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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 19, 2012


Fefe Hake?

Man this week was nuts!  So much stuff has happened its crazy!  I’m emailing you on Tuesday because we had our temple trip yesterday so today is our p day.  Yeah sounds like everyone is doing great though!  That’s good, also sounds like the Chicago trip was a success so that’s pretty sweet.  Nice Sam water boii for life!  "Ma ma ma momma said" Dont skip seminary you punk haha J Nice Ben, giving a bunch of talks now that’s pretty sweet!  I’m anxious to see all the new changes to the house.  Thanks for all the pictures you sent me those were sweet!  
A Hike we did last P-Day in Maui
So yeah my new area is in Honolulu.  It’s pretty sweet and its SUPER busy all the time!  Like it would be comparable to downtown phoenix or something.  I cover the Tongan ward so we cover all of Honolulu zone so Hawaii Kai all the way through Honolulu west zone so we cover the whole city, so we definitely have a car.  I like it a lot, its really cool. 
Elder Limb, my trainer, just went home!  Crazy!
 My companion is awesome his name is elder Mafi from Tonga - he's so hilarious I love the guy to death!  Our pad is an apartment and its off of date street.  I don’t know the exact address yet but I’ll let you know.  I have to parallel park every time we come into our pad at night... ugh.. Yeah there is a lot of work because its the Tongan ward, dad you might know how it is they just commit everyone to baptism so we will probably be having a lot of baptism these next couple of transfers.  So some lady cussed me out the other day because I accidentally cut her off on the freeway and she followed me all the way to where we were going just to cuss me out... haha it was ridiculous!  So cool story:  I don’t know if you remember me talking about an investigator named Aygee that we taught in Laie.  She was the Filipino one that had a dream that Elder Bowlby and I baptized her.  Well I saw her at stake conference and she came up to me because she lives down here and she said she is doing really good and she still wants to take the lessons and be baptized!  So I went with another elder yesterday to the UH branch FHE and she was there and we talked to her some more and she set her own baptism date for Dec. 3rd!!! I was the happiest guy ever because I was the first to teach her the discussions and now I get to see her baptized!  Yeah I saw Brandi at stake conference.  That was a total shocker - for real!  I was not expecting that at all.  It was good to see her, but it wont be a problem because I probably won’t really see her around here because its too big and we’re usually too busy.  But that was really cool to see her.  
A picture with Brandi when I saw here at Stake Conference
We should hopefully have a baptism this week.  Like in the Tongan ward its a lot different the members just find people and then they usually call us and tell us they have someone for us to baptize so its pretty crazy!  Honolulu is a baptizing zone for sure.  Yeah that’s kind of what happened this week.  

The Kahananuis from Maui
The Santiagos from Maui 
The Tuiteles! 
This is the Kawaa's - our ward mission leader in Maui
I also on Sunday night logged on to my BYU-i account and I filled out a scholarship application because the deadline for it was in April so I thought the sooner the better.  But yeah, sorry this email is pretty short I’m emailing from the Apple store in the mall.  I promise next email will be a lot more, but I love you all a ton and hope you have a great week!

Elder Gardner

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