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Monday, September 17, 2012

Amanda's Baptism

This is in Lahaina on front street.  Lahaina is sick, we definitely have to go there.

Sorry about the lateness of this email.  We were coming into the family history center this morning to come and email and there was a guy in here trying to fix the security/anti-virus stuff so he told us to come back later... so here I am and the anti-virus stuff hasn’t even been updated at all... wow haha jk.  That’s so funny about the skunk and Jojo.  Man, isn’t that like the second time Jojo got sprayed or was that Ted the first time?  Sounds like you guys are all doing very good over there though.  That’s cool that you went to go see the play, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Broadway play or a play in general.  Dude, Sam is turning 16!  That’s nuts!!! and bolts.  I can’t believe that he's that old and driving by himself and about to go on dates... dang.  Elder Carrel was telling me how his brother went on his mission the beginning of his freshman year and when his brother came back he didn’t even recognize Elder Carrel because he was just as big as him.  Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to me.  Dad, just wait I’ll get back and I’ll just sit on you and you'll have to tap out because I weigh too much haha.  Speaking about tap out, one of the recent converts in our ward that we visit quite often has a brother in the UFC and we’re going to try and teach him.  His name is Kendall Grove - you should look him up. 

So this week was pretty bomb.  The beginning of the week started off pretty normal.  On Wednesday on of the traveling assistants came and went on splits with us.  His name is Elder Edwards.  He's way tight, and I like him a lot.  
Me and Elder Carrel with one of the AP's - Elder Edwards
So there is this new way of "OYMing" that we do now and its called the prayer approach, and basically what we do is when we go tracting instead of saying the typical "would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ or the Plan of Salvation?"  We go up and ask them if we can say a prayer with them and ask them if there is anything in particular that we can pray about for them.  And its pretty much like a priesthood blessing because we always say "under the direction of Jesus Christ."  So that has been a really good approach to find new investigators.  Well, recently we have been doing that same approach except right after the prayer we invite them to be baptized!  So this is what Elder Edwards was helping us with because it was kind of new.  So the first house we go to this guy is sitting outside waiting for his girl or something and we go up and ask if we can say a prayer with him, he accepts.  After the prayer elder Edwards invites him to be baptized!  He said Yes!  ha I was like dude!  This really works!  The guy isn’t super solid or a golden investigator but this new approach works so well!  The past three months our mission has reached over 200 new investigators!  This has never been done before.  So yeah, I just thought I would tell you about that.  Friday was really good.  We had president’s interviews.  My interview with president was short and sweet, but my interview with sister Dalton was a little different.  She asked if my health was good, and I told her that I have been getting choke bloody noses lately.  Yeah, I don’t know why ever since I got to Maui I get sooooo many bloody noses like 1 or 2 a day... It’s not good...  Any ways after we were done talking about that she just talked to me about school!  I was kind of shocked because I still have like a year left but she was talking to me about BYU-I.  I told her the situation I’m in how when I get back within a few days the track starts and I told her I might wait until the next track or something.  She told me no just jump right into it and don’t waste time.  She has a point though because honestly who would hire me in 3 months and none of my friends will be home.  I really want to try and jump in 2nd block of fall track so jump in in October so that gives me about a month.  I don’t know it was just crazy because she brought up the whole school thing and she also gave me permission to go on the school website and stuff. 

Saturday was ballin!  It was Amanda’s baptism!  That was a solid baptism!  It was crazy becasue the font is outside!  I have a picture of it that I’ll send but it was a really spiritual baptism.  She’s only 16 you know and she wanted her friends to give the talks and they both cried and she cried, and her mom who isn’t a member cried so it was really good.  So that’s #7 for me!  Hopefully, a couple more to come soon.  So yeah, that’s about it for this week!
Amanda's baptism
At Amanda's baptism with her friend who helped fellowship her
Outdoor baptismal font - pretty sweet eh?
I can’t wait to get those ties and Hank Smith cds.  Hank Smith is a baller, he's sooo funny.  So I kind of got a new watch. I hope you’re not too mad that I spent money on it but its sick don’t worry.  I have to look fresh ya know’m sayin?!  I'll save my money from now on though.  Ho brah I can’t believe I ran into the Pattens, it was crazy because we were just dropping off commissary for the elders that live by that chapel and we weren’t even going to go up there but we did any ways and we saw this couple going up to the Pulehu chapel and as we got closer I was like "what the heck they look way familiar!"  Sure enough it was the Pattens!  Haha that was crazy!  It was super nice to see them though.  Zone leader is still good, I’m liking it a lot.  It’s a ton of responsibility but each day I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Elder Carrel will get transferred in 2 weeks so I’m going to take over the biggest zone in the mission and I’ve been a zone leader 1 transfer... I got this dawg!!  Well I love all of you soooo much and hope you have a good week and have fun out there!  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner
Me, Elder Carrel and Elder Tousinga at a District Meeting

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