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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mega Freaking Chill

Those pictures were dope of all of you at Carlsbad.  I want to go there so bad!  Actually, I was thinking about it and the only place I want to go is Lake Powell.  That’s like my favorite place ever!  All of you are growing up so fast, jeeze!  Sam is going to be a sophomore and Ben in 8th grade?!  Ahh, that’s so weird to think that next year he'll be in high school but at least I’ll be home to watch his games and stuff.  Wow, Jacob Carter is almost home?  That went by soo fast!  You'll have to let me know how he has changed and stuff that should be interesting.  Well, school has already started over here, they start early over here, so be grateful that you have an extra week to cruise.  haha Jojo looks sooo funny when she is all swollen ha dang, CLASSIC.   
Elder Johnson
-Dinner with the Keithleys (they are a newlywed couple, they remind me of Hal and Emmi)
This week was bomb!  A lot of good things happened this week.  On Tuesday we went on exchanges.  I went with Elder Johnson in his area and Elder Bowlby went with Elder Menlove in ours.  It was cool being with Elder Johnson, he taught me a lot of good things.  He also taught me how to write songs so I’m starting to write some songs right now so when I get home I can just jam.  A lot of good things happened when Elder Bowlby was in our area.  They taught a new investigator in the Samoan ward that wants to be baptized!  His name is Alika and we’re going to try and baptize him on the 18th right before transfers!  They also taught Michele.  I don’t know if you remember me talking about her but they taught her and she was just a brick wall.  She wasn’t receptive at all.  She was almost anti in some of the comments she was making so that was a bummer.  They set up another appointment with her for Sunday so I’ll tell you about that lesson in just a bit.  Wed, Thur, and Fri were pretty normal not too much happened but Saturday we had a baptism!!  Chance got baptized!  I was stoked about that.  Everything went well.  His cousin baptized him and had to do it like 7 times because he wasn’t saying the prayer right haha and he also got confirmed after the baptism which doesn’t usually happen but he wanted to because he didn’t want to get up in front of everyone on Sunday and do it, he's really shy and plus his family insisted on it.  Everything was great though.  
Me, Chance, and Elder Bowlby at Chance's baptism
We went to 2 parties on Saturday also, it was tight!  I had so much food but it was a lot of fun.  Everyone has parties here its ridiculous!  There not just little small parties but they're huge!  With all the food you can imagine.  Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about this one investigator that we have.  His name is Shareef.  He grew up in Egypt and moved over here and has been here ever since.  He's into trading commodities and that’s how he makes his money.  Anyways the way we found him was by service tracting last transfer and we have been meeting him on and off ever since.  This last week we had 2 really good visits with him.  He always tells us that he can only meet with us for like 10 min. but we stay over there for like 2 hours haha.  It’s really good though because we’re able to get to know him and his likes and background and stuff.  He really likes us now and considers us his good friends.  He told us that he really likes how we’re so positive in our church and he wants to be around more positive people.  Long story short, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read and he said that he wanted to come to church!  When we followed up with him the other day we asked if he had read and he was like yeah just a little I only read 25 pages...  We were both like HECK YA!  That’s awesome!  You can barely get members to read that much sometimes!  He said that once he read everything started going good on his trading!  He's golden!  So back to Sunday - Sunday was awesome!  I guess they are splitting all the singles wards and BYU ward and making them all singles wards and all the boundaries are changing.  It’s supposed to happen the 26th or something, transfers are the 22nd.. Whew! Dodged that hurricane haha that’s going to be crazy!  We taught Michele on Sunday and I was expecting to go in and have her be full of attitude and anti-Mormon comments but it wasn’t really like that.  We showed her the Safety for the Soul talk by Jeffery R. Holland and the spirit was sooo strong during the lesson and then we both just bore our testimonies.  It was kind of like a do or die lesson, she either accepts it and we continue teaching her or she shows no interest and we drop her.  She said she still wants to read the Book of Mormon and that she had actually highlighted some verses and stuff so it was sick!  There’s still a chance for Michele!  Alright so last miracle I want to tell you.  In the singles ward there is this guy named Ka'i.  He's the Sunday School president and he works for the airlines and he met this girl named Aygee at work.  She's Philippino, and he ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and she read it in like 3 months.  The only nutty thing is she lives in Honolulu, but she still comes to our ward because she has all of her friends in our ward.  We've been wanting to teach her the lessons but its been crazy lately with her working and stuff, but we just got a call today from Ka'i saying that she has been doing really good and she had a really spiritual experience in which she had a dream that she got baptized and that me and Elder Bowlby were there!!! How crazy is that!  So were going to try and get her baptized on the 18th.  So we could have 2 baptisms on the 18th!  I’m stoked!  Everything is so good right now, I love it!  That’s about all the good stuff that happened this week.  
My camera can do this!
 Well, I just wanted to wish Mom a happy birthday!  I love you so much mom!  You’re the best mom in the whole world.  You’re like the definition of a "Missionary Mom".  I’m going to be sending a package home pretty soon of stuff that I’ve collected so you can just go through it and stuff.  I heard this quote yesterday and I really liked it, it goes: "Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened".  Well, I love you all so much and thanks for the pictures!  Keep sending more.  

Love you the most

Elder Gardner

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