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Monday, October 22, 2012

Shoots I'm Fat!

Cool Hawaiian tree with a beautiful sunset
Dang, another week has come and gone.  I can’t believe its already week 4 of the transfer and already the end of October?!  What the?  Yeah I’ve had some really good Hawaiian shaved ice, especially in my last area.  soooo good!  The weather is still great, hasn’t really changed at all.  It rains sometimes, just depends where you are.  Like here on Maui it doesn’t rain too much.  On Kauai it rains a ton and Hilo it rains a ton as well.  It’s probably going to bite when I have to go back to freezing cold Rexburg and I’m going to look like a whimp to everyone else.  So new carpet huh?  That’s awesome!  I have a lot to look forward to when I come back home.  I probably wont even recognize the place because you have done so much to it.  Man, the Blue Ridge game sounded sweet!  I miss football games a lot those were so bomb.  Let me know about when you will go in for the MRI.  I know everything will be fine. 

This week was pretty dang good.  Last Monday after p-day the Hosinos called us. They are a family in our ward, and they said they had a family coming over that was going through a hard time and they wanted us to come and teach about prayer.  So we go over there and we teach about prayer and honestly like it felt like a good lesson, but I didn’t know how much they got out of it.  Come to find out that Dotty and Chris (the one we taught about prayer) loved it!  They told sister Hosino about everything.  They said right after they got in the car to go home they turned to each other and said "did you feel that?"  haha sooooo awesome!  I love that kind of stuff!  We left them with a BOM and I guess the daughter reads it all the time and wants to take it to school and stuff!  So hopefully we'll be able to get something started with them.  We are going to meet with them again tonight.  The only bad thing is that they live in a different area... so we'll see how things turn out.  Wednesday was my first zone conference as a zone leader.  That was pretty hectic.  So we got everything set up in the morning and when president and the assistants flew in we picked them up and were getting everything set up.  They didn’t tell us we needed a projector screen so we had to rush around trying to find one.  Luckily we found one.  Then two of the companionships came 10 min late so that was super lame, I also had to conduct, my first time conducting.  We had called one of the wards to prepare lunch and I’m pretty sure they forgot because 30 min until lunch they weren’t there and sister Dalton was asking if they were coming.  So I was like Ahhhh!  I guess she made some calls and the ward just bought a bunch of plate lunches for us... Then on top of that we didn’t know we were supposed to have a zone musical number so no one had anything!  Luckily Elder Mortensen knew how to play the piano so he just played a hymn.  Gosh that was like the craziest day I swear.  I just wanted to pay attention the whole time but I couldn’t because I was too worried about doing everything else.  
Zone Conference - the Maui Zone
Man, I don’t know about zone leader, I feel like I’m just dealing with all this useless stuff.  Driving missionaries here, picking them up there, answering questions that could easily be answered by themselves, and dealing with sister missionaries.  I don’t know how much more of this I can handle!  I just want to be a regular missionary.  On a good note, the rest of the week was good.  On Saturday, we went back to Kahakuloa village and we spent some time with the Kuamoo family.  That was awesome!  I definitely have to show you that place when we come and visit.  It’s amazing!  Anyways we went and did some service for them.  We cut down some branches.  They fed us breakfast and we skateboarded on their homemade skatepark.  
Ahhhh Yeah - I still got it!
Then we taught them a lesson about families.  I think they really enjoyed it.  The mom seems really interested and I can kind of tell she would want the gospel in her family’s life.  The dad is super nice but kind of just laid back too much.  They still want us to come over so we'll probably go over there this Saturday.  This week Elder Mortensen and I ended up with 9 new investigators!  Tight!  This week I’m pretty dang stoked because we are going to take the ferry to Molokai and spend a day going on exchanges with those elders.  So I'll have some updates on that next week!

Mom, can you send me some granola please!  I miss that so much!  I need to start eating more healthy because I’m gaining weight pretty fast.  I’m not lying when I say that a size 36 feels more comfortable than size 34... I love the Hank Smith talks, I want to collect all of them because they really help!  It was funny we were listening to a Hank Smith talk and we used lines from that talk 3 times in 3 different lessons, and we also used one of the talks to teach gospel principles in the singles branch.  haha typical Ben always wanting new cleats.  Not going to lie Ben, those cleats are pretty dang sick!  Sam, for some reason 2 nephi 9:34 just popped into my head when you sent me that email.  I don’t know why haha that’s weird.  Dad, I bet your stoked to be home for a bit, for some reason I don’t really remember you going to Nebraska when I was still home?  Maybe I’ve just been out too long?  Yeah, I just got that package from Brandi, that was super nice!  Tell her I said thanks and that it was bomb!  I'll try and write her as soon as I can.  Well that’s about it for me this week.  I look forward to hearing from all of you next week!  Hope you have a great week!  Love you the most!
ofa atu…

Elder Gardner

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