Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, October 1, 2012

Is This Real Life?

Part of the Maui zone on top of Haleakala.  Just a little cold up there at sunrise...

Elder Carrel and I on top of Haleakala
Man, this week was nuts!  So much stuff happened and it was all crazy and I felt like “David after the dentist” when he said.. “Is this real life?” AHHHH!!!  Sounds like all of you had a great week.  Thank you so much for the package.  I love the cd's talks that you gave me.  I love Hank Smith he is hilarious and I could listen to his talks all day.  Dad, you knew him?  Wow that’s crazy!  Yeah you can send me that cd I love listening to talks in the car its sometimes a lot better than EFY cds that get super old after listening to them one time... Sounds like the homecoming thing was a hit.  Yeah my nose is doing a lot better.  I still put Vaseline in it a lot.  I still get bloody noses and stuff but its not as often and they are really easy to stop like a couple seconds of pressure.  They bleed pretty slow also.  Hopefully it will get to the point where I wont have them at all.  Life will be good then! 
This is the last District Leader Training Meeting for this transfer at the Pulehu chapel
Yeah so this week was crazy. I don’t even know where to start.  So we had 12 baptisms lined up for the ending of this last week.  So it pretty much came down to the wire!  So Justice, this is a crazy story.  We were supposed to meet with her on Wednesday, so we go to our ward mission leader’s house where we teach her the lessons usually, and she’s not there..  So were like shoot!  We started talking to sister Kawaa (WML wife) about Justice and she was saying how apparently Justice’s mom never knew that she was planning on being baptized.  After all those lessons of asking her and saying that she needed her mom’s permission and stuff she said her mom was cool with it and didn’t care if she was baptized.  Well that wasn’t true, so Justice never ended up getting baptized which is a bummer.  We are still going to try to teach her and hopefully set up something for the future.  So that leaves us at 19 with a date and we needed someone to fill in her place.  Well, do you remember me talking about Peter?  Peter is a former investigator that we visited one day and he happened to be home and we taught him and invited him to be baptized.  He said yes but was pretty shaky.  So Elder Carrel and I were praying and hoping that the next time we met with Peter he would be solid.  So last Friday it came all down to Elder Carrel and I.  Seriously, going up to his house and realizing that if he doesn’t get baptized this Sunday then it’s like loosing the state championship game!  I was all stoked going up to the door and a little nervous too.  We taught a solid lesson and confirmed that his baptism will be on that Sunday the 30th!!!!!!  So Peter got baptized - it was awesome!!  That was truly a great miracle that the Lord blessed us with.  I know that the Lord’s hand is continually guiding me in my life and this great work.  Long story short, we hit our high water mark!! 20 baby!!  Man this is the second time I’ve been part of a zone that hit the high water mark.  It’s so awesome!  President Dalton is taking us out to breakfast tomorrow for hitting it so I’m pretty stoked.  So transfers are on Wednesday, being a zone leader you get to know a little in advance transfer news.  Well I’m staying.  I’m sure you already figured that.  Elder Carrel is going to Kona, and guess who my new companion will be?  Elder Mortensen!  My MTC comp.  How crazy is that?  I serve with Elder Carrel who was in my district in the MTC and now I’m going to serve with my MTC comp.  Crazy!  I’m pretty nervous because I’m taking over the zone and I’m still new at this.  Man, being a zone leader is stressful at times.  So that was a little glimpse of my week. 
Our miracle - Peter's baptism
I’m still thinking about school when I get back and I’m still feeling good about jumping in 2nd block, even though it might require me to take online classes, which suck I know, but hey if I can be a zone leader over the biggest zone in the mission, I’m sure I can probably do online classes.  Haha, just sayin’.  I don’t know, my mind could still change.  I would like to talk more about it to president and sister Dalton also.  One thing that’s been on my mind a lot is actually a line from one of the Hank smith CDs that I have.  It talks about the putting on the armor of God, and how the armor of God was never meant to be comfortable or convenient.  The Armor of God doesn’t make you comfortable, it protects you.  He goes on to talk about a certain situation how it would be inconvenient and not comfortable to say "Hey, can’t go to that concert with you" or " I can’t hang out with you tonight" I don’t know, just some food for thought.  Yeah, I still email Trevan, Colten, and Ster, and I also just started writing JD.  All of them are doing awesome!  Man, I can’t wait to get reunited with them again and talk about the mission.  That will be cool!  Same with you dad, just being able to share mission stories and being able to relate a lot more because we both served.  Hey Ben sorry about your week bro, that’s a bummer that you got sick.  Hope everything is going good though and that you’re staying strong.  Hang in there alright?  Your a stud remember that, and your brother out here in Hawaii is proud of you!  Well, that’s about it for me I hope you all have a great week and good luck dad with surgeries and Mom, have fun doing your usual mom things haha, and Sam have fun golfing, and Ben have fun in school and soccer.   Emmi and Hal, have fun being married haha.  Love you all the most!

Elder Gardner
This is the only Krispy Kreme on the islands.

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