Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, August 27, 2012

Moppin' Up Maui

This is Chenoa, one of our investigators in Laie.
One last night with the Miyasaki's.

Dang this week was nuts!!  Again so much has happened that I can’t even explain, it’s so crazy.  Glad to hear that everyone is doing good though!  I can’t believe that you going to Lake Powell this week.  It seems like we were all there the other day.  How much time does Brett have left on his mission?  Sounds like school and work is going good.  That’s cool that Sam is just deciding to stick with golf.  At least he will be able to play golf the rest of his life.  Benjee you’re a stud bro!  I wish I could watch your games so bad, good thing next year I’ll be home just in time to watch you play freshman soccer!  Keep practicing hard and you'll be the best in no time!  Sam keep practicing golf too.  I’m sure you’re already way better than me... dang!  Oh well, you'll have to give me pointers when I get home.  You know what’s crazy?  On Friday I hit my year mark.  It’s soooo crazy I’ve been out this long and the time just keeps going by faster and faster.  After Friday I can officially say that I have less than a year left.
This is Will, he's way tight! 
This is George.  We re-activated him.
So Maui is awesome!  I love it so much its kind of weird actually,  many parts of this island remind me of Arizona so its actually really cool.  There is only one zone in Maui and it actually covers two other islands as well, Lanai and Molokai so we actually get to take the ferry to those islands and go on exchanges!  Pretty neat huh?  All the islands are a little different.  Maui is pretty dry and hot but they have some pretty sweet places here like Kihei and Lahaina.  The area I cover is the smallest area in the zone; it’s all Hawaiian homes.  Yeah, Elder Carrel is my comp.  He’s tight!  Yeah, he totally called that we were going to be companions in the mission.  We get along great and he and Elder Mortensen were the ones that I would get along with the best.  We’re going to have a lot of fun this transfer for sure!  Our goal for September is 20 baptisms and I’m sure we will make it!  Zone Leader is crazy though, we have so much stuff to do and it sometimes makes me feel like were not being diligent because we have to take care of other stuff and we don’t have as much time to go and work.  I don’t get to bed on time either because were always doing stuff, so I’m always tired.  One cool thing though is that we always have to be excited and pump up the zone so were always yelling and screaming and stuff to get the zone stoked on reaching the high water mark.  The ward and area I’m in is called Waiehu.  The members are awesome!  I had no difficulty fitting in, it almost felt natural to be around them and talk with them even though I’m brand new.  Maybe I’m just used to switching wards so its not that big of a deal anymore?  We had a lot of good things happen these past couple days.  So when I came into the zone the whole zone only had 5 with a baptismal date and since yesterday it moved up to 13!  Elder Carrel and I saw a bunch of miracles yesterday in our area.  It was crazy yesterday a bunch of members had people for us to teach so we got 3 new investigators yesterday and we committed one to baptism and she has a date for the 15th!  We also have another lesson today with a guy that some members wanted us to teach yesterday so we'll probably commit him to baptism today!  Dang, I truly know that the Lord is blessing me.  None of this would have happened if it weren't for him.  His hand is definitely in my life.  It’s great!  Maybe, because I left Laie with 3 about to be baptized?  So everything is great!  Maui is awesome, the zone is tight, I can’t complain really haha. 
This was at our lesson yesterday, Amanda is on the left.  She's the one that we committed to baptism on the 15th.  Her friend Olivia is on the right, she is in our ward. 
Sounds like Blue Ridge will dominate again this year.  It seems like sports just took off right after I graduated.  Oh yeah, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so hopefully it will go smoothly.  Hey mom look up the scripture Ether 12:40 it goes good with that scripture you sent me:)  Well, have fun at Lake Powell!  You guys are so lucky, make sure you take lots of pictures for me.  Remember last year at this time you sent me Lake Powell pictures except I was in Hilo?  Crazy.  Oh yeah quick story, so the other day Elder Carrel and I were driving to see this unbaptized kid on our list, but they live way at the edge of our area and we were going on this really, really windy road that was along the cliff and I made the mistake of looking through the area book during the drive... yeah I got car sick bad!  I never threw up though.  I just told him to pull over and I needed a long break of fresh air haha it was bad!  Well I love you all the most and have a bomb week! 
Me and Elder Carrel when I got car sick!
Elder Gardner

P.S. Maui is the second biggest island in the Hawaiian Islands

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