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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 5, 2012

Indulgent Trail Mix

Family –

Another P-day is here, and another Halloween has passed.  I've been reading in my journal the things that I had been doing a year ago in Hilo.  Its crazy!  10 months left on my mission... I’m excited but nervous at the same time.  Dad, I can’t believe you sent me a picture of your stretch marky butt!  Thank you so much for the package you sent me.  That was awesome it had a lot of really awesome stuff!  Thanks! 
This is us taking off to Molokai.  The picture is of Lahaina right at the dock.
 Well that’s awesome about Sam!  Man, that tumor will go away; it'll just take some time.  Having a tumor is probably just like a roll of toilet paper: it goes by slow at first but pretty soon you forget about it and before you know it its almost gone!  Everything will be all G.  I know it.  So Blue Ridge won another state championship huh?  Dang, that’s nuts.  They must be really good, or the other teams must be really bad.  They are probably just really good haha.  They always are.  I can’t wait for Ben to be on the high school soccer team that will be the best!  I don’t really hear too much about the election.  I don’t really think people in Hawaii care too much about that?  Maybe they do but no one really talks about it.  Shoots!
Kaulapapa on Molokai.  This is where they banish all the Lepers.
On the boat ride back.  This is the ride when I got sick
 This week was pretty dang good.  We had quite a few miracles happen.  We still don’t have anyone with a date but we’re working on it.  We met with the Kuamoos again on Wednesday.  They were kind of in a rush to go to some Halloween party so we just shared a quick object lesson and they loved it!  We really need to just commit them to baptism already because I don’t want them to think that they can only just get a couple cool lessons and not progress anywhere.  I really want them to progress because their family would be great with the gospel in their lives.  Our first miracle that happened this week was on Halloween, but in the morning.  So, we had a tracting window set for the morning like 11:00 to 12:00 and of course thoughts and excuses crept into my mind that there was probably something else that we could be doing.  It was kind of like I had an argument with the Holy Ghost haha.  Anyways, we ended up just tracting and toward the middle of the time window we knocked on the door and this lady came out.  Her name was Enna.  We asked if we could come in and say a prayer with her.  Well, we came in and she said she was a born-again Christian.  I’m surprised she even let us in because born-agains don’t like us at all.  She had some questions about our religion and we ended up teaching her the whole restoration and we gave her a Book of Mormon!  She said she would read and pray so I really hope she does.  Were going to see her on Wednesday so I hope that it will go good!  Another miracle that happened was on Friday.  We were supposed to have a lesson with a former investigator but they weren’t home so were like Ahhhh what are we going to do?  We felt like we should go to Bro. Pampalona’s house to ask him about a former investigator that he had been a fellowship with in the past so we went there and talked to him about it and not even 10 minutes into the conversation there was a knock on the door and guess who it was?  The lady that we were asking him about!  So we taught her right there and set up another appointment for this week!  That was pretty tight!  So there are definitely a lot of good things that are happening in our area we just need to commit them!  We had stake conference this week it was really good!  Man, I feel like this zone doesn’t have any desire or drive.  I have no idea what to do.  Everyone just wastes so much time and there numbers are super junk and they never find any new investigators and then it makes Elder Mortensen and me look bad when we have to report and account from our zone.  Its super irritating!  That’s pretty much the only struggle that I’m going through right now.  Hopefully this next transfer will be better.  I love it out here though, I love my mission and I love this work.  I feel like I truly love the people.  It’s awesome!
Ahhhh Yeah!  I still got it!
Man, Christmas package is already coming up?  Wow, I don’t know, I don’t really need anything either haha, maybe just send me some more talks or something that’s all I really need and maybe some more homemade granola I love that stuff!  I will probably stay here another transfer.  For sure I don’t see me leaving anytime soon which is good because I love this place a lot!  Maui is tight!  I can’t believe my brothers are growing up so fast.  It’s going to be crazy to come back and see the change in everyone.  haha Scary movies definitely sound familiar to me.  I wish I never would have watched them because guess what, out of all the movies that I’ve seen I remember the scary ones the most... that’s not good.  Its pretty much like giving Satan a boarding pass to enter your home if you watch scary movies.  Just saying haha.  Well, I just want to let you know mom and dad that I love you.. a lot.  I’m so grateful for awesome parents like you.  Its good examples like you that make me want to be better because I would never want to disappoint you.  There is definitely nothing like you two in all this world!  Hope this week is a good one and you do a lot of really cool things so you can tell me next week.  This church is true, the book is blue.

Elder Gardner
Ahhh, Look at my ankle...DOH!

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