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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Maui Zone Pushing for 20!

It's Monday already?!  Dang time flies by so fast, it’s already week 4 of the transfer.  Nuts!!  I’m stoked to hear that all of you had a bomb time at Lake Powell.  Seriously, that is like my favorite place on earth!  Not going to lie, it kind of makes me a little trunky when you talk about wake boarding and stuff because I can’t wait to do that again!  The pictures you sent were sick, one of the emails didn’t open the pictures so I only got to see 4 pictures.  The cliff jumping pictures were awesome!  Nice shiner dad haha.  You guys are awesome for real!  Like when I get back we’re going to tear it up and do everything fun, because I just want to hang out with you guys all day! 
Elder Carrel, me, and Elder Loteba at the Pulehu chapel (first chapel in Maui) 
So yeah this week was pretty sick!  We’re doing great as a zone right now, we have 14 with a date and 4 are already baptized for September.  We’re going to hit our high water mark no doubt! No doubt in my mind.  We only need 2 more to reach 20 but we have to find a lot more to secure it, we'll get it though, I’m not trippin’. 
The Maui zone.  The background is all white because we are up in a cloud.
So in Maui, I’m in Waiehu, it’s probably the smallest zone in Maui.  We cover Waiehu Ward and Kamahameha Singles Branch.  The singles branch is cool but it wasn’t as good as the one I covered in Laie.  I got way more close to those guys, but it’s only been 4 weeks here so I just got to give it time.  The apartment complex that we live in is called Lao Parkside bldg. 15 # 201, it’s pretty nice. Missionaries have been staying there for quite sometime but its nice because we have a room that we sleep in, and a room to study in and then a family room as well so its pretty big compared to my last pads that I’ve stayed in.  So Maui zone covers 2 other islands - Moloka'i and Lanai.  The zone leaders get to take the ferry to both islands to do exchanges, which is sick!  I’m way stoked for that!  That will probably happen next transfer though.  The island that you heard about where people aren’t allowed to go to is Ni'ihau and that’s next to Kauai so its not near us.  Only full Hawaiians are aloud on that island and no one else.  They still speak Hawaiian and do everything just like how it was in the olden days.  Yeah just call my area Waiehu, Maui zone or something like that.  Waiehu is like all Hawaiian homes so they only have to pay a $1 a year for the land but you have to be part Hawaiian.  So it’s pretty cool here, there are a bunch of bomb families in our ward so I’m pretty stoked about that.  Being a ZL is pretty tight.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of it more and more.  It’s definitely a great learning experience for me but I have to say that I’ve had the most fun being a zone leader than I have my whole mission!  You know what’s crazy?  Trevan just got called as a ZL also.  He got called as a district leader the same time I did and he got called zone leader the same time I did also.  Crazy!  We have a baptism coming up on the 15th so I’m pretty excited about that.  Other than that everything is great just staying super busy and stuff but its good because it makes the time zoom by! 
Elder Carrel and I on a hike that we took in the morning
Maui looks great behind me... but my face doesn't!
I weighed myself on the scale yesterday... 176... I’m gaining a lot of weight, but its good though because I feel like I’ve filled out more than gotten fat.  My shirt collars are getting pretty tight because I think a lot of it goes to my neck... "Hey Elder Gardner, you got something on your chin.... no your other chin!"  Yeah there was actually nothing wrong with my tooth!  I still don’t have any cavities!  The streak continues!  It was actually just my gums, I guess my back tooth had shifted and there was a gap and food gets stuck in there pretty easy so it just got infected and stuff.  They numbed me up and cleaned it out and put some antibiotic in there.  It’s all-good now I have no problems.  It did cost 174$ though... but it’s good.  I’m thinking about buying a watch because I’ve had mine for a while and I need to switch it up every once in a while, but that’s about it for me.  Things continue to go great, and my companion is bomb!  Elder Carrel and I have a ton of fun together so it’s great.  Well, I love you all the most! 

Elder Gardner
There's a professional baseball player in our ward, he played for the Angels and I got his card and autograph, look for Lu'uloa on the line up.  Notice how Ripken's name is on there also!

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