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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 12, 2012

Honolulu Here I Come!

Well it’s already transfers again, I can’t believe it!  This has honestly been the fastest transfer of my life.  Maybe its because we had so much fun.  I don’t know, the beginning of this transfer was kind of hard with finding potential investigators, but towards the end everything started to fall in place.  The Lord always comes through.  So yeah, I was pretty positive that I was going to stay in this area because I have only been on Maui for 3 months but I was wrong. I’m getting transferred to Honolulu zone!  My feelings right now... well excited and bummed.  I’ve always wanted to serve in the Honolulu zone - that’s like right down town Oahu like straight city right by Waikiki.  It probably looks like where you were staying in Chicago when you went.  Its going to be a huge change because most of the areas I’ve served in have been quite country.  I’m bummed because I love Maui so much.  This has been my favorite place to serve so far.  Everything is great about this place!  The ward I was serving in has been my favorite thus far and so many good things were just starting to happen here... like we have 2 with a date now as of this week and I’m leaving!!  That always happens, it’s the worst.  Elder Mortensen and I were getting along really well to but I guess it was bound to happen one of these days haha.  My comp in Honolulu will be another Tongan Elder and we will be covering a Tongan ward so I’m going to start putting on the weight big time.  Honolulu is the highest baptizing zone so I'll hopefully be a part of many baptisms, which is really good for me because I kind of need that boost right now.  I haven’t been one of those elders with a bunch of baptisms under his belt, and I know that’s not what its all about but it definitely helps.  I’m still pretty dang stoked though, its going to be a great new adventure!

Sounds like Chicago was bomb!  I’ve never been that far east in the U.S in my life.  Colorado is the farthest east that I’ve been.  I look forward to receiving all your pictures you took and stuff.  This week was great!  As I mentioned before we have two with a date now Bree, and Betty.  Bree is solid!  She was a referral that her friend gave us and we teach her at her friend’s house so it’s kind of like what happened with Reyna.  That is the best way to do missionary work.  You invite someone to dinner and you also have the missionaries come over to and it just works out.  It’s way better than tracting or anything else.  The most effective way is through the members.  That’s where you usually find your more solid converts as well.  Betty is a little less solid but were working with her still I cant remember if I told you the story about how we found her or not?  Yesterday was invite a friend Sunday throughout all of Hawaii we had about 15 non members show up so it was pretty good and some good things came out of that like a boy that wanted to be baptized and another guy that wants to take the discussions so that was tight!  What was even tighter was that two of my recent converts spoke!  Peter and Amanda.  They did awesome!  It was so cool to see both of them up on the stand bearing their testimony.  Nothing could make me happier than that!  Peters was slightly awkward but the end of his was great.  That was a really good Sunday!  Today we went to the Lahaina skate park and tore it up!  We are also going on a bamboo forest hike in a couple hours so it should be pretty bomb.  I also have to pack and say goodbye to everyone too. 

So glad that everyone is doing well though:) thank you for everything you do it really does mean a lot! 

Well that’s about it for me this week, I’m sure next week I'll have choke stuff to say about my new zone and companion it should be pretty sweet!  Everyone is jealous of me going to Honolulu.  I seriously have been super blessed with areas Hilo, Laie, Maui, and now Honolulu.  This is the greatest thing ever!  Love you all the most have a bomb week, laterzz

Elder Gardner

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