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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Sleep

Elder Mortensen and I doing our weekly emailing...
Dang this past week has been nuts!  Transfer weeks are always a little off the hook though.  Everyone is always rushing around and not that much work gets done but now we’re on week 2 so things should start to settle down a bit.  Well, its good to hear that everyone is great as usual.  Conference was amazing!  I love listening to conference so much!  Its so weird because remembering back to when I was younger I looked forward to conference as a time to fall asleep or play conference bingo, but now I hope I don’t fall asleep in fear of missing something important that could help me in my life.  I was shocked about the missionary announcement!  18 are you kidding me - and 19?!  Wow that’s awesome, there are going to be a lot more missionaries throughout this whole world.  I guess its true what Joseph Smith prophesied, "No hand can stop this work from progressing".  So for conference, we just went to the chapel to watch it at 6:00 in the morning.  We watched it live so it wasn’t on tape or anything.  It’s weird because I’m still used to watching it at 10 and 2. 

So my investigators that I was working with in Laie, Aygee and Chenoa haven’t got baptized yet.  They are really close to being baptized though which is way cool!  Alika got baptized the other week.  Elder Bowlby keeps me updated about all that stuff.  That’s cool that Brent came to visit.  I miss all of them.  I didn’t know Dani was pregnant?  Holy fetch that’s crazy!  Good for Dustin that’s really good to hear!  What’s Pinterest?

So this week, like I said before was nuts and bolts!  Tuesday morning we had breakfast with President and Sister Dalton because we hit our high water mark.  That was super good!  I ordered so much food.  I just wanted to drain his bank account haha.  I don’t know how much the bill was but it was probably close to $1000.  So he paid for us and two other zones that hit their high water mark.  He takes everyone who hits their high water mark out and they get to order anything they want.  I think the record goes to Honolulu or Waipahu zone, the bill came out to be $1500!  Wednesday was transfers.  I was kind of sad that Elder Carrel was leaving.  Man, me and him had so much fun together!  That was a blast!  We had to wake up super early to get everyone to the airport.  Then everyone came and had to get everyone situated and stuff.  Elder Mortensen is great!  We’re going to have so much fun together I can already tell.  Hopefully we will see a lot of success in our area also because we have some good ideas to get things going.  Thursday was week plan and we organized the area book and that took a LONG time but it was kind of necessary so we can be more organized.  After we organized and made lists of formers and potentials we started setting up appointments like crazy!  So I’m sure some good stuff will happen this week.  We don’t have anybody with a date right now, but we will, its only a matter of time before we find someone.  We’re in finding/committing mode right now.  I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in soooooo long!  You seriously don’t sleep as a zone leader because you always have something you can be working on.. I’m tired all the time!  Check this story out!  So this happened the other day, for morning exercise me and Elder Mortensen go to the skate park and skate for like an hour or so.  We just started doing this, so knowing that I used to skate back in the day I thought I would still be pretty good and I could drop in super good still... well I was completely wrong!  I ate it sooooo hard dropping in on one of the quarter pipes I scraped my knee pretty bad, and I messed up my lip and nose and it was super bloody and gnarly.  My lip and nose still kind of hurt, but you should have seen it!  My nose is doing a lot better, of course after my fall I had a pretty bad bloody nose but I don’t really get them any more!  I hope it’s healing!  Yesterday was ZLC.  We flew to Honolulu for the day and had zone leader council.  All the zone leaders get together with the president and we just go over some matters and stuff on how to move the needle in the mission.  It was fun, and I got to see a lot of my friends there. 

Well that’s about it for me.  Sam, hey man don’t worry about the whole MRI thing, you'll be fine.  NO FEAR!  Just keep having faith.  Fear and doubt are the exact opposite of faith, and you know who puts that doubt into your heart - Satan.  Your a stud and Satan wants you to be down in the dumps.  So no worries, you got this!  Well, thanks for all the updates and everything else!  You guys are the bomb!  Tell Reyna that she’s awesome!  Next time I email you it will already be the middle of October.  Weird.  Anyways Love you the most!

Elder Gardner

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