book and all it says on the cover is "Holy Scriptures" and I was like ok a Bible.  I turned to look on the spine of the book and I was shocked!  It said the Bible, The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.  Dude, the guy was RLDS or "Community of Christ".  They believe everything that we do except they branched off when Brigham Young became prophet and they have their own prophet named like president Villi or something and they also believe women can hold the priesthood... They followed Emma Smith and her sons... it was nuts!  I was like shoot, well we were going to actually teach you the restoration, but since you already believe in it then never mind haha.  So that was my crazy story for the week.  Hey I have a question mom, you know the blanket you made me?  I still use it but I kind of need to wash it.  How do I go about doing that?  Dang, everything is going so good right now its amazing!  I’m so happy with everything that is going on its great.  I’ve never been sick once on my mission.  I haven’t gotten sick in like 2 or 3 years its awesome!  I really feel like I’m going to be transferred though.  Like I’m almost positive that I am, but that’s alright I’m kind of ready to move on but kind of sad that I’m leaving so much great stuff behind... I guess that’s the way it goes though...  
Elder Bowlby and myself after teaching a lesson
With an investigator.  Notice the house with a complete open wall.  No way to lock this house! 
Elder Bowlby writing a letter while I am writing my testimony in a Book of Mormon for our investigator.
Well that’s about it for me this week.  It was a bomb week!  We are about to go to Kualoa Ranch and do some movie tours so ill be able to let you know how that goes next week and also I’ll be able to let you know if I’m getting transferred or not and probably if I’m going to be a ZL so yeah its going to be crazy!  Sorry Emmi and Hal I cant write you back right now because I got to bounce but I love you both, you are both studs!  Have a great week and I love you the most!  Laterzz

Elder Gardner

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