Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, October 29, 2012

Molokai Adventures and Free Skateboards - wahhh!?

How’s it?

Sweet!  Fall package, I like that.  I’m excited to get that.  I know I’m fat but like its not that bad, the only thing I’m worried about is the stretch marks on my butt, they are pretty gnarly.  Everything I eat goes straight to my butt.  Not cool.  So I’m emailing you from the Wailuku library right now because we usually email at the family history center but they are redoing all the carpet in the stake center so no can do this week.  Yeah, the shark attack email you sent me is by me.  We live in Wailuku.  We were talking to one of our members and they were telling us how it is shark-breeding season right now so the sharks come a lot closer to shore.  It’s nuts!  But its also whale season so that’s pretty cool too.  Man, Its crazy to hear about all the things Sam has been going through.  I sure that Sam and Ben have both grown up a lot in the year that I’ve been gone but man its crazy to hear about the great changes that he is going through.  Dude, holding up the "I’m Single" sign at a volleyball game haha - I don’t think I could do that!  I would be the one just to go to the game and cruise and hopefully end up talking to some girl but Sam, you dirty dog did you at least get her number?  Its going to be weird to come back and see you driving around.  Man that’s junk about the traveling soccer team and only allowing 2 LDS kids to play in a tournament.  Junk. 

So MRI time huh?  I know that everything will be all right.  Ever since the beginning I knew that Sam would make it.  Just let me know how everything goes.  I guess sometimes things don’t always work out the way we want it to.  Like, look at Joseph Smith I’m sure he wasn’t like "wow, that turned out exactly how I wanted it to" haha.  Everything will be fine.

Man, this week was nuts.  Good nuts though.  We had a Tsunami warning Saturday night and we all pretty much got evacuated.  All the missionaries went to up country and stayed the night there.  Well, nothing even happened.  I thought it was supposed to be big but I don't even think there was a wave.  Work wise it wasn’t the best, a lot of things fell through and we weren’t able to see as many people or find as many new investigators as we had hoped but that’s ok.  This week will be good for sure.  We are still working with the Kuamoo family down in Kahakuloa village.  In fact we are going to see them later on this afternoon and we are also going to meet with Dotty, Chris and their daughter tonight as well.  These are two families that we are working with that are super ready; hopefully they will be able to accept the baptismal invite.  That would be the tightest thing ever!  We have also tracted into another family that we are going to try and contact this week.  They have some potential and we've tried to stop by a couple times this past week but they were busy and they still want us to come by because they want everyone to be there!  So things are getting there.  So on Tuesday night we got on the ferry to Molokai and stayed with those elders over there for all of Wednesday.  Man, Molokai is the sweetest place ever!  Its super country over there and a gallon of milk is $10!  I went on exchanges with elder Mecham and Eneri.  That was so much fun!  It was kind of awkward because at one of the less active members house that we went to, some Jehovah’s Witnesses came and tried to teach the less active members while we were still there!  That was super weird.  They tried to bring up the question "Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur in this world?"  We answered it easy and they just were rambling and it didn’t make any sense at all... I’m so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s beautifully simple and simply beautiful!  The ferry ride was kind of gnarly.  The way over to Molokai was good and I didn’t get sick at all because I just fell asleep, but the ride back wasn’t so hot.  I fell asleep for most of the ride and I woke up with about 30 minutes left of the ride.  I was like “I got this its only 30 min.”  All the sudden I started sweating really bad and I just ran to the back of the boat.  Luckily, I didn’t throw up but I was over the railing and just waiting for it.  I could have laid on the deck with my white shirt and tie and I wouldn’t have cared what people thought or if I got dirty because I felt so sick... I almost threw up in the car going back to our pad too... no bueno!  Thursday was pretty normal not too much happened.  The craziest thing that happened was Elder Mortensen go plowed over by a pitbull.  We were trying to go see a potential investigator and the gate was open and we didn’t even step into their property and this white pitbull just came at a dead sprint and just shoulder charged Elder Mortensen.  I’m really surprised he didn’t bite him but it knocked him flat on his back!  The dog turned towards me and was ready to get me when the owner came out and got mad at us!!!?  I can’t stand people like that. 

Friday was super funny so we still go skateboarding for morning exercise.  I definitely get a really good workout doing it.  So we only have one board and we just take turns.  Usually we are the only ones in the park but on Friday these two local guys came and started to skate.  We talked to them for a little bit and we told them we are missionaries.  They thought that was cool.  Then they went to go smoke some weed and after a while they came back and they were super stoned.  Well, Elder Mortensen snapped the board in half so we didn’t have a skateboard, and one of the guys came up to us and he thought the snapped board was super cool.  So he gave us his nice board for the snapped one and said "I come across a lot of boards but I don’t come across good guys like you everyday."  His friend saw him give us his board and thought that he needed to give us his also haha.  So they gave us their skateboards and they took the snapped one.  I was stoked.  Moral of the story:  don’t smoke weed.  So yeah that’s about it for me this week it was a super fun week.  I hope and pray that this zone will be able to pick it up a little in November.  It’s a little sloppy joe right now... Everyone is not as excited as they were last transfer. 

Did I not tell you about Fa’amausili?  Yeah he went home because of his diabetes.  It’s pretty sad, but I hope he’s doing good over there in Samoa.  Man, Jacob Carter comes home in 2 weeks?  That blows my brain!  Wow I can’t believe that it’s already been two years for him.  That will be cool to see how much he has changed.  Well,  hope you have a great week and keep me updated on everything!  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shoots I'm Fat!

Cool Hawaiian tree with a beautiful sunset
Dang, another week has come and gone.  I can’t believe its already week 4 of the transfer and already the end of October?!  What the?  Yeah I’ve had some really good Hawaiian shaved ice, especially in my last area.  soooo good!  The weather is still great, hasn’t really changed at all.  It rains sometimes, just depends where you are.  Like here on Maui it doesn’t rain too much.  On Kauai it rains a ton and Hilo it rains a ton as well.  It’s probably going to bite when I have to go back to freezing cold Rexburg and I’m going to look like a whimp to everyone else.  So new carpet huh?  That’s awesome!  I have a lot to look forward to when I come back home.  I probably wont even recognize the place because you have done so much to it.  Man, the Blue Ridge game sounded sweet!  I miss football games a lot those were so bomb.  Let me know about when you will go in for the MRI.  I know everything will be fine. 

This week was pretty dang good.  Last Monday after p-day the Hosinos called us. They are a family in our ward, and they said they had a family coming over that was going through a hard time and they wanted us to come and teach about prayer.  So we go over there and we teach about prayer and honestly like it felt like a good lesson, but I didn’t know how much they got out of it.  Come to find out that Dotty and Chris (the one we taught about prayer) loved it!  They told sister Hosino about everything.  They said right after they got in the car to go home they turned to each other and said "did you feel that?"  haha sooooo awesome!  I love that kind of stuff!  We left them with a BOM and I guess the daughter reads it all the time and wants to take it to school and stuff!  So hopefully we'll be able to get something started with them.  We are going to meet with them again tonight.  The only bad thing is that they live in a different area... so we'll see how things turn out.  Wednesday was my first zone conference as a zone leader.  That was pretty hectic.  So we got everything set up in the morning and when president and the assistants flew in we picked them up and were getting everything set up.  They didn’t tell us we needed a projector screen so we had to rush around trying to find one.  Luckily we found one.  Then two of the companionships came 10 min late so that was super lame, I also had to conduct, my first time conducting.  We had called one of the wards to prepare lunch and I’m pretty sure they forgot because 30 min until lunch they weren’t there and sister Dalton was asking if they were coming.  So I was like Ahhhh!  I guess she made some calls and the ward just bought a bunch of plate lunches for us... Then on top of that we didn’t know we were supposed to have a zone musical number so no one had anything!  Luckily Elder Mortensen knew how to play the piano so he just played a hymn.  Gosh that was like the craziest day I swear.  I just wanted to pay attention the whole time but I couldn’t because I was too worried about doing everything else.  
Zone Conference - the Maui Zone
Man, I don’t know about zone leader, I feel like I’m just dealing with all this useless stuff.  Driving missionaries here, picking them up there, answering questions that could easily be answered by themselves, and dealing with sister missionaries.  I don’t know how much more of this I can handle!  I just want to be a regular missionary.  On a good note, the rest of the week was good.  On Saturday, we went back to Kahakuloa village and we spent some time with the Kuamoo family.  That was awesome!  I definitely have to show you that place when we come and visit.  It’s amazing!  Anyways we went and did some service for them.  We cut down some branches.  They fed us breakfast and we skateboarded on their homemade skatepark.  
Ahhhh Yeah - I still got it!
Then we taught them a lesson about families.  I think they really enjoyed it.  The mom seems really interested and I can kind of tell she would want the gospel in her family’s life.  The dad is super nice but kind of just laid back too much.  They still want us to come over so we'll probably go over there this Saturday.  This week Elder Mortensen and I ended up with 9 new investigators!  Tight!  This week I’m pretty dang stoked because we are going to take the ferry to Molokai and spend a day going on exchanges with those elders.  So I'll have some updates on that next week!

Mom, can you send me some granola please!  I miss that so much!  I need to start eating more healthy because I’m gaining weight pretty fast.  I’m not lying when I say that a size 36 feels more comfortable than size 34... I love the Hank Smith talks, I want to collect all of them because they really help!  It was funny we were listening to a Hank Smith talk and we used lines from that talk 3 times in 3 different lessons, and we also used one of the talks to teach gospel principles in the singles branch.  haha typical Ben always wanting new cleats.  Not going to lie Ben, those cleats are pretty dang sick!  Sam, for some reason 2 nephi 9:34 just popped into my head when you sent me that email.  I don’t know why haha that’s weird.  Dad, I bet your stoked to be home for a bit, for some reason I don’t really remember you going to Nebraska when I was still home?  Maybe I’ve just been out too long?  Yeah, I just got that package from Brandi, that was super nice!  Tell her I said thanks and that it was bomb!  I'll try and write her as soon as I can.  Well that’s about it for me this week.  I look forward to hearing from all of you next week!  Hope you have a great week!  Love you the most!
ofa atu…

Elder Gardner

Monday, October 15, 2012

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you

but the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowls empty, just like your head.

I got that from the Hank Smith talk that you sent me.  I love those talks so much!  Anyway, it sounds like you had a pretty baller week!  Surgeries, Pintrest, Carlsbad, and soccer.  Seriously, I don’t quite understand how everyone keeps going to Carlsbad except me...  like is that something you were planning?  "Hey let’s make it a plan to go to Carlsbad a lot once Beau’s off to college and on his mission" haha jk.  Hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to go.  Thanks for the pics!  Sam and Ben look a lot older it’s crazy!  And Jojo - she’s huge!  Nice job on getting the chairs they look good.  Fall break already huh?  Crazy stuff, I guess you could say its fall break here but it’s been the same temperature since I’ve gotten here haha.

This week was pretty dang good.  So you remember how I said last email that we had a lot of lessons set up for this week?  Well pretty much all of them fell through... of course that’s pretty typical.  We were able to accomplish a lot this week even with the lessons falling through.  Elder Mortensen and I are doing great together.  We are really getting things organized so when we plan it’s a lot more effective and is a lot faster!  It has helped a lot.  We are still in finding mode right now but were trying to commit as many people as we can to baptism.  We don’t have anyone with a date yet but I know we will soon.  Wednesday we went on exchanges, Elder Ludovico came in my area with me.  He’s Filipino, and he’s super solid though.  We were tracting and we ran into this Filipino family and he was able to say a prayer with them in Tagalog so it was really good we have a return appt. with them this week.  Man, that guy has like no fear at all!  So we were going up to this house and they weren’t home but they had a nice coconut tree that had some good coconuts and Elder Ludovico just goes and grabs one of the coconuts from their tree and tries to crack it open.  Well of course as he’s trying to crack it open the people come home and pull into their driveway, so were like Ahhhh!!!  So we leave real quick and we get up to a house right by our car and he just goes in their yard and uses their hose to wash off the coconut... hahah man that guy!  That was a pretty fun day.  Friday was good also after District Leader Training Meeting we had a lesson with Peter.  He’s still doing really well.  He's been super busy with school though.  After Peter we had scheduled a tracting window for an hour.  Of course we never jump for joy when we have a tracting window, we actually try to find every excuse not to haha.  So we ended up just going tracting anyways, and I’m super glad we did!  So we’re still using the prayer approach as we tract (say prayer with them, then invite to baptism).  So about the 6th or 7th house we get to we knock on the door and a lady answers the door.  We talk with her for a little and then I ask if we can leave her with a blessing.  We ask her if there is anything specific we can mention in the prayer, and she just told us her mom died like 5 months ago.  So I say the prayer and honestly I’ve said better prayers in my life like this one that I said didn’t seem like it was the smoothest one I’ve ever given, but after the prayer I look up and she had tears streaming down her face.  She said that it was a very nice prayer and she just got a little teary haha.  So Elder Mortensen invited her to be baptized and we set up a return appt. for this week!  Friday night the Wailuku Elders us and went to the park and played some pick up basketball games with whoever was there so we could maybe find some new investigators while playing ball.  We ended up playing and it was super fun, but one of the guys we were playing with started talking crap to another guy that was on the other side of the court, and before we knew it there were in a full on fight.  I think the guy that we were playing with got knocked out so we just left because it was kind of sketch.  Saturday was sick!  We planned to go to the farthest part in our area (Kahakuloa Village) probably one of the last Hawaiian villages in Maui.  
Kahakuloa Village
We saw in our area book that there was a family that had previously been contacted and taught so we took the journey out to the village and we actually found them!  They were super tight!  They are the Kuamoo's and we just talked with them for a little bit, and they fed us lunch and stuff.  We are going to go back this Saturday and help them in the taro patches and teach them a lesson.  I’m stoked for that!  We’re going to start out slow with them but If we can get them that is a family of 6 all over the age of 8!  Today for p-day we went on a hike in Lao Valley.  It was super sweet!  Hawaii has some dope hikes that we need to go on!  I’ll send some pictures your way of that hike.  Well that’s pretty much about it for me this week.
Our hike in Lao Valley
Just fill out the voting slip for me and then I'll sign it and send it back.  Let me know what Joey decides to do about the mission thing, because I was wondering about that.  Mom, and Dad, I love you a lot and I’m thankful that I’ve been able to have the best examples while growing up.  Good luck with surgeries and stuff.  Sam, Dude, not cool.  You went surfing before me, that’s not supposed to happen.  Benjee, good luck with traveling soccer, send me a picture of your new jerseys.  To answer a few of your questions: for p-day we usually go on hikes, go to the gym, and play basketball, or go to a beach park and mega freaking chill.  It’s pretty fun, but p-days go by super fast.  Emmi and Hal, that’s so cool that you are looking for a new house I bet that is super exciting for you.  Your own house!  What could be cooler than that?  We just watched conference at the church and I’m not sure what the plans are for thanksgiving yet though.  Well, I love you all so much have a great week and let me know any sweet updates!

Elder Gardner

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Sleep

Elder Mortensen and I doing our weekly emailing...
Dang this past week has been nuts!  Transfer weeks are always a little off the hook though.  Everyone is always rushing around and not that much work gets done but now we’re on week 2 so things should start to settle down a bit.  Well, its good to hear that everyone is great as usual.  Conference was amazing!  I love listening to conference so much!  Its so weird because remembering back to when I was younger I looked forward to conference as a time to fall asleep or play conference bingo, but now I hope I don’t fall asleep in fear of missing something important that could help me in my life.  I was shocked about the missionary announcement!  18 are you kidding me - and 19?!  Wow that’s awesome, there are going to be a lot more missionaries throughout this whole world.  I guess its true what Joseph Smith prophesied, "No hand can stop this work from progressing".  So for conference, we just went to the chapel to watch it at 6:00 in the morning.  We watched it live so it wasn’t on tape or anything.  It’s weird because I’m still used to watching it at 10 and 2. 

So my investigators that I was working with in Laie, Aygee and Chenoa haven’t got baptized yet.  They are really close to being baptized though which is way cool!  Alika got baptized the other week.  Elder Bowlby keeps me updated about all that stuff.  That’s cool that Brent came to visit.  I miss all of them.  I didn’t know Dani was pregnant?  Holy fetch that’s crazy!  Good for Dustin that’s really good to hear!  What’s Pinterest?

So this week, like I said before was nuts and bolts!  Tuesday morning we had breakfast with President and Sister Dalton because we hit our high water mark.  That was super good!  I ordered so much food.  I just wanted to drain his bank account haha.  I don’t know how much the bill was but it was probably close to $1000.  So he paid for us and two other zones that hit their high water mark.  He takes everyone who hits their high water mark out and they get to order anything they want.  I think the record goes to Honolulu or Waipahu zone, the bill came out to be $1500!  Wednesday was transfers.  I was kind of sad that Elder Carrel was leaving.  Man, me and him had so much fun together!  That was a blast!  We had to wake up super early to get everyone to the airport.  Then everyone came and had to get everyone situated and stuff.  Elder Mortensen is great!  We’re going to have so much fun together I can already tell.  Hopefully we will see a lot of success in our area also because we have some good ideas to get things going.  Thursday was week plan and we organized the area book and that took a LONG time but it was kind of necessary so we can be more organized.  After we organized and made lists of formers and potentials we started setting up appointments like crazy!  So I’m sure some good stuff will happen this week.  We don’t have anybody with a date right now, but we will, its only a matter of time before we find someone.  We’re in finding/committing mode right now.  I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in soooooo long!  You seriously don’t sleep as a zone leader because you always have something you can be working on.. I’m tired all the time!  Check this story out!  So this happened the other day, for morning exercise me and Elder Mortensen go to the skate park and skate for like an hour or so.  We just started doing this, so knowing that I used to skate back in the day I thought I would still be pretty good and I could drop in super good still... well I was completely wrong!  I ate it sooooo hard dropping in on one of the quarter pipes I scraped my knee pretty bad, and I messed up my lip and nose and it was super bloody and gnarly.  My lip and nose still kind of hurt, but you should have seen it!  My nose is doing a lot better, of course after my fall I had a pretty bad bloody nose but I don’t really get them any more!  I hope it’s healing!  Yesterday was ZLC.  We flew to Honolulu for the day and had zone leader council.  All the zone leaders get together with the president and we just go over some matters and stuff on how to move the needle in the mission.  It was fun, and I got to see a lot of my friends there. 

Well that’s about it for me.  Sam, hey man don’t worry about the whole MRI thing, you'll be fine.  NO FEAR!  Just keep having faith.  Fear and doubt are the exact opposite of faith, and you know who puts that doubt into your heart - Satan.  Your a stud and Satan wants you to be down in the dumps.  So no worries, you got this!  Well, thanks for all the updates and everything else!  You guys are the bomb!  Tell Reyna that she’s awesome!  Next time I email you it will already be the middle of October.  Weird.  Anyways Love you the most!

Elder Gardner

Monday, October 1, 2012

Is This Real Life?

Part of the Maui zone on top of Haleakala.  Just a little cold up there at sunrise...

Elder Carrel and I on top of Haleakala
Man, this week was nuts!  So much stuff happened and it was all crazy and I felt like “David after the dentist” when he said.. “Is this real life?” AHHHH!!!  Sounds like all of you had a great week.  Thank you so much for the package.  I love the cd's talks that you gave me.  I love Hank Smith he is hilarious and I could listen to his talks all day.  Dad, you knew him?  Wow that’s crazy!  Yeah you can send me that cd I love listening to talks in the car its sometimes a lot better than EFY cds that get super old after listening to them one time... Sounds like the homecoming thing was a hit.  Yeah my nose is doing a lot better.  I still put Vaseline in it a lot.  I still get bloody noses and stuff but its not as often and they are really easy to stop like a couple seconds of pressure.  They bleed pretty slow also.  Hopefully it will get to the point where I wont have them at all.  Life will be good then! 
This is the last District Leader Training Meeting for this transfer at the Pulehu chapel
Yeah so this week was crazy. I don’t even know where to start.  So we had 12 baptisms lined up for the ending of this last week.  So it pretty much came down to the wire!  So Justice, this is a crazy story.  We were supposed to meet with her on Wednesday, so we go to our ward mission leader’s house where we teach her the lessons usually, and she’s not there..  So were like shoot!  We started talking to sister Kawaa (WML wife) about Justice and she was saying how apparently Justice’s mom never knew that she was planning on being baptized.  After all those lessons of asking her and saying that she needed her mom’s permission and stuff she said her mom was cool with it and didn’t care if she was baptized.  Well that wasn’t true, so Justice never ended up getting baptized which is a bummer.  We are still going to try to teach her and hopefully set up something for the future.  So that leaves us at 19 with a date and we needed someone to fill in her place.  Well, do you remember me talking about Peter?  Peter is a former investigator that we visited one day and he happened to be home and we taught him and invited him to be baptized.  He said yes but was pretty shaky.  So Elder Carrel and I were praying and hoping that the next time we met with Peter he would be solid.  So last Friday it came all down to Elder Carrel and I.  Seriously, going up to his house and realizing that if he doesn’t get baptized this Sunday then it’s like loosing the state championship game!  I was all stoked going up to the door and a little nervous too.  We taught a solid lesson and confirmed that his baptism will be on that Sunday the 30th!!!!!!  So Peter got baptized - it was awesome!!  That was truly a great miracle that the Lord blessed us with.  I know that the Lord’s hand is continually guiding me in my life and this great work.  Long story short, we hit our high water mark!! 20 baby!!  Man this is the second time I’ve been part of a zone that hit the high water mark.  It’s so awesome!  President Dalton is taking us out to breakfast tomorrow for hitting it so I’m pretty stoked.  So transfers are on Wednesday, being a zone leader you get to know a little in advance transfer news.  Well I’m staying.  I’m sure you already figured that.  Elder Carrel is going to Kona, and guess who my new companion will be?  Elder Mortensen!  My MTC comp.  How crazy is that?  I serve with Elder Carrel who was in my district in the MTC and now I’m going to serve with my MTC comp.  Crazy!  I’m pretty nervous because I’m taking over the zone and I’m still new at this.  Man, being a zone leader is stressful at times.  So that was a little glimpse of my week. 
Our miracle - Peter's baptism
I’m still thinking about school when I get back and I’m still feeling good about jumping in 2nd block, even though it might require me to take online classes, which suck I know, but hey if I can be a zone leader over the biggest zone in the mission, I’m sure I can probably do online classes.  Haha, just sayin’.  I don’t know, my mind could still change.  I would like to talk more about it to president and sister Dalton also.  One thing that’s been on my mind a lot is actually a line from one of the Hank smith CDs that I have.  It talks about the putting on the armor of God, and how the armor of God was never meant to be comfortable or convenient.  The Armor of God doesn’t make you comfortable, it protects you.  He goes on to talk about a certain situation how it would be inconvenient and not comfortable to say "Hey, can’t go to that concert with you" or " I can’t hang out with you tonight" I don’t know, just some food for thought.  Yeah, I still email Trevan, Colten, and Ster, and I also just started writing JD.  All of them are doing awesome!  Man, I can’t wait to get reunited with them again and talk about the mission.  That will be cool!  Same with you dad, just being able to share mission stories and being able to relate a lot more because we both served.  Hey Ben sorry about your week bro, that’s a bummer that you got sick.  Hope everything is going good though and that you’re staying strong.  Hang in there alright?  Your a stud remember that, and your brother out here in Hawaii is proud of you!  Well, that’s about it for me I hope you all have a great week and good luck dad with surgeries and Mom, have fun doing your usual mom things haha, and Sam have fun golfing, and Ben have fun in school and soccer.   Emmi and Hal, have fun being married haha.  Love you all the most!

Elder Gardner
This is the only Krispy Kreme on the islands.